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Yukon-on-the-Palm is a Palm OS version of the Yukon Solitaire. This Solitaire is a variation of Klondike. Yukon originally appeared in the 1949 book "The Complete Book of Solitaire &Patience Games". Now it is one of the popular classic solitaire games. The initial setup for Yukon Solitaire is almost the same as that of Klondike.Seven card stacks are made containing from one to seven cards,with only the top card turned face up.The remaining cards are placed by four on each stack except the leftmost.The objective is to put the entire deck in suit stacks of ascending rank.Any face up card can be placed on a card at the top of a stack which has adifferent color and a rank one greater than it. Minimum requirements:Palm OS version 2.0 or greater45K free memoryMain features:Supported devices:All Palm handhelds starting from Palm Pilot (including Palm OS 5)All Sony Palm OS handhelds (including NX and NZ series)Supported resolutions:Standard (160x160)Palm High-Res (320x320)Sony High-Res (320x320)Sony High-Res+ (320x480)Gameplay features:Unlimited undoAdjustable game field colorTwo game types (standard and timed)Adjustable status bar

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