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Pirates VS Ninjas v1.0.1
yunior Espinal / Pirates VS NinjasAdded:
License: Freeware
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"The most addicting game in the app store."

Pirates VS Ninjas is a fast pace treasure graving, ninja fitting addiction that will leave you on the tip of your seat.

The goal of pirates vs ninjas is to collect as many treasure as you can, by tapping the board. Your trouble will be to avoid and possibly destroy the ninjas flying around protecting the treasure. Along the way you will get a long variety of power-ups that will help you accomplish your goal.

There are 24 various achievements to unlock. When you unlock all of them there is a special feature that will unlock. Also all the treasure you collect will go in to your treasure bank. And you can spend your treasure in the store to buy power-ups that you can use whenever you want.

The game will keep track of your stats.

 • Unlimited re-playability
 • 24 unlock-able awards
 • Store to buy power-ups with your treasure
 • Full stats page to show all of your gameplay stats
 • Best score tracking
Pirates VS Ninjas

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