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Wild BirdsNovember 02, 2016
Slide show screen saver features photographs of wild birds. Registered version includes 18 additional photos. Matching desktop theme and accessories available at Themestress Desktop Enhancements.

winmagic2005November 01, 2016
This Version winmagic Includes Many new features faster security tools quick uninstaller system tasks oem logo manger and much more

Windows Close Button ResizerNovember 01, 2016
Resize Close Button's Width In Windows 7 &Vista. Windows Close Button Resizer is a freeware from door2windows that allows you to resize the width of the close button in Windows 7 &Vista.

Wa-TorNovember 01, 2016
Wa-Tor is a special program around ecology. It is in the form of a simulation game, where must manage resources so that people do not go out too fast. It has all the functions needed to manage appropriately the resources made ​​available and to last as long as possible in the game The disappearance of the population of the game is a sign of failure.

Wild Ball DemoNovember 01, 2016
You use either the arrow keys or a joystick to control a paddle at the bottom of the screen to block a ball from falling off the bottom of the screen while the ball hits various blocks, rewards and manipulators.

 License: DemoDetails
WebCamLoadNovember 01, 2016
WebCamLoad est un logiciel que vous pouvez utiliser pour capturer des images de Webcam. Comme il supporte l’utilisation de plusieurs Webcams à la fois, il est pratique pour remplacer votre système de surveillance.

WinBackup 2.0 ProfessionalNovember 01, 2016
The business backup solution that guarantees 100% reliability and superior performance, while minimizing total cost of ownership!

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Windows Mobile Device CenterOctober 31, 2016
Windows Mobile Device Center is for managing your Windows Mobile powered device. It allows to keep information updated on your device and PC.

Wallery - Summer FruitOctober 31, 2016
Use the Wallery tray icon to select additional Wallery packs or browse to a picture folder on your desktop. The Wallery automatically rotates through enticing kiwi, oranges, raspberry and strawberry images. Let Wallery display & rotate your own special pictures. Turn your desktop into a photo gallery of mouth-watering summer fruit.

WordFusion FreeOctober 28, 2016
Electronic forms designer and database WordFusion allows you to create Forms to collect, store, organize and reuse information. Anyone can develop and deploy dynamic forms with WordFusion, and because Forms are saved in industry standard XML format they are easy to share with other users by simply copying a file. WordFusion provides a powerful form designer to allow users to design flexible and user friendly Forms for any purpose. WordFusion also integrates with most other data sources to...

Web Browsers
Web BrowsersOctober 25, 2016
Smart Bro is a Web browsers designed carefully to suite the user needs. It is built on the Internet Explorer technology. Smart Bro has many options that you always wanted: 1. Tabbed interface: Multi-pages inside the same application. 2. Integrated form filler 3. RSS Reader. 4. Stylish yet simple interface. 5. Minimize to System tray with password protection 6. Auto-Save for websites: Now you can exit Smart Bro and re-load it again any time to find all your websites maintained for you. 7. Auto History clean up: you...

Windows 7 Starter Background ChangerOctober 22, 2016
Windows 7 Starter Background Changer is a software designed to manage wallpaper for Windows 7 operating system. It contains a wide range of templates in its library. Key Features Choice of image: after installing the Windows 7 Starter Background Changer, the user has to right click the mouse and select the personalize menu. After that, he only has to choose among the proposed images and set it as Wallpaper. Wallpaper change: with this software, the user is given the choice between...

World Cup Matchplan 2014 WallchartOctober 16, 2016
The complete match schedule for the FIFA World Cup 2014 soccer tournament in Brazil during the summer of 2014. Includes all group stage and final stage championship matches with date, time, match and venue as well as country flags, stadium information and a map of Brasil with all worldcup host cities. Ideal for using as poster, flyer, advertisement, magazine content, website, social networks etc. Everything is in vector and all text is editable.

wxMaxima for Mac OS XOctober 16, 2016
wxMaxima is a document based interface for the computer algebra system Maxima. wxMaxima uses wxWidgets and runs natively on Windows, X11 and Mac OS X. wxMaxima provides menus and dialogs for many common maxima commands, autocompletion, inline plots and simple animations. wxMaxima is distributed under the GPL license. Features: TE 2D formatted math display: wxMaxima implements its own math display engine to nicely display maxima output. TE Menu system: most maxima commands are available through menus. Most used...

 License: FreewareDetails
WoizeOctober 13, 2016
This free VoIP telephony software allows you to call anywhere in the world. You can also answer phone calls right at your computer because it provides you with a personal phone number that can be called from any ordinary land line or cellular phone. The feature list includes free PC-to-PC calls, voice mail, call forwarding, instant messaging and file transfer.

Wisnome PDF to Image converterOctober 12, 2016
PDF To Image Converter is batch conversion tool to convert PDF Documents into TIFF, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, WMF, EMF and PCX images. It has fast PDF search facility to facilitate your work. PDF To Image converter has an easy-to-use interface to convert PDF documents. We garuntee a minimum learning curve to use new software. Batch conversion made it easy as it can. It also has command line tool. Product Features: 1. A simple, flexible and strong interface. 2. Supports all version of PDF...

Wikidroid (Wikipedia Browser)October 11, 2016
Wikidroid is the fastest Wikipedia browser for Android. View all of Wikipedia*s articles formatted perfectly for your device in a fast and sleek interface designed for easy and quick navigation. View articles wherever you are with the *Save page for offline viewing* feature. Wikidroid includes many features to make your browsing experience better, such as: - Live search suggestions  • Voice search  • Link queue - just long press on a link to add it to the queue

WLock-Licensing Source Code for VB6
WLock-Licensing Source Code for VB6October 10, 2016
WLock 1. 0. 3 is a VB6. 0 Class Code, which can be integrated into any Visual Basic Project for protecting the intellectual property of the developer. The Setup consists of two parts License Manager and Test Application. WLock reads a set of 14 machine constants of the users PC and generates an encrypted text file, containing the machine constants and Users Details. This file is then to be sent to the developer. The License Manager at developer?s end records the user details and her machine constant. Out of the...

Windows 7 Theme for VistaOctober 08, 2016
Giannigs89 designed Windows 7 Theme for Vista so that Vista users can benefit from the theme of Windows 7. Key Features

Web Store Builder - Online Shopping CartOctober 08, 2016
A professional Web store builder to easily design and create an online store for both E-Commerce solutions at-once, retail (B2C) and wholesale (B2B). Build an Ecommerce Website with online shopping carts to process online orders. This powerful software has a built-in HTML editor and FTP client. You can link your Web site and shopping cart system to any credit card processing, merchant account, or payment gateway. It integrates with Google Checkout and Paypal. It creates optimized Web pages for the search engines -...


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