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Vietnamese English Dictionary v1.0
Orient Light Inc / Vietnamese English DictionaryAdded:
License: Shareware
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10 offline dictionaries with million entries:
+Wiki Vietnamese: About 25.000 entries
+Wiki English: About 70.000 entries
+Picture dictionary: About 3000 entries
+English-Vietnamese: About 450.000 entries including pronunciation
+Vietnamese-English: About 390.000 entries
+English-English: About 150.000 entries
+Gmat dictionary: About 1600 entries
+Toefl dictionary: About 500 entries
+Sat dictionary: About 5000 entries
+Gre dictionary: About 1250 entries
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High speed look-up
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10 ba»™ ta€�ia»?n offline va»›i ga?§n 1 tria»‡u ta»«:
 • Wiki Anh-Via»‡t 25.000 ta»«
 • Wiki Anh-Anh 70.000 ta»«
 • Ta€�ia»?n hAnh *nh 3000 ta»«
 • Anh-Via»‡t 450.000 ta»«
 • Anh-Anh 150.000 ta»«
 • Via»‡t-Anh 390.000 ta»«
 • Gmat 1600 ta»«
 • Toefl 500 ta»«
 • Sat 5000 ta»«
 • Gre 1250 ta»«
Ta€�ia»?n chuyA?n ngA nh phong phA?, A‘a d*ng:
 • Ta€�ia»?n Ka»? thua?�t
 • Ta€�ia»?n Y Sinh
 • Ta€�ia»?n Kinh t*
 • Ta€�ia»?n C?? khA�
 • Ta€�ia»?n Y ha»?c
 • Ta€�ia»?n Cha»©ng khoA?n
 • Ta€�ia»?n Giao thA?ng
 • Ta€�ia»?n HA?a ha»?c
 • Ta€�ia»?n ThA nh nga»?
 • Ta€�ia»?n Va?�t lA?
 • Ta€�ia»?n ToA?n &tin
 • Ta€�ia»?n XA?y da»±ng
 • Ta€�ia»?n ‡n l*nh
 • Ta€�ia»?n ‡n ta»�
TA?y cha»‰nh giao dia»‡n phA?ng cha»? mA u na»?n theo A? thA�ch
CA? A‘a?§y A‘a»§ phA?t A?m ch*t l?°a»?ng cao gia»?ng ng?°a»?i tha?�t va»›i 200.000 file A?m thanh ch*t l?°a»?ng MP3.
Vietnamese English Dictionary
warningMinimum system requirements:
Compatible with 2. 3. 3 and above.

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