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VyprVPN for MacApril 12, 2016
The VyprVPN for Mac application automatically configures and simplifies managing your VPN connections on your desktop and laptop devices. Switch freely between 40+ global server locations and multiple VPN protocols with a single click. VyprVPN also offers cutting-edge apps for Windows, iOS and Android devices. The VyprVPN apps feature a sleek and intuitive look and feel, with powerful new features and customization options. The apps are faster, easier-to-use, and more stable and intuitive than any other VPN app...

Vector XL Driver LibraryApril 12, 2016
The XL-Driver-Library provides you with general and bus-specific methods that make it easy to operate the CAN, LIN, FlexRay and MOST interfaces from Vector. Channels and ports are managed with the general methods. Busspecific methods are used to configure network nodes and to send or receive messages. It is easy to assign logical application channels to physical device channels via the XL-Driver-Library or with the user-friendly Vector hardware configuration program. Furthermore, all Vector...

VisiPicsApril 11, 2016
If you get too many pictures on your harddrive, downloaded or photographied, from several different sources, it may happen that you have many duplicates. In that case you need a quick and easy to use program that finds and deletes all your duplicates. VisiPics does more than just look for identical files, it goes beyond checksums to look for similar pictures and does it all with a simple user interface. First, you select the root folder or folders to find and catalogue all of your pictures. It then...

ViewletPresenterApril 10, 2016
ViewletPresenter converts your PowerPoint presentations into small, secure Flash files for easy delivery via the web. You can also create executable files for distribution to those without an internet connection or Flash player.

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VocDBApril 09, 2016
This is the website of VocDB (Vocabulary DataBase), a vocabulary data base program for Windows with training features. Features unlimited number of vocabulary tables, each of which covers two languages unlimited number of synonyms per table field and language pattern matching is supported, for example hippo[potamus] matches both hippo and hippopotamus tables can be sorted alphabetically by each of the two languages printing tables is possible search feature included you can set up any language you want font...

Videocourse Adobe Photoshop CS4 RusApril 08, 2016
Videocourse Adobe Photoshop CS4 Rus in Russian - more than 90 min of professional lessons, from http://www. teachvideo. ru. The most useful and full course in Russian in the world!

Video2GoApril 08, 2016
Video2Go converts your movies to the video iPod. The new iPod of the fifth generation allows you to store and, of course, play back up to 150 hours of video material with a screen resolution of 320 pixels wide by 240 pixels high. Video2Go was especially devised for the optimal conversion of a movie to this size. Video2Go allows you to directly record movies via FireWire or DV-camera. By using the two buttons below left, you can either save your recorded movies onto your hard disc or transfer them into...

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VintaSoftTwain.NET Library
VintaSoftTwain.NET LibraryApril 07, 2016
VintaSoftTwain. NET Library is a pure. NET library which allows to control work of scanners, cameras and any other TWAIN devices. With this library you can fully control the image acquisition process, use the automatic document feeder, clean up images using noise removal, auto border crop, blank page detection. Acquired images can be saved to local disk or into table of SQL database, images can be uploaded onto Web or FTP server. Supported image formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF. Library was tested and has...

Virus ScanApril 07, 2016
Virus Scan There are thousands of viruses on the Internet. And there are more being created every day. Simply by connecting your PC to the Internet, you're putting your data and in some cases, even your identity at risk. Over 90% of al computers become infected by a virus within moments of being online. That's why running an anti-virus program is incredibly important. It's the best and most effective way to protect your computer, bar none. Scan your PC for free Don't let the data on your...

Visio Electronic Chip PackagesApril 07, 2016
Visio Electronics Chips Stencils. These stencils contain just about all the shapes you might require for drawing electronic chip packages in diagrams in Visio. 217 different shapes in 29 stencils.

VOIP Call Shop Billing SoftwareApril 07, 2016
Using our Call Shop Billing system you can even grant customers with credit by taking payment before even they make a call. So with us you will have two options either to bill your customers after the completion of call (Post Paid Billing) or accept payment before they make a call and a lot them with a credit limit (Pre Paid Billing). So you can real-time bill the prepaid (credit) call shop user. The system checks the user's account balance before authorizing the call and always terminates the call on zero credit....

Video DVD Duplicator
Video DVD DuplicatorApril 07, 2016
Video DVD Duplicator is an excellent solution for copying your DVD movies to a single DVD disc. Video DVD Duplicator can also convert DVD movies to CDs so you can play them in a DVD player that supports VCDs. All of the features and options that Video DVD Duplicator offers, make it one of the most versatile versions of DVD copying software available.

Video Poker HuntApril 06, 2016
Video Poker Hunt is free trainer program for mastering the video poker perfect strategy. The program supports all popular machines, like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wilds, Joker Poker and others. Video Poker Hunt has wonderful graphics, selectable cardbacks, and amazing set of card decks that altogether let you enjoy playing thoroughly. Use it free and greatly increase your money return!

Vsevensoft MP4 ConverterApril 06, 2016
Vsevensoft MP4 Converter is the software you'll need if you want to listen to your favorite music to your MP4 player.

VNC Deployment ToolApril 06, 2016
Designed and built from the ground up by the original inventors of VNC, the Deployment tool simplifies the management of large corporate installations of VNC Enterprise Edition for Windows. The core Deployment Tool features are as follows:  • Fast network scanning-determine the state of the VNC Enterprise Edition servers deployed on your networks.  • Deploy to multiple hosts-remotely install the latest version of VNC Enterprise Edition in a single step.

Vehicle GraphicsApril 05, 2016
Vehicle graphics can make a good screen saver for your PC. Interesting decals attract attention of other drivers, and your vehicle looks much better... even on your desktop.

 License: FreewareDetails
VSLogonScreenCustomizer (64 bits)April 05, 2016
VSLogonScreenCustomizer (64 bits) is a program that allows you to customize the logon screen of Windows Vista / 7, with the image of our choice, provided it is stored on your hard disk in TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and WMPhoto format.

VisustinApril 05, 2016
Visustin is a flow chart generator for software developers. Convert your source code to flow charts or UML Activity Diagrams automatically. An optimized layout engine draws a flow chart of even your most complex functions and classes. Visustin reverse engineers your source code to visualize program logic: conditional statements, loops and jumps. Use automatic charts or draw your own. Understand complex routines. Review algorithms. Verify program logic. Restructure bad code. Create code...

VolumRTFApril 04, 2016
VolumRTF is a convenient and strong Rich Text Editor. It has some interesting functions, like text locking, immediatly changing the selected texts character casing, searching for RTF files in a folder etc. One of its good functions is the link-detector: when you click on a link, you will be asked to open it - or... you can switch off links (so you cant click on them) to be sure that you wont open up anything When you temporaly dont need VolumRTF, you can simply activate its Hiding mode to...

Voicent GatewayApril 04, 2016
Voicent Gateway is ideal for developing interactive telephony applications such as Voicent AutoReminder and Voicent BroadcastByPhone. Based on the W3C VoiceXML standard, Voicent Gateway enables interactive voice access to the web and enterprise systems from any telephone. Voicent Gateway can be deployed on any Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/later PC, making it possible to develop and deploy Voicent based solutions at a cost most small business and organizations can afford. The gateway also support...


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