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ZOTAC FireStormMay 28, 2016
ZOTAC FireStorm is a program that allows you to extract every ounce of performance from your ZOTAC GeForce series graphics card. Tweaking and tuning ZOTAC GeForce series graphics cards with FireStorm is quick with an easy to use user-interface that presents users with clock speed adjustments, fan control and GPU monitoring functions.

Zombie Smashers X2May 28, 2016
Zombie Smashers X2 is a funny game, where you have to batter your enemies senseless. Use your Rock Fu and Guitarpocalyptic Power Chords in this quick to pick up, nasty to master arena brawler. The most tenacious will prevail in this apocalyptic brawl between ninjas, zombies, pirates, cyborgs and punks!

Zodiac Match FreeMay 28, 2016
Looking for someone special, the one, made for you…. or simply Flirt! Check compatibility of the perfect match for you. Simply Add your &your Lover’s Zodiac Sign. Check Compatibility results till you find your match! Also check the Advice for compatibility... For More Free Applications Visit--www. migital. com

ZigJSMay 28, 2016
ZigJS allows to have motion-controlled websites using a few lines of code. Written in idiomatic JavaScript, it interacts seamlessly with most popular JavaScript frameworks, including JQuery, prototype. js, and MooTools. The ZDK JavaScript bindings gives access to the depth, image, and skeleton data from the Kinect as well as control over the type of user engagement and some higher-level abstractions for user interface components.

zyGribMay 28, 2016
zyGrib is a visualization program for meteo data files in GRIB Format 1. The program can automatically download from IAC (fleetcode) data. You should select an area, a grid mesh, and the meteo parameters you wish to see, for a period of up to seven days. This data is generated by mainframe computers, who run weather prediction programs every few hours, fed with meteo input from the field.

Zen MarketingMay 28, 2016
When a company's growth has stagnated, it is necessary to find new markets to ensure revenue and face the competition. The best way to do this is to create a Marketing plan where you clearly define the objectives you must reach, the strategies to follow in order to achieve these objectives, and the actions to carry out within each one of these strategies. Zen Marketing is a free tool that lets you create a simple marketing plan, although the monitoring follow-up part is reserved for the...

ZipGeniusMay 24, 2016
Running out of hard disk space? Documents spread over you entire system? Did you get a. zip or. rar file and you don't know what to do? There is only one answer: ZipGenius! ZipGeniuscan handle more than 20 compressed archive types, so it is a perfet companion for your work and daily activities; but ZipGenius doesn't handle compressed archives, only: it is flexible and expandable so it could almost everything you want from it. ZipGenius is a FREEWARE product, it is...

Zend Guard for LinuxMay 23, 2016
Zend Guard is the leading solution for worry free distribution. With its key components of Encoding, Obfuscating and Licensing, Zend Guard protects your PHP applications from reverse engineering, unauthorized customization, unlicensed use and redistribution. Zend Guard helps you distribute your PHP applications securely while protecting your source code and intellectual property.

ZT FLV Player
ZT FLV PlayerMay 20, 2016
FLV Player allows you to play flash video file. The play Icon will play and pause the currently playing flash video file. The Sound Icon will change the volume or mute. Double Click on the player will Toggle on/off the full screen mode. Clicking this item Open File will show the standard open dialog to open the flash video file that you want to play, if you double click a flv file in the windows explorer, it will be play with SC flv player. Use this option if your flv file extension is associated with another...

 License: FreewareDetails
Zend Studio for LinuxMay 19, 2016
Zend Studio is the only Integrated Development Environment (IDE) available for professional developers that encompasses all the development components necessary for the full PHP application lifecycle. Through a comprehensive set of editing, debugging, analysis, optimization and database tools, Zend Studio speeds development cycles and simplifies complex projects.

Zulu Kostenlose Professionelle DJ Software
Zulu Kostenlose Professionelle DJ SoftwareMay 18, 2016
Zulu DJ Software ist ein Audio DJ Programm für Windows.

ZHIPESMay 18, 2016
ZHIPES-CM is an innovative clinical management system designed to help hospital/ physician practices improve quality of care, reduce risk, cut costs, and increase revenues. Appropriate for any sized medical practice -- from a small, solo practice to a large, multi-provider/multi-location group. This feature rich system allows you to create and maintain complete medical records faster and more efficiently than ever before. ZHIPES-CM run in a Windows-based operating system, coupled with customization design the...

Zune Songs Recovery SoftwareMay 14, 2016
Zune songs recovery software recovers previously saved playlists, sound tracks, audio video recordings, images, podcasts and all other media files which have been lost due to accidental deletion or virus corruption of your portable zune digital music player. Zune music file retrieval tool supports different capacities of zune media player like 4GB, 8GB, 30GB and 80GB. Zune multimedia data recovery tool supports all type of audio video files including mp3, mp4, acc, wmv, m4v, m4a, mov, wma, asf, asx, midi, mid, ...

 License: SharewareDetails
ZipDeployMay 14, 2016
ZipDeploy is an FTP upload accelerator. It enables you to unzip big packages on your remote host. Depending on package size, 2 to 10 times faster deploy times than regular FTP transfers can be achieved.

ZipItFast!May 12, 2016
ZipItFast 3. 0 is a FREE Commercial quality all in one archive utility featuring a windows One Click Zip feature for quick viewing, running, extracting, adding, and deleting files in archives in the fastest time possible. With ZipItFast Pro, you can create SELF EXTRACTING FILES and even password protect them. ZipItFast 3. 0 does it all and supports virtually all compression formats including: Zip, Exe, Tar, Cab, gZip, Lha, Ace, Rar and over 20 additional formats. Plus version 3. 0 is better than ever!In addition, you...

ZUploaderMay 11, 2016
ZUploader is an open-source program that lets you upload images, texts, files in your clipboard to hosting services. The program also supports drag n drop. It uses the same uploader engines used in ZScreen, but designed for simplicity in mind. Captures  • Fullscreen  • Active window  • Active monitor  • Transparent window  • Window &control  • Rectangle region

Zimbra Desktop 7.2.1 B11637May 11, 2016
Zimbra Desktop is the next-generation email and collaboration client. The free Zimbra Desktop client allows you to meld the online and offline worlds OCo storing and synching your email, calendar, contacts, files and documents in the cloud, yet having them locally accessible when on the road. Zimbra Desktop aggregates information across accounts (Zimbra, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. ) and social networks (Facebook, Digg, Twitter, etc. ) to help make communicating &sharing information easier than ever. Zimbra...

 License: FreewareDetails
ZapaintMay 09, 2016
Zapaint is a small paint utility suitable for small children. A small and easy-to-use software that your kids will enjoy.

Z1 Editor 2004May 07, 2016
Korg Z1 Editor 2004 is a Windows (95/98/ME/XP) program for the superb Korg Z1 synthesizer. The program contains many tools for the Korg Z1 based around four linked editors: a patch editor, a bank editor, a multiset editor and a pattern (arpeggiator) editor. All editors include the standard send/receive/open/save facilities, which include useful checks on data sizes and automatic naming. These facilities are also available for Global, MIDI, All Data, All Program and All Multi.

Zero PopUp Killer XPMay 06, 2016
Zero Popup Killer XP is a small, effective, and intelligent anti-pop-up software product that can kill annoying pop-up windows without human intervention by using artificial intelligence and intelligent agent technologies. It is light on your system's resources and resides in the system tray. It works as an add-in for Internet Explorer and automatically starts when you start up the IE browser. Kill Kazaa, Morpeus, Gator, ICQ popup ads too!


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