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CoffeeCup Web CalendarApril 20, 2016
SPLOT program is a highly effective tool intended for simulating the HP-GL/2, HP-GL, HP-RTL, or DXY-GL plotters on the display of your PC. A partial support of the PCL language is also provided. The SPLOT program is the very thing you need to make your work with the plotter more effective. The SPLOT program will give you a guarantee you will always draw on your plotter what you really want. That is why it will save your nerves, your time, your plotter, pens, ink and paper, that means your money. SPLOT program...

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Likno Web Builders Collection
Likno Web Builders CollectionApril 20, 2016
Add style and usability to your websites with 8 feature-rich WYSIWYG web design builders for your websites UI. Save time and effort through their user-friendly Windows interfaces (GUI); no programming required. All Likno builders come with many options, examples and templates to help you easily create any type of UI solutions, such as: menus (CSS or JavaScript, drop-down or sliding, responsive or mega); buttons; modal windows; sliders; scrollers; tabs; accordions;

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Likno Web Button Maker
Likno Web Button MakerApril 20, 2016
The ONLY app in the market that AUTOMATICALLY informs you of YOUR personal lottery outcomes. On the draw date, LotteryTicket will alert you via a push notification and/or email informing you the outcome of the tickets youve entered into the app. All it takes is just two simple steps (and we give you more features)!- Key in your ticket number- Select the draw dateYou're all set! Featured on the iTunes App Store in What's Hot &in Top Grossing apps! Standout Features Automatic Notifications: Push alerts to inform...

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ArtisteerApril 20, 2016
Free42 is a re-implementation of the HP-42S calculator and the HP-82240 printer. It is a complete rewrite, not using any HP code, and it does not require an HP-42S ROM image.

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Arclab Web Form Builder
Arclab Web Form BuilderApril 20, 2016
Arclab Web Form Builder makes it easy to create HTML/ php forms and e-mail the form submission as Text, HTML or XML. The HTML web form generator supports single- and mutli-page forms, file uploads (attachments) and autoresponders. Create your contact or order forms with a few clicks. There is no HTML/php coding required. The visual workspace lets you fill the form with all types of form elements and allows a seamless integration into your website and corporate design. Build and design contact forms, ...

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Htpasswd Generator
Htpasswd GeneratorApril 20, 2016
With Htpasswd Generator, you can create. htaccess and. htpasswd files to password protect your Web folder and Web site of Apache Web server. Htpasswd Generator manages authorized user/password database and allows you to add, edit and delete user/password record. It can also generate random login/password series, redirect to error page when password is incorrect.

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ImageSite ProApril 20, 2016
Tool for creating entire sites of images complete with thumbnail indexes and custom banners and links, just from a set of images and a single HTML page to use as a basis for created pages. From this ImageSite Pro will automatically create multiple HTML thumbnail index pages, thumbnails for all of your images and even separate HTML pages for every image as well. The layout is highly customisable including thumbnail look and layout, fonts and colours, heading, text or graphical indexes and text or graphical...

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PHP FormWizardApril 20, 2016
It is a program, which simplifies creating of HTML/PHP forms in PHP language for web applications. With this tool a developer can create quickly and easily a form in PHP language for their web application. Application supports data validating entered into a form, which can include a big number of data elements. With these data elelments in a form, a default value can be set and an option whether given element should be validated or not. Variables are transmitted to server after sending a form through POST method....

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Easy CSS Menu
Easy CSS MenuApril 20, 2016
Easy CSS Menu allows you to create beautiful pure CSS drop down menus. Main features:  • Visual drag & drop menu editor.  • Create mobile-ready menus.  • Loads of icons and templates.  • Full web browser support.  • Generates pure CSS code.  • Search engine friendly.  • Works without JavaScript. For personal, non-commercial use Easy CSS Menu is...

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Web Album CreatorApril 20, 2016
Convert Jpeg Gif Wmf Png to Flv is a revolutionary and professional image to Flv video converter. You can convert Jpeg, Gif, Tif, Wmf and Png image files to Flv video in batches. It can preserve the original layout, formatting, graphics etc of your image file. With the powerful converter, your images can be shown with a flash player or on the web. Plus, it can be embedded in a web page and shown inside it altogether with other web page content.

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digiXMAS Article SubmitterApril 20, 2016
DigiXMAS Article Submitter is semi-automated article submission tool that quickly submits your articles to hundreds of free article directories. With DigiXMAS Article Submitter, your article submission time is reduced to minimum by smart features of the tool. It features automated account registration, automated article submission with smart, self-learning category selection algorithm guaranties that your articles are submitted to most appropriate category, and automated article listing check. It has support of...

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eZ Publish
eZ PublishApril 19, 2016
Date and Time Calculator will let you easily add and subtract dates and time intervals. It features common date-related calculations, detailed date information (julian day number, day of year, etc), moon phase information, birth date calculator, due date calculator, and much more! new release

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Free PopUp Maker
Free PopUp MakerApril 19, 2016
This WYSIWYG program (Free PopUp Maker) creates JavaScript and HTML code to open an URL in a new (PopUp) window. You can specify the properties of the new window (whether it is resizable, has a menu bar, a so on). For example, you can use it to open a larger image in a separate window when the visitor clicks a thumbnail image. You can make the new window with exact size of the image. If you specify no attributes for the window, it opens at the size and with the attributes of the window that opened it. Specifying...

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BitNami phpBB StackApril 09, 2016
phpBB is one of the leading bulletin board solutions. phpBB has always comprised of a key feature set, including powerful permission systems, private messaging, search functions, a customizable template and language system, as well as support for multiple databases. In the 5 years that have followed its initial release, phpBB2 has gained a huge following worldwide and has played an important role in defining the success of Open Source software.

BitNami ocPortal Stack
BitNami ocPortal StackApril 01, 2016
ocPortal is a CMS with many Web 2. 0 features for sophisticated sites. ocPortal supports many types of content (galleries, news/newsletters, etc. ) – and integrating rich media and advertising into them. Community features include forums, member blogs, chat rooms, WIKI, and content commenting/rating. ocPortal lets you decide exactly how your site will look and behave. Features are plentiful, well integrated, and optional.

GSA URL Redirect PRO
GSA URL Redirect PROMarch 30, 2016
Make your long URLs way smaller and catchy with your own keywords in it.

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Search Engine Ranker
Search Engine RankerMarch 17, 2016
Search Engine Ranker web promotion software

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StreamCatcherMarch 16, 2016
StreamCatcher was written to solve some practical problems that are nearly impossible to solve with IIS and common web application platforms. It solves compatibility issues with dynamic downloads and it allows portions of dynamic sites to be indexed by search engines as if they were static HTML files. It provides a simple strategy for stopping the overload associated with code red attacks and offers daily reports to give a webmaster a quick and easy way to watch site usage by humans and web robots. It allows...

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cu3oxMarch 07, 2016
PhotoPDF is a batch processing tool to convert photos into PDF. It provides three mode of conversion: Batch Convert, Photos Merge, and Thumbnail Page. Batch Convert - convert each photo into individual PDF files. Photos Merge - merge multiple photos into a single PDF file. Thumbnail Page - generate photos into thumbnail PDF. The customized settings allow different paper size, orientation, and resolution. PhotoPDF supports BMP, JPG, and GIF format.

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DSV PHP Editor
DSV PHP EditorMarch 07, 2016
DSV PHP Editor is a program for creating, editing and debugging PHP scripts, HTML, CSS, Java Script and SQL pages. Editor is designed specifically for PHP development; it is comfortable both for beginners and experienced programmers. Has auto complete, PHP function parameters hints, built-in HTTP server, open/save and preview files to/from FTP, code explorer, project manager with local and remote view, publish project or publish selected project files to FTP options, upload local directory to FTP option, search...

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