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Log Viewer Plus
Log Viewer PlusApril 29, 2015
Ves Optimize - Full Page Cache is a must have extension for speed up site performance. With Venustheme Full Page Cache you can reduce the load on server, enhance shopping experience. Also, it bring you site a better conversion rate and higher search rankings. Features: Magento loads pages much-much faster. Huge decrease of your server load. Better search engine indexing and higher rankings. Dynamic blocks / "hole punch" support. Includes cache crawler. 1. Saves up to...

File size: 11.28MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
AuthClassedApril 29, 2015
AuthClassed is a class, written in PHP, to implement a simple authentification scheme for database-oriented webpages. Using AuthClassed is as simple as putting a single code line at the top of the webpage you would like to protect. AuthClassed supports userprivileges and usergroups.

Horizontal Slider v2.2April 29, 2015
Horizontal slider concatenates and slides any number of images from left to right. Adjustable: Size, Background, Speed (Live too), Border and Name! You may use Hyperlinks with any / all images. Pauses while mouse is placed over. Dhtml Multi-OS and Cross-browser compatible. Also a DEMO right to left running within iframe.

TopSecretApril 29, 2015
TopSecret is a PHP script to protect your pages from the unauthorized users. TopSecret uses a MySQL database to store the user/password data. It works entirely based on the HTTP authentication provided by PHP 3 and 4. So, TopSecret is basically a security program. Don't use it to protect sensitive data, like financial data. It runs on Linux and Windows where PHP is installed as a service.

Reciprocal Link Checker - OnlineApril 29, 2015
Check the linking status of your website to your link partners using free reciprocal link checker.

Jcoder - Java IDE for WindowsApril 29, 2015
Jcoder is a Java IDE that runs on Windows which enables programmers to create, navigate, modify, and debug code faster and more accurately. Jcoder can be used in conjunction with different Java Developer Kits by configurating JDK profiles. Jcoder features an intuitive interface and provides a wide range of features: fast opening, rapid response times, customizable user interface, project management, wizards, class viewer, package viewer, tabbed documents and remote debugging. In addition, Jcoder...

SpeedJGApril 29, 2015
SpeedJG is an XML-based GUI builder tool to create state-of-the-art Java Swing applications. The core part of this tool is a parser that reads the meta-data described in XML to create Java GUI components on the fly. An IDE, itself generated by and using this parser, enables the Java developer to design GUIs, generate their meta-data, check their layout, and create the corresponding source code.

Javascript Extractor / FormatterApril 29, 2015
Extract the embedded javascript code from a webpage. You may also format the external javascript file.

World of PhaosApril 29, 2015
World of Phaos is a browser based MMORPG written in PHP. World of Phaos Current Features Include: Character creation, Ability to purchase/sell weapons and armor, Ability to fight in the arena, Traveling to different towns, Chatting with other players, Ability to fight other players, Ability to trade other players, race dependent special abilities, and a Magic System. As of version 0. 9. 4 the layout of Phaos is now frameless.

Jftp (Java FTP Multiple File Upload / Download Applet)April 29, 2015
Jftp provides you with the ease of uploading and downloading files over the internet via FTP from within your very own web enabled applications. Jftp has methods to get the status of the transfer, running javascript method after transfer, changing filenames and much more. Jftp has enhanced documentation and live examples included.

Paymenex Direct for Virtuemart, OpenCart and osCommerceApril 29, 2015
Paymenex Direct extention to connect Virtuemart, opencart and osCommerce shopping cart to Paymenex payment processing gateway.

Little Software StatsApril 29, 2015
Little Software Stats is the first runtime intelligence software released as open source and free. It is designed and developed through MySQL and PHP which will allow most web servers to run it. Little Software Stats allows users to collect information including executions, installations, exceptions, and geographical location.

ocPortalApril 29, 2015
ocPortal is a CMS with many Web 2. 0 and community features, for building modern, sophisticated websites. ocPortal supports many types of content (galleries, news/newsletters, etc. ) - and integrating rich media and advertising into them. Community features include forums, member blogs, chat rooms, WIKI, and content commenting/rating. ocPortal lets you decide how your site will look and behave. Features are plentiful, but also optional. Feature integration is at the core of the ocPortal philosophy - for example, the...

website optimization supper seo pingerApril 29, 2015
Super seo pinger can get your site to the top of google off of your keywords. this can be done in a matter of hours or maybe even minutes.

! AVI2SWFApril 29, 2015
Utility to convert AVI, MPG, MOV or WMV video to Flash (SWF or FLV).

File size: 3.99MbLicense: DemoDetails
Booklet Silverstripe ModuleApril 28, 2015
Booklet is a Silverstripe CMS module to create pages with a booklet moleskine style. Display your content on the web in a flipbook layout.

MySQL &PHP From ScratchApril 28, 2015
This book puts together information on installing, setting up, and troubleshooting each of the technologies (Apache, MySQL, PHP3, and IMP) into one complete volume. You also learn how each piece is part of a whole by learning, step-by-step, how to create a web-based e-mail system. Learn to run the Linux equivalent of Active Server Pages (ASP) using PHP3, set up an e-commerce site using a database and the Apache web server, and create a data entry system (such as sales, product quality tracking, customer...

3CX Phone System for Windows Free
3CX Phone System for Windows FreeApril 28, 2015
3CX VoIP Phone System for Windows Free edition is an Office Phone System/IP PBX that completely replaces a proprietary PBX, supports standard SIP soft/hard phones from any vendor, VoIP service providers & traditional PSTN phone lines. Developed for Windows, it is easy to install, configure and manage via web-based config. Eliminates phone wiring, allows hotdesking & roaming, saves on call costs and includes auto attendant. Download FREE edition! Version 7. 1 adds Skype support, and Outlook &...

FStatApril 28, 2015
FStat is php stat script, which analyses useragentstring of a visitor with the help of the user-agent-string. info api and stores the stats in xml files. There is no need for a database like MySQL, SQL, ... Supported features: detects Browser, OS, Bots, Country, Referer and Search Keywords Show stats for a month Shows "timeline" Shows last 50 visitors in a list Language: German, English

DB-Backup for phpShopApril 28, 2015
Backup you entire database for phpShop. Just click the link and it prompts you to save your whole database (structure & data) as an SQL text file. It probes your database as it runs so there is no need to tell it any table or column names. It's all done on the fly. Very easy to install and use.


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