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WinDriver Ghost PersonalMay 20, 2015
Backup driver and restore driver currently on your system, find the latest drivers for your hardware and install them onto your computer. Backup to EXE automatic installer is also supported. For use on a single computer only. 15 Days Free Trial.

Womble EasySubMay 18, 2015
Womble EasySub is a DVD subtitle editor for creating, editing and managing subtitle text within DVD video files. With an embedded video player, you can preview subtitle text with all the details in real time. The sound waveform display gives you a visual help to locate a voice segment quickly and to set the exact time for your text. You can also import subtitle from existing. srt subtitle file into subtitle list, then manipulate it freely, for example to shift time or to change language. Especially, this editor can...

Web Email Extractor ProMay 18, 2015
Web Email Extractor Pro v3. 4 extracts thousands of email addresses from internet through popular search engines like ( Bing, Google, Askcom, Aspseek, Yahoo, Lycos etc). Web Email Extractor Pro can automatically dig out all of the email addresses from web pages on the internet and it has many options as (remove duplicates email address, websites/webpages to ignore) overall it can give the addresses you actually need from web-pages instead of extracting all the addresses present. It is designed to extract e-mail...

WeFi for Pocket PCMay 16, 2015
WeFi for Pocket PC is the best software for finding and connecting to wireless networks with your windows mobile device. With WeFi, you always get the optimal WiFi connection, while keeping the battery consumption to a minimum. The WeFi software provides you with an intuitive and aesthetic user interface to manage your WiFi connection and allows you to automatically launch application once such connection is found. Once connection is established, the WeFi server provides you with information gathered...

Windows 7 Battery BarMay 15, 2015
Windows 7 Battery Bar is a free tiny portable tool that monitors the status of your battery and displays it in the taskbar. To customize the settings click on the the Battery icon in the system tray. You can change the taskbar color to Red, Green, Yellow &Auto. If you change the color to Auto then it will change the color according to the remaining battery percentage: 100% - 50% = Green 49% - 11% = Yellow 10% - 0% = Red

Webcam driver for Gateway M-73May 15, 2015
Download the Webcam driver for Gateway M-73 Sonix Camera Driver Compatibilty: Windows Vista.

WireWorld 3D ScreensaverMay 14, 2015
WireWorld 3D Screensaver - Look into a hunk of electric wires. Attention! All the wires under high voltage!!!

Wireless Driver for the Samsung RV410 (Win 7)May 14, 2015
Download the Wireless Network driver for the Samsung RV410. Compatibility: Windows 7.

WinInfoMay 13, 2015
WinInfo is an easy-to-use information management application that allows you to create your own hierarchical trees for storing information. The interface is very similar to Windows Explorer. The left pane shows the hierarchical tree and the right pane shows information which can be plain text, HTML text and file attachment. The information is saved to encrypted files, which can protect your personal data. It has many powerful features: grab text from browser, full text search, favorite support, HTML text support, ...

WWBEventViewerMay 11, 2015
WWBEventViewer is a command line application for accessing the Windows Event Viewer logs on the local machine or on a remote machine. It provides several filtering options, logged output, and logged messages from the program itself.

wndlptMay 11, 2015
WndLpt is a program designed to regularly set a combination of LPT port digital output signals in accordance with the script commands. Supported methods: set, clear, invert state of several pins, shift left/right, wait for specified time interval; cycles, subprograms. It's useful, for example, to automatic (background) managing of LEDs. Music Visualization is available. WndLpt Visualization plugin is available for 3 players: Winamp 5, WMP (Windows Media Player), ...

Wave AnalyzerMay 11, 2015
Wave Analyzer is a simple wave superposition simulator. The Wave Analyzer allows you to plot multiple traveling waves, adjust their amplitude, frequency, wave length and phase angle. Also allows you to combine all waves into one (sum) to see their combined output.

WizIQ DesktopMay 11, 2015
WizIQ Desktop App is a program that offers you a quick and easy way to access the Virtual Classroom. You can access your online classes and class recordings by logging in your WizIQ account. The program supports API, Moodle, and other LMS users. It is designed for both presenters and attendees.

Warhammer 40,000 Wallpaper Pack
Warhammer 40,000 Wallpaper PackMay 10, 2015
Cambly 2. 0 is a completely redesigned version of Cambly with lots of new features. - Get notified when your favorite tutor is online. - More ways to get free minutes.

File size: 34.39MbLicense: FreeDetails
WS:Fax Display ManagerMay 06, 2015
WS:Fax Display: This Add-In is a must for everyone that has Outlook and does not require to see the many fax addresses that show in the dialogue window when you address an email. It will prefix all fax numbers for a contact with the text"Fax:"before the number. This has the effect of suppressing the fax address when addressing emails while still showing the fax number when the Contact is displayed.

 License: SharewareDetails
Win Spy Monitoring Software Pro
Win Spy Monitoring Software ProMay 06, 2015
Win Spy Software is a Complete Stealth Monitoring Software that can both monitor your Local PC and Remote PC. WinSpy Software also includes Remote Install. WinSpy Software will capture anything the user sees or types on the keyboard. Win-spy will also capture WebCam shots and record surrounding sounds. v9. 8 Now Works behind Firewalls and Routers.

WinExit Package N/AMay 06, 2015
This tool collection can be used to exit Windows from the command line. The zip archive contains several independent executables: Shutdown. exe, ReBoot. exe, LogOff. exe, Shutdown_Force. exe, ReBoot_Force. exe, etc... The executables are extremely small (only 1. 5 KB per exe) and run on all 32-bit Windows systems.

WatchAlone Movie PlayerMay 06, 2015
WatchAlone Desktop Player plays movie from various video sharing sites such as google, dailymotion, veoh, megavideo, zshare and youku. Movies are played right on your desktop and also from watchalone. com website. No popup advertisements. All Free. Visit homepage for more.

WorkVisualMay 06, 2015
KUKA. WorkVisual groups all the steps of a project together in a homogenous offline development, online diagnosis and maintenance environment. With the highest degree of consistency and seamless integration based on catalogs and project data that are not program-specific.

Webcam driver for the TravelMate 5520 (Win 7)May 05, 2015
Download the webcam driver for the TravelMate 5520 (Win 7) Compatibility: Windows 7 (CrystalEye) Bison Camera Driver


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