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Active@ UNDELETEMay 28, 2016
Active UNDELETE is powerful data recovery software that helps you to recover lost, deleted and formatted data from Hard Drives, Floppy Disks, Dynamic Volumes, Hardware or Software RAIDs. Active UNDELETE supports recovery from Removable Drives and digital media like Secure Digital, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MemoryStick. The program can recover files on FAT NTFS NTFS5 EFS. Active UNDELETE v 5. 1 Enterprise Edition new features: RAID, RAID5 data recovery and undeleting over TCP/IP network.

Open Real Estate CMS
Open Real Estate CMSMay 28, 2016
Open Real Estate is a ready-to-use business solution. It can increase the profits of the real estate agency and the real estate agents as well. Post your listings and upload property images to start working! We did our best to make the CMS convenient for users and the administrator. Now it has the following advantages: ability to add listings of property for sale and for rent in different currencies; simple and nice design; easy viewing of property images; quick work of the site; ...

PicaJet Photo RecoveryMay 28, 2016
PicaJet Photo Recovery helps recover deleted or badly-formatted digital photos from media cards or sticks used by your digital camera.

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AggreGate SCADA/HMIMay 28, 2016
Right Click Editor is a context menu editor tool that can help users to delete or hide unwanted entries from their right click context menu. It also allows user to move the unwanted entries to the cascading menus, delete or hide unwanted shell extensions from there right click context menu, and allows user to add and modify commands of right click context menu.

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X-NetStatMay 28, 2016
X-NetStat displays information on your network and Internet connections in real time. Details of each connections are shown in the connection table, including remote hostname and IP address, local and remote ports, connection status, age, and the program behind the connection. X-NetStat can forcefully kill connections, copy connection information to the clipboard, minimize to the system tray, show bytes in/out. Version 5. 1 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

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Admin Report Kit for IIS (ARKIIS)May 28, 2016
Admin Report Kit for IIS 4. x / 5. x / 6. x (ARKIIS) is a powerful reporting tool for Microsoft IIS Administrators. ARKIIS presents IIS configuration information from the IIS Metabase in the form of Trees, Tables and Views. All categories of information reported by ARKIIS are available across multiple web servers and websites. ARKIIS is particularly useful in monitoring and tracking web servers that have a large number of websites, virtual directories and associated configuration settings. ARKIIS supports current...

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Fast Compress Content and Anti ProfanityMay 28, 2016
Save money reducing by 300% the bandwidth and the time necessary to send the web pages to the final users. Modelled for today dynamic pages, providing blazingly fast speed and small cost, it's a "must have" for every IIS. Compress Content benchmark shows that it's 300% faster versus other market solutions on serving dynamic content as ASP. NET. Anti Profanity provide realtime seeking and replacement of the words defined in a editable dictionary.

GetTemplateApril 19, 2016
GetTemplate provides Unique Web Templates for webmasters and business owners who are looking for a unique web presence at reasonable price, with exclusive royalty-free resell rights.

Leemsoft MP3 Downloader for MacApril 19, 2016
Leemsoft MP3 Downloader for Mac is powerful enough to download whatever music you want. By entering keywords like song name, Artist name and album, you can get an instant result for what you need. You can choose the best result by comparing the song name, arist and album or listening to the music before download, then download the MP3 songs with simple one click. Multiple languages are supported to search.

ASP_MultiPowUploadApril 19, 2016
Multiple files upload component for use with ASP file upload script. It is easy CLIENT-SIDE solution that can be used to perform file uploads from a user machine to the web server. Component is RFC 1867 compatible and includes standard ASP and ASP. NET file upload scripts for IIS web servers. This component is a Macromedia Flash movie supported by most browsers and needs just Flash player plug-in on users-side and any standard file upload script on server-side. This component supports any browsers (tested in IE5+, ...

PHP spam free contact formApril 19, 2016
Easy to use PHP contact form with integrated anti spam feature. This form allows anyone to have there own contact us email form on there website. Has a built in anti spam feature. Can be easily integrated into your existing website or used as a stand alone page.

Realtime Related Tweets BarApril 19, 2016
With all the buzz lately about Twitter real-time search. Why don't you add a real-time tweets bar related to your posts from your twitter timeline or from anybody or even limit it by a geocode coordinates!

DrTaskSchedulerApril 19, 2016
Use this COM component to manage your local or remote tasks from VB, WSH, C++, ASP. All you need is one dll file DrTS. dll and Task Scheduler Component from Microsoft (included in IE4).

Download Page that Displays Available Files AutomaticallyApril 19, 2016
This is an. asp page that allows you to provide file download capabilities for your site without having to constantly update the page with your file list. It does this by reading the file names in the directory you specify as the download directory, then contructing the appropriate URLs.

Webalizer Summary ToolApril 19, 2016
Written for the Raq 550, but customizable for any unix/perl platform - this script works in conjuction with webalizer to summarize hits, visits, sites and more as a side by side comparison for all your sites.

apgForm (to Excel)April 19, 2016
apgForm is a PHP file capable of processing web forms and saving them directly into an Excel file. apgForm receives any form with any number of textboxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, hidden fields, and password boxes and saves them to an Excel file. It can receive the form regardless of the way it was sent (POST, or GET. ) apgForm requires PHP and a folder with read/write permissions to work. (CHMOD 777) apgForm is completely free.

Screen Size Viewer - Webmaster ToolApril 19, 2016
Screen Size Viewer - Easily view your website at different screen resolutions. Opens multiple Internet Explorer windows at 640 by 480, 800 by 600, 1024 by 768, 1152, by 864, 1280 by 1024, or ANY size you specify. Screen size viewer is easy to use.

phpLDAPadminApril 19, 2016
phpLDAPadmin is a web-based LDAP client. It provides easy, anywhere-accessible, multi-language administration for your LDAP server. Its hierarchical tree-viewer and advanced search functionality make it intuitive to browse and administer your LDAP directory. Since it is a web application, this LDAP browser works on many platforms, making your LDAP server easily manageable from any location. phpLDAPadmin is the perfect LDAP browser for the LDAP professional and novice alike. Its user base consists mostly of LDAP...

ASP-ODP++April 19, 2016
ODP++ uses http://dmoz. org (Open Directory Project) to retrieve real time data and display it. Unlike other similar scripts, you have full control over the appearance. It has improved built in support for creating niche web directories. It also comes with several plugins for amazon asociates, news headlines, etc. You can change every bit of HTML source. It is totally template and module based so that you can decide on the positions of the modules and how they will look like. The modules are: Categories, search...

TvAdminApril 19, 2016
TvAdmin is a small intranet for a tv channel, with an internal messaging service, and a daily program scheduling updater.


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