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Htpasswd Generator
Htpasswd GeneratorApril 20, 2016
With Htpasswd Generator, you can create. htaccess and. htpasswd files to password protect your Web folder and Web site of Apache Web server. Htpasswd Generator manages authorized user/password database and allows you to add, edit and delete user/password record. It can also generate random login/password series, redirect to error page when password is incorrect.

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ImageSite ProApril 20, 2016
Tool for creating entire sites of images complete with thumbnail indexes and custom banners and links, just from a set of images and a single HTML page to use as a basis for created pages. From this ImageSite Pro will automatically create multiple HTML thumbnail index pages, thumbnails for all of your images and even separate HTML pages for every image as well. The layout is highly customisable including thumbnail look and layout, fonts and colours, heading, text or graphical indexes and text or graphical...

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PHP FormWizardApril 20, 2016
It is a program, which simplifies creating of HTML/PHP forms in PHP language for web applications. With this tool a developer can create quickly and easily a form in PHP language for their web application. Application supports data validating entered into a form, which can include a big number of data elements. With these data elelments in a form, a default value can be set and an option whether given element should be validated or not. Variables are transmitted to server after sending a form through POST method....

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Web Album CreatorApril 20, 2016
Convert Jpeg Gif Wmf Png to Flv is a revolutionary and professional image to Flv video converter. You can convert Jpeg, Gif, Tif, Wmf and Png image files to Flv video in batches. It can preserve the original layout, formatting, graphics etc of your image file. With the powerful converter, your images can be shown with a flash player or on the web. Plus, it can be embedded in a web page and shown inside it altogether with other web page content.

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digiXMAS Article SubmitterApril 20, 2016
DigiXMAS Article Submitter is semi-automated article submission tool that quickly submits your articles to hundreds of free article directories. With DigiXMAS Article Submitter, your article submission time is reduced to minimum by smart features of the tool. It features automated account registration, automated article submission with smart, self-learning category selection algorithm guaranties that your articles are submitted to most appropriate category, and automated article listing check. It has support of...

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AlgART Java Libraries
AlgART Java LibrariesApril 20, 2016
Open-source Java libraries, supporting generalized smart arrays and matrices with elements of any types, including a wide set of of 2D-, 3D- and multidimensional image processing and other algorithms. Main features: 64-bit long int indexes, memory model concept (allowing storing data in different schemes from RAM to mapped disk files), wide usage of lazy evaluations, built-in multithreading optimization for multi-core processors, etc.

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License Generation and Activation Server
License Generation and Activation ServerApril 20, 2016
License4J Auto License Generation and Activation Server is a web application which handles auto license generation and activation requests. License4J License Manager GUI tool stores products, templates, and licenses in a defined database server. When a database server other than local embedded database is selected in options, license activation features and product auto license generation settings are enabled.

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A4deskApril 20, 2016
A4Desk Flash Site Builder is a template-based WYSIWYG flash site builder for developing Flash-menu headers and Flash-based Web sites without the need for coding. Using A4Desk and its template gallery, you can build Flash menus and Web sites in minutes with only a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. Its other features include background sound support, switching of background and border colors, and uploading of images for sub-pages and for changing Flash display sizes. Version 7. 0 fixes: latest Flash Player...

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CoffeeCup Website FontApril 20, 2016
Eye-catching fonts and interesting styles are an important -- heck, almost necessary -- part of every site. That's why Website Font is an invaluable tool for any designer's toolbox. This dynamic program lets you choose cool fonts and modify them to fit your Website, then uses Flash technology to make sure they always display in your visitors' browsers. Website Font offers awesome fonts from our favorite font foundries, as well as the sIFR Font Maker tool, which lets you convert fonts from your computer...

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NvuApril 19, 2016
Desktop Poet is refrigerator magnetic poetry for the desktop of your PC. Choose from hundreds of word tiles (or make your own) and compose imaginative prose, break through the writers block, or just take a break and doodle, all on the PC. Desktop Poet allows a single tile to have more than one word form. Right-click on a word tile and choose a variation of that word. Want to define a word? Select define word, and be taken to that specific listing at either www. dictionary. com or www. thesaurus. com. You can also turn...

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eZ Publish
eZ PublishApril 19, 2016
Date and Time Calculator will let you easily add and subtract dates and time intervals. It features common date-related calculations, detailed date information (julian day number, day of year, etc), moon phase information, birth date calculator, due date calculator, and much more! new release

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Free PopUp Maker
Free PopUp MakerApril 19, 2016
This WYSIWYG program (Free PopUp Maker) creates JavaScript and HTML code to open an URL in a new (PopUp) window. You can specify the properties of the new window (whether it is resizable, has a menu bar, a so on). For example, you can use it to open a larger image in a separate window when the visitor clicks a thumbnail image. You can make the new window with exact size of the image. If you specify no attributes for the window, it opens at the size and with the attributes of the window that opened it. Specifying...

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GetTemplateApril 19, 2016
GetTemplate provides Unique Web Templates for webmasters and business owners who are looking for a unique web presence at reasonable price, with exclusive royalty-free resell rights.

Leemsoft MP3 Downloader for MacApril 19, 2016
Leemsoft MP3 Downloader for Mac is powerful enough to download whatever music you want. By entering keywords like song name, Artist name and album, you can get an instant result for what you need. You can choose the best result by comparing the song name, arist and album or listening to the music before download, then download the MP3 songs with simple one click. Multiple languages are supported to search.

ASP_MultiPowUploadApril 19, 2016
Multiple files upload component for use with ASP file upload script. It is easy CLIENT-SIDE solution that can be used to perform file uploads from a user machine to the web server. Component is RFC 1867 compatible and includes standard ASP and ASP. NET file upload scripts for IIS web servers. This component is a Macromedia Flash movie supported by most browsers and needs just Flash player plug-in on users-side and any standard file upload script on server-side. This component supports any browsers (tested in IE5+, ...

PHP spam free contact formApril 19, 2016
Easy to use PHP contact form with integrated anti spam feature. This form allows anyone to have there own contact us email form on there website. Has a built in anti spam feature. Can be easily integrated into your existing website or used as a stand alone page.

Realtime Related Tweets BarApril 19, 2016
With all the buzz lately about Twitter real-time search. Why don't you add a real-time tweets bar related to your posts from your twitter timeline or from anybody or even limit it by a geocode coordinates!

DrTaskSchedulerApril 19, 2016
Use this COM component to manage your local or remote tasks from VB, WSH, C++, ASP. All you need is one dll file DrTS. dll and Task Scheduler Component from Microsoft (included in IE4).

Download Page that Displays Available Files AutomaticallyApril 19, 2016
This is an. asp page that allows you to provide file download capabilities for your site without having to constantly update the page with your file list. It does this by reading the file names in the directory you specify as the download directory, then contructing the appropriate URLs.

Webalizer Summary ToolApril 19, 2016
Written for the Raq 550, but customizable for any unix/perl platform - this script works in conjuction with webalizer to summarize hits, visits, sites and more as a side by side comparison for all your sites.


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