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CyberOffice ClubJuly 10, 2015
Offers database-driven membership functions to your Web site. It does what you think it should: Accepts applications from members, assign username, password to the member upon successful completion of sign up. Provides a secure means to retrieve, update the password and/or any account information (to the extent permitted by the admin of the program). Most importantly, sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords are stored in Triple-DES encryption with randomly-generated and secret password. Accounts...

EZPollJuly 10, 2015
This is a simple poll script in which you can add and delete polls or review past polls. The admin section is password protected. You add the poll to your ASP page with one line of code. Download the zip file and open it on your hard drive then read the readme. txt file for instructions. Uses a MS Access 2000 database.

HAMweather 3 ASPJuly 10, 2015
HAMweather is a free weather software package that can be used to add custom weather capabilities to your web site. These added weather forecasting abilities will provide the user interactivity you need to keep your web visitors coming back. HAMweather 3 is template based to allow easy customization to match your web site and can provide weather data for the US, Canada and hundreds of locations around world.

Pay Per Click (PPC) module for Esvon ClassifiedsJuly 10, 2015
This module allows members to bid on ad placement position to appear higher in search results. Members setup their ads on the site and then buy a credit balance of funds (called a reserve). The advertiser then assigns a "bid amount" to each ad they setup. Advertisers can setup as many ads as they like. The bid amount determines the placement of the ad when displayed with other ads in a listing. The higher the bid amount, the closer to the top of the page the ad appears. Each time sponsored ad is clicked...

PHP-Script-LogitJuly 09, 2015
PHP-Script-Logit is a logging tool for PHP debugging

File size: 0.17MbLicense: FreewareDetails
mROI Tracking SoftwareJuly 09, 2015
Tired of loosing money to online marketing? Uncertain how your current pay per click campaigns are performing? mROI campaign tracking software monitors all of your marketing efforts from paid listings (ppc) to email marketing and even link exchanges. Detailed reporting allows you to keep on top of ROI, revenue per click, conversion rates and even potential fraud! Monitor an unlimited number of campaigns and listings with full reporting on revenue, costs, orders, visitors, click paths and much, much more. Stop...

MPCS - Multi-Page Comment SystemJuly 09, 2015
MPCS is an advanced visitor comment system, with emoticons and BB code support. MPCS allows for many comment sheets to be created and used on separate pages of your website (or for other uses). MPCS also includes a CAPTCHA system to validate a commenter as human, thus cutting out bot spam. Not only this but a visitor is limited to one post per comment sheet. The admin can also request that all posted comments are verified before they appear to the public! MPCS is also fully skin-able, ...

ProQuiz V2July 09, 2015
ProQuiz is capable of Generating Test & Quizzes of all types by simple user interface. Its easy to use User interface makes it stand apart from other softwares in this category. Features: 1. Multiple Choice Questions Supported 2. Fully Customizable 3. Detailed Summary Report 4. Reports Charts Displayed 5. Good Ajax Support 6. Timing Chart Display 7. Displays Online Users 8. Full Admin Customizable Control Panel 9. More...

GraidleJuly 09, 2015
Graidle can be used to generate several types of graphical diagrams. There are several classes specialized in generating histograms (also horizontal), spider, pie and line (also filled) charts, is possible to customize easly many visual aspects like fonts, colours, labels, axis etc. Graphs are generated as true color images using native PHP GD2 library, and displayed as the current script output or saved to a file in the PNG format.

PHP Bargraph GeneratorJuly 09, 2015
This script is loaded using an image tag and generates data based on information added as GET parameters. For example, bar. php?value=100&max=256&info would build an image with about 40% of the graph filled out. Take off the &info and the visitor only see's

ECHO-PHP ClassJuly 09, 2015
ECHO-PHP Class is a PHP class that drives all types of real-time credit card and check transactions using ECHO merchant processing�s free secure payment gateway and open-source real-time software. It supports system check, address verification, authorization and deposit, deposit, credit, commercial card, electronic check debit, and more. The ECHO-PHP Class makes it easier than ever to connect to ECHO using this popular server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. Ideal for all commerce...

Proxy Log Explorer
Proxy Log ExplorerJuly 09, 2015
The Proxy Log Explorer is application for monitoring usage of Proxy server.

File size: 10.49MbLicense: SharewareDetails
WMS Log Analyzer
WMS Log AnalyzerJuly 09, 2015
Log Analyzer for analysis Microsoft Windows Media Services server raw log files.

File size: 10.35MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Web Log Explorer Lite
Web Log Explorer LiteJuly 09, 2015
Free log analysis on-the-fly. Get as deep into your log files as you need to!

File size: 5.22MbLicense: FreewareDetails
ClickMapJuly 08, 2015
With this script you can create a clickable image map on your Web pages. It supports the rectangle-shaped.

Unicoder - Make email address 100% invisible for spam robotsJuly 08, 2015
Unicoder V1. 1. is a perl script that allows you with a single click to convert email addresses to a Unicode mix javascript that makes your email address 100% invisible to any type of email collecting spam robots. The generated code is compatible with html and pages generated by other scripts. Copy and past the code any were inside your html pages and your guaranteed of not receiving spam for having your email address listed on your site. - Try the free demo - Installation takes only 2 minutes.

ABTi User FeedbackJuly 08, 2015
The ABTi User Feedback allows site owners to get user feedback. It is ideal for user- or customer-driven websites. It has "browse" functionality for users. There are confirmation and alert mails for users and site owners, respectively. Alert mails help ensure that customer concerns are attended to in a timely manner. The admin resources are protected with Basic authentication.

EZSchedulerJuly 08, 2015
EZScheduler is an events calendar. You can allow users to schedule events or you can restict scheduling to Admin only! Admin can schedule events through the Password Protected Control Panel. Admin Can view Events by selected day or month or view all events at once! When Admin views an event Admin can delete or edit the event. Admin can also change the colors of the calendar by changing the values in text boxes in the control panel. This Scheduler is totaly customisable to fit your website. Uses a MS Access 2000...

Falcon's Mortgage CalculatorsJuly 08, 2015
Using Falcon�s Mortgage Calculators, you can prepare amortization schedule, view it, and print it in virtually no time. Also all the seven calculators automatically calculate the insurance value for the house and the PMI where is necessary. Everything is completed automatically, accurately and is easy and simple to be used and handled.

gCardsJuly 08, 2015
gCards is an easy to use and visually appealing eCards program that stores images in a mySQL database. Using the built-in administration console you can quickly create image categories, upload images, create news items, view statistics, and upload music files. Thumbnails of JPEGs are automatically created for you. Additional features include integrated news management, smilies, support for GIF images, multiple recipients, multi-language support, SMTP mail support, and much more!


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