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ZebNet NewsTurbo
ZebNet NewsTurboApril 18, 2015
zebNet NewsTurbo is a professional newsletter software that provides you the best possible email marketing experience directly on your desktop and that covers all your needs. Now you can send mass mailings directly from your local computer in minutes without the need to pay an expensive monthly fee for a web-based solution. Email marketing has never been easier as with zebNet NewsTurbo. zebNet NewsTurbo provides you with all the features that are essential to do professional email marketing and also...

Z Day Shootout
Z Day ShootoutApril 13, 2015
The purpose of the game, as you may have guessed already, is to survive as long as possible against zombies. The game is set in a world devastated by this epidemic that has made strong turn everyone into zombies. You are the only survivor, who do you want revenge for all those out stupid zombies. Demonstrate your ability to survive and make your way through so many dangers and much more.

ZoneAlarm Security SuiteApril 12, 2015
ZoneAlarm Security Suite 7. 0 seems to be an integral security solution for PC systems. It offers safe firewall, parental control, instant message control, antivirus, antikeyloggers, antispam and identity theft protection, and remote control monitoring, with several options to set for a personal use of the application. The initial window lets the user to set the way the program should protect the user's system, about firewall, program control, antispyware, antivirus monitoring, email protection, ...

Zend Studio for LinuxApril 08, 2015
Zend Studio is the only Integrated Development Environment (IDE) available for professional developers that encompasses all the development components necessary for the full PHP application lifecycle. Through a comprehensive set of editing, debugging, analysis, optimization and database tools, Zend Studio speeds development cycles and simplifies complex projects. Zend Studio for Linux is licensed as shareware. Follow the link bellow and free download Zend Studio for Linux.

Zebra Screen Savers 6April 06, 2015
Zebra Screen Savers is a simple to use and install screensaver that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Zip Lock
Zip LockApril 05, 2015
Zip Lock is a simple and effective protection for your ZIP archives. This is an efficient tool for encrypting and decrypting that is suitable for any type of users.

Zorin OS
Zorin OSApril 03, 2015
The Zorin OS operating system gives you the ultimate desktop experience. Some of the advantages of Zorin OS:  • No risk of getting viruses  • Much faster than Windows 7  • An easy to use and familiar desktop  • Customizable user interface thanks to our Look Changer  • Stable as it is based on the robust Linux operating system  • All the software you'll ever need out of the box

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio Pro
Zortam Mp3 Media Studio ProApril 03, 2015
Features:  • Batch processing enabled for auto tagging  • Automatically look up and tag Album Cover Art, Lyrics and other metadata  • Fix incorrect ID3 tags using Zortam tag database  • Search for duplicate Mp3 files  • Convert Audio CD to Mp3 and tag Album Cover Art, Lyrics as you rip CD  • Technical Support  • Free updates

Zigzag Cleaner PlusApril 03, 2015
Zigzag Cleaner Plus is an easy-to-use utility that lets you clear the desktop with one mouse move. What do you do if you need to hide your open windows quickly and the desktop is filled with them or the toolbar is hidden? You would usually only remember Ctrl + Alt + Del. Zigzag Cleaner Plus makes it easier than that. Just make a quick move with your mouse, a quick "Z" or "O" for example, and it will hide applications and documents. To restore, just draw another stroke. It's as easy as...

ZTailApril 03, 2015
zTail is a handy, easy to use software specially designed to offer you another GUI app written using the Java programming language to emulate Unix tail functionality. This tool enables you to view local files and remote file by ssh connection. Also offers find / filter / bookmarks features. for WindowsAll

ZeroNetHistory 15-Day TrialMarch 30, 2015
ZeroNetHistory 2005 is the ultimate defense against identity theft รข its superior scan-and-clean engine and multiple functions completely protect you from snoops and spies. It securely deletes your files and folders through file shredding, outwitting even popular file recovery software. It erases all of your computer tracks, from document and search histories to Internet cache and Windows swap files. Free 15-day trial with full features.

 License: SharewareDetails
Zen WriterMarch 28, 2015
Zen Writer is an intuitive and easy-to-use text processor that enables you to concentrate on your inspiration without waiving dearly functions such as spell checking. If you can get your text done in a shorter amount of time, you have more time for yourself, your family, and other goals. If you are an editor, blogger, technical writer, journalist, freelancer, or just need to write something, start simplifies your work today. With Zen Writer you write your text full screen. From the start, ...

ZapyaMarch 27, 2015
Pretty run was started years ago when Windows knew nothing about searching through start menu. It helps you find shortcuts. Many times we know we have some program somewhere in the start menu but just takes too much time to locate its icon and run it. Pretty Run helps you with that as it searches start menu, desktop or any other folder for the shortcuts or files that meet your query.

File size: 7.37MbLicense: FreeDetails
Zemana AntiLoggerMarch 22, 2015
Nowadays, information is one of the most valuable things. Most information is stored and processed on computers. Therefore there are a lot of people who are ready to get access to your computer at any cost. Usually, it is done by means of all kinds of malicious software. Zemana AntiLogger improves your existing security by providing Advanced behavioral protection against the very latest Spyware, Rootkits, Trojans, Viruses, Bots, Adware and Password Stealers - collectively known as Malware. Zemana...

Zombie Day
Zombie DayMarch 17, 2015
The game tells the story of a man who was left alone in a city full of zombies. He knows that he has no chance of survival, but he's going down in a blaze of glory and will take as many of them with him as possible. Controls: > Hero moves the mouse. > LMB - shoot > RMB - shop window > Movie - change weapon > Ctrl - box of skills > P - pause > R - restart > M - choose music. Thread > F1 - Information window > F4 - full screen mode > Escape - me

Zenit Suite
Zenit SuiteMarch 15, 2015
ZenitPCB Suite is directed to all those people who want to make printed circuit board for hobby, or to student and academics from universities or high schools, who want to create their own pcb with a professional approach and particularly without having to pay for expensive licenses. ZenitCapture Schematic is easy to learn and fast to use. Schematic designs can be created quickly using the easy-feature toolset available. A schematic is a sketch of an electrical logic. It contains the...

ZombieStompMarch 14, 2015
Put your foot down! Don't let the zombies take you out... Stomp the zombies and rack up the count! See how many walkers you can destroy... Apps required: media playback, data services, movement and directional sensor, HD720P (720x1280), WVGA (480x800), WXGA (768x1280)

Zebra in Blue Bottom Zen 8300/Curve ThemeMarch 12, 2015
Zebra in Blue Bottom Zen 8300/Curve Theme brings you an ideal theme for your BlackBerry. Professionally designed custom BlackBerry theme. ~ Trendy ZEBRA print backgrounds bring your BlackBerry up to fashion Heaven. Dock Bottom ZEN: user-defined icons lined up or "docked" at the bottom of the home screen. Custom designed, one of a kind background/wallpaper. Custom color coordinated menus/buttons. Custom fonts (no more boring default fonts)NEW custom battery/signal/wifi meters. Home screen icons are...

Zarafa Outlook SharingMarch 11, 2015
Zarafa allows you to share mail, calendar and contacts via Outlook or the "Outlook look&feel" webaccess. Zarafa has a native MAPI backend, to have the best Outlook integration. With Zarafa Outlook plugin you can easy set permissions on folders, open shared folders and use the freebusy times. Zarafa can be installed on almost any Linux distribution like Redhat, SuSE, Debian and Fedora.

Zomby VS Bags
Zomby VS BagsMarch 10, 2015
Dear connoisseurs of Plants vs zombies style games, we present the most relevant and incredibly exciting game recent years, Zomby VS Bags. P. S. You haven't seen this already...


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