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Camillo editor
Camillo editorSeptember 27, 2015
Camillo editor is a lightweight yet powerful HTML editor for Windows.

File size: 9.09MbLicense: SharewareDetails
gStats Web StatisticsSeptember 26, 2015
gStats is an open source web statistics program capable of running on any server supporting PHP and an ADOdb compatible database. gStats is intended to provide as much information as possible about your visitors and the pages they view on your site. On top of that, gStats provides a high level of customizability and has been designed so that third party developers can easily drop in custom reports.

WSN Software Directory
WSN Software DirectorySeptember 26, 2015
A powerful software repository script, fully customizable and translateable.

File size: 0.14MbLicense: DemoDetails
ADempiereSeptember 25, 2015
Adempiere is an ERP bazaar for open source developers that combines improvements from Compiere, CRM, shopfloor, POS, helpdesk, financial accounting, supply chain, knowledge, and business applications in an open and unabated fashion. Its focus is on the community.

Txtgbook ProSeptember 25, 2015
No database required. Main features are: multilanguages, styles manager, smileys, bbcode, quoting option, badwords filter, fields manager, backup and recovery tools, time system, ban system, and much more. Adminstrator gots a functional control panel with all those features. Its full cross-browser, code valid xhtml 1. 0, PHP + AJAX and with tinyMCE textareas.

AWStatsSeptember 25, 2015
AWStats - Free log file analyzer for advanced web statistics (GNU GPL)

File size: 1.29MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Adult Sites Poster
Adult Sites PosterSeptember 24, 2015
Convert adult tube sites into money with adult affiliate marketing software

File size: 13.47MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Bitografellas: Superego v1.0September 24, 2015
Bitography, a small (but potent) design firm and Neverever Records have gotten together to make a fun matching demo. Put the faces in the correct order and you will see, hear and use your exciting winnings. BFF soundscape, Neverever Records and Bitography graphics and coding. This game is written using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript (jQuery framework) in a very sneaky way:)

FileGator - Powerful PHP File Manager &Ajax UploaderSeptember 24, 2015
Main Features:  • Multi-user with home directories for each user or default directory if not specified  • Upload Multiple files with Ajax  • Copy, move, rename, create, edit or delete online files and folders  • Create archives with zip or unzip and decompress files online  • Hierarchical Treeview  • Search files and folders  • Preview images in gallery mode

Kwatsj Simple CounterSeptember 24, 2015
This is the first release of Kwatsj Simple Counter V1. 0. It uses PHP programming and a MySQL database to store the counts. The package is verry small, easy to install and easy to use.

xueBookSeptember 24, 2015
xueBook is easy-to-install, easy-to-use, easy-to-customize, made to suit all your custom needs. The templates are fully customizable so that it can be easily integrated into your existing website. Features include post editing/deletion, IP logging and banning, custom spam filters, custom HTML filters, optional email notification of new entries, six empty variables, smiley support, and more.

GreatWebBook GuestbookSeptember 24, 2015
Tired of cleaning the SPAM and junk out of your site guestbook? Get the GreatWebBook Website Guestbook! It's tested and proven SPAM filters are the best on the web. It stops the junk before it ever reaches you whether from a human typist or an automated script, with a word filter, Akismet interface, and our own proprietary techniques. Now with enhanced protection against XSS and CSRF attacks. A fully functional Control Panel allows the Administrator to modify, approve, deactivate, or delete any posting....

OidsSeptember 24, 2015
The gameplay of Oids is a lot like Asteroids, but with some twists. Your spaceship is circular, flies like an Asteroids spaceship, but when it hits the sector wall, it does not come out the other side. It bouces. You also bounce off of other players as a billiards-ball does. Another big difference is that gravitational pull has a big effect on your flight. There are black-holes that you do not want to be pulled into. They also pull your projectiles, as shown in the above picture. There are also worm-holes in Oids....

Web Calendar Pad
Web Calendar PadSeptember 24, 2015
HTML Calendar for websites, make and publish event calendars

File size: 20.67MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Ez Shaadi Clone
Ez Shaadi CloneSeptember 24, 2015
Main Features: Ez Shaadi Clone v5. 43 is a powerful platform to launch a matrimony portal. This product is extremely popular among the new webmasters.

File size: 5.49MbLicense: CommercialDetails
AlbumWebSeptember 23, 2015
The regions where the slides have the specified color are replaced by the contents on the desktop. As the end effect you see Animated PowerPoint Objects on your desktop. One of the applications of such a feature is to provide subtitles for video. You can run a video using Windows Media Player or any other video player and run a TransparentShow-enabled PowerPoint slide show that has the video subtitles. The PowerPoint slide show will run on top of this video and give the required effect.

 License: Free to tryDetails
Pure Javascript Spell CheckerSeptember 23, 2015
This Javascript based spell checker is capable of finding errors in your input fields with the ease of a few clicks. It supports embedded HTML tags ( as on WYSIWYG text editors) and can be configured to work on multiple languages. It also provides a grammar check option that allows you to find punctuation and capitalization errors in the same text. The spell checker does not require PHP, ASP or any server side language to run. The only requirement is to include an empty iframe that is loaded with the contents of a...

Net ShouboxSeptember 23, 2015
A very easy to use and feature rich shoutbox, this one comes with an ip baner, word censor, archived shouts, you can even set the time to "auto" delete old shouts.

Sava's GuestbookSeptember 23, 2015
All guestbooks look as they were made by the same person. Sava's Guestbook is special because of the simple admin interface ( edit/delete guestbook entries) and the layout it comes with. You are free to use the existing layout, or create your own. Security issues fixed. The guestbook is now 100% safe to use. Very easy to install

Music Rhythm Tutor
Music Rhythm TutorSeptember 23, 2015
The purpose of Music Rhythm Tutor is development of rhythm skills by students as well as practicing complex rhythm compositions by experienced musicians. The offered methodic allows to simplify and efficiently organize the training process. For lessons you can use standard rhythms, embedded in the program (2:3, 2:5, 3:4, and etc. ) In addition the program allows to create any rhythm sequence of the real music and to practice complex rhythm fragments.


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