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ViewPack for Vectorworks v12
File size: 0.5791Mb
License: Commercial
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New Navigation Commands:

Navigate directly to any "space" of any viewport from anywhere in your document via simple key commands.

A viewport "space" includes any of the following:

The design layers & classes (visible in the viewport)

The annotations of the viewport

The crop of the viewport

The residing sheet layer of the viewport

Once you enter any viewport space (using a simple key command), you can easily move between all of the other spaces for that viewport with a simple key command.

Other Navigation features:

With our "smart zooming", the view doesn't shift (disorienting you) when moving from one space to another.

Works on locked viewports allowing you to lock them in place and still edit their contents.

Allows you to set the default design layer and class for every viewport when entering them.

An option to show the crop outline when entering a viewport's design layers.

Create Viewports from Views:

Quickly converts Saved Views into Sheet Layers with viewports.

Quickly gets an existing document up and running with viewport technology.

Create Views from Viewports:

Converts viewports to Saved Views.

Useful for exporting files back to older versions of Vectorworks.

View Manager:

An organization and management tool for setting layer and class visibilities for Saved Views and Viewports.

Create View Matrix feature allows you to create a worksheet (or exported spreadsheet data)

displaying layer and class visibilities for all viewports and Saved Views in a document.

Export Classes feature allows you to easily transfer classes (including their attribute settings) to other documents.

Class Attribute Mode: Allows you to switch between multiple sets of class attributes in a single document.

VP Crops on Design Layer: Allows you to place viewport crop objects onto a design layer.
ViewPack for Vectorworks
OSOperating Systems:
 • Mac OS X 10. 4 PPC
 • Mac OS X 10. 3. 9
 • Mac OS X 10. 3
 • Mac OS X 10. 2
 • Mac OS X 10. 1
attribute, attributes, exporting, spreadsheet, displaying, management tool, worksheet, navigation, annotations, files back, exporting files, management, organization

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