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WebESCMarch 18, 2016
WebESC is a utility to help you validate Web links. You can verify links existency, and changes in sizes of remote files. You can compare your site stored locally on your disk to your web site as can verify if all the files are succesfully uploaded or changed by a hacker. If you have links to other sites you can check broken links and version changes. For example, on release date, WebESC could check RapidShare links if broken. WebESC in local mode helps you to track the file changes on your computer.

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WM2006 Group Tables Screen SaverMarch 07, 2016
A nice germany world cup 2006 screen saver showing you all group tables of the fifa germany 2006 world cup event.

 License: AdwareDetails
Who Is On My Wifi SMB
Who Is On My Wifi SMBMarch 07, 2016
Find any intruders on your corporate network. Who Is On My Wifi will show you every computer on your network and notify you if it finds a computer that it does not recognize. Is someone using my wireless? Are employee's plugging in home laptops on the corporate lan? Find out now with Who Is On My Wifi. It is an ideal internal security network monitoring system for your small to medium sized business.

Wiseworx.NET XButtonMarch 07, 2016
Windows XP Theme Compliant - The. NET XButton component features Windows® XP Theme Technology that gives your application buttons the exact Windows® XP style themes, without manifest files. Image display over Themed Button - One of the problems with Microsoft. NET Framework-based standard buttons is they are not image aware, when they are themed.. NET XButton component fully supports images in. bmp, . gif, . jpg, . ico, . png, . emf and. wmf format maintaining theme design. Continually Enhanced and...

WAP Proof
WAP ProofFebruary 21, 2016
WAP Proof is a professional WAP browser intended for developers of mobile content. WAP Proof supports WML, XHTML-MP and mobile-oriented HTML. Several mobile devices (Motorola, Nokia, Sagem, Siemens, Sony Ericsson) are emulated, so you can open your site with your favorite mobile browser and switch between different mobile devices by few mouse clicks. The WML card or XHTML page is rendered exactly as if you were downloaded it on the real cell phone. Besides the rendered card, the source code of the document may be...

Work ExaminerFebruary 20, 2016
Work Examiner Computer Monitoring tools for pc monitoring and internet monitoring. Get our computer and internet monitoring for tracking employees' activities, generating detailed reports, locking/unlocking separate applications or websites. Work examiner computer monitoring software is not a spyware and doesn't monitor keyboard strokes or give screenshots. It gives you an account of the time of working of specific applications like games software, IM software or your employees visiting shopping sites, ...

WAP Chat (Built on PHP/MySQL) 1.9WRLFebruary 08, 2016
This is a simple Flash Text Chat if you launch it on your desktop browser. But try it with your wap-enabled mobile phone or other wap device. The chat allows wap-chatters to talk to other wap-chatters as well as web-chatters. It also allows chatters to speed their typing on phone pad by integrating Internet Slang and Abbreviation Dictionary (http://isd. ecomstudio. net).

WaveShopFebruary 04, 2016
WaveShop is an audio editor for Windows XP/Vista/7. Unlike many similar apps, WaveShop is bit-perfect, meaning samples aren't altered unless they need to be. Editing a portion of an audio file only affects that portion; the rest of the file is untouched. Blocks of audio can be cut and pasted without changing their contents at all. This is especially useful for patching a finished master without corrupting its dither. Features:  • Bit-perfect: samples aren't changed needlessly

World Astro Clock Light
World Astro Clock LightFebruary 04, 2016
This app is the free version of the World Astro Clock. It is a decorative, educational and entertaining world clock and sunlight map. It provides the time of the day in over 4, 000 world cities and shows live progression of the Sun and the Moon over the Earth. It is a source of information on many daily, monthly and yearly astronomical calendar events such as rise/set/transit of the Sun and the Moon for any given location, phase of the Moon, summer and winter solstice, spring and fall equinox, etc.. When used in...

Wiperaser 2004February 04, 2016
Wiperaser 2004 is a secure data deletion tool. Its primary goal is to wipe files, folders and registry entries in such a way that nobody can recover them. It works on FAT, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 volumes and supports three data wiping methods: the well known Gutmann method, the US Department of Defense (DOD) 5220. 22-M method, and the Random Blocks method. It seamlessly integrates into your Windows Shell through a handy context menu item.

Word Convert
Word ConvertFebruary 04, 2016
Word Convert is an easy-to-use and powerful File Converter for converting files between various formats. You Can Convert MicroSoft Word 2007 (*. DOCX), MicroSoft Word 97-2003(*. DOC), Hyper Text Markup Language (*. Htm, *. Html), Plain Text Format (*. TXT), Rich Text Format (*. RTF), Cascading Style Sheet (*. CSS), Extensible Markup Language (*. XML), BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, WMF and TIF to DOCX, DOC, Adobe PDF File (*. PDF), Htm, Html, TXT, RTF, CSS, XML. You Can Create and set secure PDF documents, Page Size. it is a...

WireFusion MP3February 01, 2016
Extend WireFusion with this add-on to add MP3 playback capabilities to WireFusion presenations. Supports streaming. No browser plug-in required and the player is fully Java 1. 1 compatible.

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WAVmakerFebruary 01, 2016
WAVmaker turns MIDI files of virtually unlimited polyphony and complexity into CD-quality WAVs with perfect timing precision, using fully editable instrument patches and samples of virtually unlimited size, without the noise and distortion introduced by conventional recording: the rendering process is performed entirely in the digital domain, independently of your sound hardware. In fact, you don't even need a sound card to run WAVmaker! The WAVs produced are ready to be burnt on CD, uploaded to a website or...

Wondershare PDF Converter for...January 31, 2016
Digitizes &converts scanned PDFs with OCR technology. No retyping or reformatting is needed. Powerful Conversion Converts native PDF to Word / Excel/ PPT/ EPUB/ RTF/ Text formats PDF to Image Conversion Exports PDFs to images (. jpg, . png, . gif, . bmp and. tiff)

webcam snapsJanuary 31, 2016
webcam snaps is a Web cam utility to take snapshots using Web cam. This program is completely written in C. Using vfl and GTK. I hope this utility will be useful for those who wish to handle Web cam under GNU/Linux. I've tested this application on Suse 10. 1 and Debian Sarge 3. 1a. If you have any problem in compiling or using this application, please feel free to contact me...

 License: FreewareDetails
WeatherBug®January 29, 2016
WeatherBug is designed to put your live, local temperature next to your PC clock. Main features:  • Live Neighborhood Conditions & Local Forecasts  • World's Largest Weather Camera Network  • Real-time Storm Alerts  • Top Weather News  • Animated Radar and Satellite Images  • Up-to-the-minute Temperature on your Task Bar

WinWAP for Pocket PC 2000January 26, 2016
WinWAP for Windows let's you use WAP services on your Pocket PC 2000/2002 device. The WAP browser is a full mobile Internet browser that allows you to use the mobile Internet services you would use on your phone's built-in browser. The browser looks, feels and works like your regular web browser on the Pocket PC, but reads WAP content instead.

Web Page Builder SoftwareJanuary 23, 2016
Web page builder software is the best website design tool that can be used to create impressive webpage designs using predesigned web templates and layouts. Webpage editing application allows user to create web files without requiring any web experience. Web page creator tool allows user to create and upload professional web page without having HTML knowledge. Webpage designer software enable user to add text, images, photos, animation, navigation bar, flash, buttons and logos onto web page. Website creation...

WAP version of DVD Rental System (WAP DRS)January 19, 2016
WAP DRS adds value to your DVD rental business by giving customers access to your service core functionality from the convenience of their mobile handsets (search, sign in, rent, manage queue). This opens your business up to a whole new marketing channel and revenue generating opportunities. Application can be integrated to any DVD Rental website. WAP DRS will work on a mobile phone or PDA that supports protocol WAP (v1. 0-2. 0) and which has internet access via GPRS, EDGE, 3G or Wi-Fi. WAP DRS gives you increased...

Wing FTP Server Secure
Wing FTP Server SecureJanuary 17, 2016
Wing FTP Server is a multi-protocol file server(FTP, HTTP, FTPS, HTTPS, SFTP) for Windows, Linux, Mac, freeBSD and Solaris. The server has real-time information function, letting you monitor your file server in real time, keeping an eye on each user connected to the server and collecting detailed information about them. It offers email notification and event manager, allowing the program to respond to different events, such as file upload or download by sending a default notification email to the administrator...


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