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WebEradicatorJanuary 13, 2016
WebEradicator is a cleaning tool to help you to protect your privacy. It allows to remove all the history of your online and offline activities on the PC and to eradicate specified files and directories.

WordFrequencyJanuary 10, 2016
Ever wonder what the most common phrases in a given language is? Time to find out! Word Frequency can not only find which single word is most common but also which phrase is most common. But wait! Thats not all! Use your own regular expressions and uncover limitless patterns!

Watch My Domains Pro
Watch My Domains ProJanuary 05, 2016
Watch My Domains Professional is a Windows desktop software for organizing, managing and protecting your Domain Names. Do you own multiple domain names? Find it difficult to manage the domain registration renewals? Watch My Domains Pro makes Domain Portfolio Management Very Simple! Watch My Domains Pro v3 has native support for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN). Watch My Domains Pro is primarily meant for small businesses and individuals who own multiple domain names. If you have more than a dozen or so...

WinBook J4 G732 WLAN/Modem Combo DriverJanuary 05, 2016
WinBook Computer Corporation has merged with Micro Center Online in order to provide you, new and returning WinBook customers, with more selection, service and overall satisfaction. In addition to a complete line up of award-winning WinBook notebooks, LCD-TVs and PowerSpec desktops, Micro Center Online offers a huge accessory assortment, thousands of needed supplies and the ability to shop hot new computer and computer-related products. It is highly recommended to always use the most recent...

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Wordpress Comment NotifierJanuary 05, 2016
Wordpress Comment Notifier is a lite application that allows you to manage the comments of your Wordpress based blog right from your desktop. Once you install it, it will remain in the system tray. If you click it, you'll access all comments in your blog, edit them, mark them as SPAM or delete them. Of course, you can answer them too without having to open your web browser. You can do all this right from the desktop. It's very comfortable. You'll always know if there's a new...

Windowblinds 5January 04, 2016
Customize the look and feel of Windows XP or Vista with WindowBlinds. WindowBlinds is a program that enables users to customize the look and feel of the graphical user interface of Microsoft Windows. By applying "skins", WindowBlinds can change title bars, borders, push buttons, scroll bars, the taskbar, the Start menu and virtually every element of the Windows environment. Thousands of different skins exist and can be created using a free program called SkinStudio. WindowBlinds 5. 5 is a major update in...

WebESCJanuary 04, 2016
WebESC is a utility to help you validate Web links. You can verify links existency, and changes in sizes of remote files. You can compare your site stored locally on your disk to your web site as can verify if all the files are succesfully uploaded or changed by a hacker. If you have links to other sites you can check broken links and version changes. For example, on release date, WebESC could check RapidShare links if broken. WebESC in local mode helps you to track the file changes on your computer.

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WinSysCleanDecember 26, 2015
WinSysClean is the most effective registry cleaner, there is no other registry cleaning tool which is easier to use or more effective than WinSysClean with just a single mouse click. WinSysClean is a fully automated Windows System Cleaner. All other windows cleaners puts all the responsibility on you! Are you tired of complex questions asked by registry cleaners?, Well... try WinSysClean, it scans/cleans/fixes/optimizes your computer with a single mouse click! WinSysClean is safe, it uses...

Wondershare iPhone Ringtone MakerDecember 26, 2015
Wondershare iPhone Ringtone Maker is powerful iPhone ringtone maker software which is your ideal solution to make custom ringtone for iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS. This iPhone Ringtone Maker can not only extract audio from video files(AVI, WMV, MPEG, MOV, FLV, MKV, RM, XviD, MP4, H. 264/AVC, AVCHD, M2TS, . DAT, 3GP, VOB, etc), but also convert various audio tracks(WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, MP3, etc) to iPhone M4R ringtone. This iPhone Ringtone Maker allows you to trim any audio segment from both video and audio...

WeBuilder 2008December 26, 2015
Complete all-in-one code editor for all your web document editing needs. Clean and convenient interface, quick startup, true flexibility and powerful features allow you to create and edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, Perl, Ruby, WML code faster and easier than ever, while integrated tools enable you to validate, reuse, navigate and deploy your code in an efficient and sophisticated manner. Suitable both for experts and enthusiasts.

Windows Process ViewerDecember 25, 2015
It also supports Kobo books. Kobo is playing an important role in the eBooks market, especially in the EPUB format market. Epubor Kindle Transfer also supports Kobo books perfectly. You can transfer Kobo books to another Kobo, to Kindle or just save to computer. Supporting book sources: Kobo Mini, Kobo Touch, Kobo Glow (HD), Kobo Aura (HD), Kobo H2O, Kobo Desktop for PC and Kobo Desktop for Mac. Auto format conversion. Kindle and Kobo support different eBook file formats. When you transfer books to another...

File size: 668.02MbLicense: FreeDetails Premium PremiumDecember 23, 2015
Version 16. 0: Windows 10 Tweaks page was added in TweakUI tool; Desktom Icons page was added; Broken Associations page was added; OneDrive Tweaks page was added; memory problem in Clean Uninstaller was fixed.

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Waves Mercury BundleDecember 22, 2015
Waves Ltd. is one of the world´s biggest developers and suppliers of software-based audio signal processing tools and its Waves Mercury Bundle is a comprehensive collection that offers the incredible amount of over 90 processors and more than 250 plug-ins divided into the different components. These processors consist of modules intended to perform professional audio processing. The Waves Mercury Bundle package has the new Waves V-Series of EQ vintage emulation and compression/limitation. It also...

Webcam ToolkitDecember 20, 2015
WebCam Toolkit is professional image capture software that allows you to create your very own "live" images on your web page easier than ever before - using your existing webcam. Even if your unfamiliar with HTML, WebCam Toolkit comes complete with Wi

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WDL Website Builder
WDL Website BuilderDecember 19, 2015
Build responsive websites with this powerful html editing tool. Build for Desktops, Tablet and Mobile Devices. Edits HTML5/XHTML, PHP, CSS, JS, CFML, ASP documents. Over 250+ powerful html editing features such as Tag Insight, Tag Inspector, Tag Editors, Design View Engine, Tidy HTML, HTML Reference, Site Tree and more!

Wallery - NewYears1December 15, 2015
New Year's Wallpaper Pack 1 is a collection of images special picked for celebrating the transition into a new year. Celebrate the beginning of a new year with New Year's images of party hats, champagne, and fireworks. You can change your wallpaper once every 10 seconds. It has the option to run on startup and he can automatically update.

WideCapDecember 12, 2015
WideCap - is a system proxifier. Main Features:  • flexible rules configuration - you can configure individual proxy chain for each program. Same as exceptional network addresses for working with proxy or just direct. And even you can configure program's local DNS cache, proxy choosing politic, connection speed or traffic limitation.  • built-in proxy checker - which allows you to test proxies and detect their type. Proxy import - from the external sources...

WXtrackDecember 10, 2015
This program is designed to predict the tracks of satellites both as paths above the earth, and as images produced by these satellites when scanning the ground. It was designed for use during the early stages of my weather satellite receiving activities, when clouds and interference prevented easy identification of what I was actually observing!

World of WarplanesDecember 07, 2015
World of Warplanes is an action MMO game dedicated to the golden era of military aviation. The new project will continue the "war saga" launched by its predecessor, the legendary World of Tanks, and will open up the skies for those wishing to dominate the air.

WordBanker Learn Russian
WordBanker Learn RussianDecember 06, 2015
WordBanker Learn Russian offers a unique and fun method for learning a foreign language. Instead of learning complicated and boring grammar lesson, WordBanker focuses only on building a vocabulary.


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