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TCPDF - PHP Class for PDFJuly 25, 2015
TCPDF is a Free Libre Open Source PHP class for generating PDF documents without requiring external extensions. TCPDF project was started in 2002 and now it is freely used all over the world by millions of people. TCPDF supports all standard page formats and custom page formats, custom margins and units of measure, UTF-8 Unicode, RTL languages, some XHTML code, 1D and 2D barcodes, TrueTypeUnicode, TrueType, Type1 and encoding, images, graphic functions, transparency, clipping, bookmarks, javascript, ...

URL Encoder-Decoder
URL Encoder-DecoderJuly 25, 2015
This tool will help you to insert some URL into another as parameter.

File size: 0.31MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Sothink HTML EditorJuly 24, 2015
Sothink HTML Editor is a Web page editor that supports both code and visual editing modes, site management, and file upload. It provides an extensive set of visual tools and templates to speed up page creation. The standalone site manager makes site management and uploading easier. It also provides a full host of Java, JavaScript, and DHTML tools to create a large variety of buttons, menus, banners, and other special effects. This is a Web authoring tool designed for both beginners and advanced Web authors.

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BitNami JRubyStackJuly 24, 2015
BitNami JRubyStack greatly simplifies the development and deployment of JRuby on Rails applications. It includes ready-to-run versions of Tomcat, MySQL, JRuby and Rails and required dependencies. It can be deployed using a native installer, as a virtual machine or in the cloud. BitNami JRubyStack is distributed for free under the Apache 2. 0 license. With JRubyStack you can develop your JRuby on Rails application using Java from Ruby, launch your application with the GlassFish server thanks to the GlassFish...

File size: 165.94MbLicense: FreeDetails
SiteScan Broken Link Checker
SiteScan Broken Link CheckerJuly 24, 2015
Check websites for broken links, emails addresses, in-links and performance.

File size: 13.31MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Download multiple web files to your computer from
Download multiple web files to your computer fromJuly 24, 2015
Do you have a number of different web files that you want to download at once, and don't want to have to sit there, minute after minute, possibly hour after hour, waiting for the files to download? If this so

File size: 1.98MbLicense: SharewareDetails
VisualScrollFxJuly 24, 2015
This text scrolling applet loads fast, is smooth, features fades, swipes and many other slick visual effects and adds some class to your page.

MidiCardJuly 24, 2015
Midi-Card is an advanced postcard system that supports unlimited card categories with unlimited amount of images in each. Some of the main features are: Supports background music in. midi, mp3 or. wma formates. Lets the visitors use their own images and- or musicfiles. Easy to change the look of it with templates. Notifying the sender when the receiver has viewed his/her card. User can change border, background, stamp, fontcolors etc. on the card. Shortly this is an very advanced postcard script to an very low...

Free Web ButtonsJuly 24, 2015
Free Web Buttons helps you create cool web buttons and menus with ease. Free! Its very easy to create professional high-quality web buttons with the help of Free Web Buttons. Once installed you�ll be making buttons for your web site with no programming or drawing required. Each parameter of a button may be easily changed, allowing you to achieve the required result.

Backup MonitorJuly 24, 2015
RSYNC Backup front-end with Web Interface, email reports with attached summary or logfile. Simple to use configuration; back up servers with a single line, or your entire server farm from a single machine. Custom email tags sort responses in your MUA.

AutoUpgradeJuly 23, 2015
Do you deliver ASP websites to customers and do you want to simplify the software delivery process in case of program upgrades? AutoUpgrade 1. 0 is an ASP script that you can implement in your existing ASP environment. The script detects if there is a new program version on any internet server. If yes, the web site user is prompted whether he likes to receive the new program version. After user confirmation, the script (upgrade. asp) automatically updates the existing web site, by transferring the remote...

NDStatsJuly 23, 2015
Has Total Hits, Unique Hits, Page Views, Hits Today, and the number of times a use has visited. Unlike others, which use IP's for their unique hits, this one uses a cookie, so you can be sure your unique hits are unique!

MedLinkJuly 23, 2015
MedLink is a CGI Medical database and analysis program. Ideal for any medical sites; from general medical sites to specific sites such as optometry sites, cancer sites, cardiovascular sites, even vetenerian sites! Easy to use database allows you to enter symptoms, diagnosis names and the URL that corresponds to the diagnosis. The URL can be an HTML file, a text file, a specific site, a downloadable file, etc. The possibilities and uses are almost endless. Also includes a cardiovascular risk assessment module...

idreams guestbookJuly 23, 2015
The free i-dreams. net guestbook is suitable for beginners and professionals. The admin center allows you to select your level of administration. In general it has everything you can ever think of a guestbook. Some outstanding features are: self-installing, spam filter, registration, guestmap, statistics, multiple languages and skins, detailed help documentation, comments on entries, full ssi/php implementation support, protection system, messages administration, search and sort options, ubbc control center, ...

PalmPRJuly 23, 2015
Palm PR, Intertraff number plate recognition software, runs on any Microsoft Windows 2003 PDA. Through a Compact Flash Camera, Palm PR analyses continuously the live picture looking for number plates. Once a vehicle plate is detected, the number is recognized using a series of complex template-matching algorithms and a full image picture of the vehicle and its plate patch is stored. The reading results are also compared with the local database.

eScan 2003 Corporate Edition.July 23, 2015
Most competitive antivirus and content security software for the organizations. Offering antispam, productivity control, privacy control, administrative control, extensive reporting for security breaches, manageable from a single location. Comes with an advantage of automatic internet updates and free 24 X 7 customer support.

ExactProduct Shopping Comparison ScriptJuly 23, 2015
Our script is something like other popular and strong shopping comparison websites (ex: NexTag. com, PriceGrabber. com, Kelkoo. com, MySimon. com, Shopper. com, etc. ) and is very competitive and relevent with the examples mentioned. Besides the fact that it is a competitive and powerfull script, we've created this shopping comparison script without a Pay Per Click System or Pay Per Impression System but with a simple activation fee and with great and usefull merchant features. You have to be realistic and exact, ...

psxJuly 23, 2015
PSX is a framework for developing dynamic websites in PHP. The goal of PSX is to help you developing RESTful APIs serving web standard formats like JSON, XML, Atom and RSS. It has a focus on social technologies and provides classes to use and implement OAuth, OpenID, Opengraph, Opensocial, Opensearch, PubSubHubbub, Atom, and RSS. For more informations please visit http://phpsx. org.

ProdEagle Server MonitoringJuly 22, 2015
ProdEagle allows you to monitor your web applications in real-time using beautiful graphs and alerts without harming the performance of your application! You can monitor what ever you would like:  • See how many users are online.  • See how what the latency of database query is.  • See what the ratio between sold vanilla vs. chocolate bars is! ... or anything you want! Key Features:  • You define the counters...

jPDFNotes - Java PDF EditorJuly 22, 2015
jPDFNotes is a Java bean that integrates into your application or applet to display PDF documents and forms and allow your users to annotate the documents and fill the forms. After editing documents, the library can save them to a local file or the host application can override the save function to save the file to any location locally or on a network.


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