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VitaPadSeptember 09, 2016
View biological pathways with this tool. VitaPad offer you a software to help you visualize and analyze pathways. You can use this program not only to visualize biological pathways but also to map experimental data to them. Requirements:  • Java

Virtins Sound Card InstrumentSeptember 08, 2016
Virtins Sound Card Instrument is a powerful PC based virtual instrument software. It consists of a sound card real time oscilloscope, a sound card real time spectrum analyzer and a sound card signal generator, and can run them simultaneously. It supports sophisticated triggering method including pre-trigger and post-trigger which are generally missing from other sound card based instruments. Visit www. virtins. com for further details.

Vincent Van Gogh Screen SaverSeptember 08, 2016
The Vincent van Gogh Screen Saver protects your monitor by rotating paintings by the famous painter (1853-1890). It includes 37 pictures. You'll be able to set the delay time between images, select from 14 transition effects, stretch images to fit the screen, randomize the image order, and optionally display the images in black and white for an artistic effect. Plus, each of the photos can be displayed as your desktop wallpaper.

VISCOM Image to Video ConverterSeptember 08, 2016
Merge Image to video, avi, divx, xvid, mepg, wmv9, rmvb (real media), swf (flash), add effect, transition, music, overlay image, powerpoint, merge video, sound recorder are main features in Viscom Image to Video Converter. Convert video to vcd, svcd, dvd, mpeg1, mpeg2

 License: SharewareDetails
Video driver for the COBY NBPC1023 NetbookSeptember 07, 2016
Download the Video driver for the COBY NBPC1023 Netbook Compatibility: Windows 7

VideoSyncSeptember 07, 2016
VideoSync is Any Video. Anywhere. Anytime. Take your favorite videos with you, wherever you go, with no hassle. VideoSync lets you drag and drop your favorite videos from your PC to your PSP™, iPod, and PDA (which uses Windows Mobile 5. 0). Enjoy your videos wherever you want! Main Features: 1. All-in-1 Sync Tool VideoSync lets you transfer your videos to your PSP™, iPod, & PDAs, all within one program. There is no need to buy multiple software titles for each mobile...

VidMasta for Mac / Linux / MultiplataformSeptember 07, 2016
VidMasta is a small tool that allows you to find information, get a preview or even watch, and download movies being shared online.

vWorkspace ClientSeptember 06, 2016
Simplify the Deployment and Management of VDI and Desktop Virtualization Technologies. Quest vWorkspace makes desktop virtualization affordable, flexible, easy to manage, as well as achievable, for your organization:  • Blend virtual desktop and application technology for lowest cost; mix and match hosted VDI, local/offline VDI, Terminal Server/RD Session Host, and application virtualization  • Minimize the effects of network latency on end users in branch...

VocabBuddy LiteSeptember 06, 2016
A limited feature set version of VocabBuddy - the electronic vocabulary notebook that enables English language learners and allows them to create their own dictionaries of words and phrases each with notes, meanings, examples and pictures. Contains an extensive glossary of EFL terminology. Ideal for CELTA candidates! Totally free.

VisioForge Video Edit SDK (ActiveX Version) LiteSeptember 06, 2016
VisioForge Video Edit SDK (ActiveX Version) Lite is a software development kit that allows you to integrate video editing features into the applications you create. With the help of this tool, you can create your own movies from video files. In order to enhance them, you have the possibility to apply different effects. The program supports FLV and the most common audio formats.

VDataSeptember 05, 2016
This purpose of this program is verify/compare data. A single file may be compared with another single file. An entire disk or disk structure (folder with files and nested folders) may be compared with a copy on the same or a different device

 License: FreewareDetails
Vista Boot ProSeptember 05, 2016
Vista Boot Pro is a tool allowing to make live together several Windows systems with the system Windows Vista.

VideoPier HDSeptember 04, 2016
VideoPier HD makes it easy to transfer clips from your camcorder to your Mac without any prior and without loss of quality. VideoPier HD allows your Mac to support camcorders that record in MPEG / AVCHD.

Virtual BoardSeptember 04, 2016
VirtualBoard is an alternative application between a presentation program and a drawing program. It is conceived to help the users in their presentation for better explantion on the screen.

VirtualDJ LESeptember 04, 2016
VirtualDJ LE is a limited version of VirtualDJ that is included in the box of many hardware controllers (Hercules, Numark, Denon, Vestax, Gemini, ... ). It has been tailored to the controller it ships with, and though lacking some of the advanced features of VirtualDJ Pro Full, VirtualDJ LE is still packed with enough features to allow you to enjoy your new controller out of the box.

Voicent Flex PBXSeptember 04, 2016
Voicent Flex PBX is an easy-to-use software-based PBX system for small and large business alike. It supports both analog phone services and VOIP services. Besides the basic PBX features like auto attendant, unlimited call queues, configurable extensions, call forwarding, etc, it is readily extensible through Voicent IVR Studio for more advanced features like database access and email processing. Voicent Flex PBX offers point-and-click configuration, easy installation, and lower cost of ownership.

V-TOOLSSeptember 04, 2016
V-Tools is an add-in for Microsoft Access. It allows users to easily manage databases and provides faster search option on this Microsoft program. Key Features

VZOchat Video ChatSeptember 04, 2016
Applications related to video chat are abundant on the Internet. VZOchat Video Chat is one of these kinds of software. The application enables to video chat with multiple of users. Here are some of its features. Key Features

Vista Toolbar Icon CollectionSeptember 04, 2016
35 Unique Graphic Unit Free icon Collection Software Developer, Web Developer and Professionals high quality free Vista Style Toolbar Icon Collection The Vista Style Icon Collection Set is ideal for toolbar. Free icon, Free for download, Free for use icon Royalty free icon Vista Style 140 Bmp Unit 140 Gif Unit 140 Png Unit 175 ico Unit Total File Unit 595

Vizeon Travel WebTopSeptember 03, 2016
Free active desktop for travellers and vacationers, with beautiful background images, many useful travel tools. Even comes packed with travel jokes and tales! The whole packages sits as your Display background images, with near-zero system overhead. Easy to use and great fun.


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