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XCaramba v1.7
one computer, drag and drop, files and folders, favourite, difficult, automatically, file transfer program, bookmarks, connected, protocols, file transfer, transfer files, screen captures, limitationsXybernic / XCarambaAdded:
File size: 1.5Mb
License: Freeware
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Cross-platform file transfer program for Mac OS X and Windows.

Not just cross-platform, Mac to Mac and PC to PC works just as good.

Forget MSN, ICQ etc. they always make it difficult somehow with their protocols and different clients.

Forget FTP or any other server to client solution, simply to much hassle.

Forget Email, it takes time and has limitations.

Forget all these crazy upload then download services, they aren't in realtime and they also have limitations!

When you simply need to transfer files from one computer to another, there simply isn't anything better than XCaramba!

The only thing you need to do is:
 • 1. Launch XCaramba.
 • 2. Open a connection.
 • 3. Send!

To receive files, you just need to have XCaramba open, that's it!

If for any reason a transfer is broken, your items will automatically resume when you send or receive again!

Send and receive files as you would copy them between your desktop windows. Go crazy, its free!

 • Create bookmarks to your favourite XCaramba users.
 • Automatically connect to all your favourite XCaramba users with one click.
 • Send as many files and folders as you want, even beyond the galaxy.
 • Send easily with drag and drop.
 • Send screen captures with one click.
 • Transferred files can be resumed, even hugh folder structures.
 • Stay connected with a Live Connection, just drag and drop, then click send.
OSOperating Systems:
 • Mac OS X 10. 5 Intel
 • Mac OS X 10. 5 PPC
warningMinimum system requirements:
Java 1. 5
one computer, drag and drop, files and folders, favourite, difficult, automatically, file transfer program, bookmarks, connected, protocols, file transfer, transfer files, screen captures, limitations

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