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VisualBeeMay 12, 2016
VisualBee is a plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that automatically improve your presentations with new styles and a variety of images. Using this plug-in is easy.

VShell Server for UNIXMay 11, 2016
VShell Secure Shell server for Windows and UNIX is a secure alternative to Telnet and FTP that gives you the strong encryption, trusted authentication, and data integrity you need to securely access network resources and transfer data. VShell is simple to install and set up, enabling you to quickly deploy and fine tune your server environment to comply with internal policies and external regulations. Provide secure remote access to the network for IT and end users, securely configure and maintain servers and...

Visual Tarot ProgramMay 11, 2016
Visual Tarot is very strong and powerful program aimed for professionals, enthusiasts, collectors and novices in Tarot. With Visual Tarot you can: 1. Learn Tarot, Runes, Spreads, Decks, Meanings of the Cards, etc 2. Keep your existing readings (made with real Tarot Cards, Lenormand Cards, Runes or Oracles) in the "Diary" for future use. Export the Reports to RTF (MS Word and OpenOffice compatible text file format), HTML (any browser compatible file format) or Make...

Vaio VGN-BX394VP Update Utility 10, 2016
1. Exit all running applications 2. Download the update and save it to a download directory 3. Go to the download directory and double-click SOAVUD-01451800-UN. exe 4. Wait while the wizard updates your software Specifications: High-end business notebook with powerful graphics plus advanced communication and security features  • Complete hardware and software security solutions including fingerprint recognition, Trusted Platform Module (TPM)...

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ViewletQuiz ProfessionalMay 10, 2016
ViewletQuiz is the first desktop software that allows you to create stunning graphical surveys, quizzes and assessments then publish them in one-click to the Internet. All surveys and quizzes are published in Flash format. They can contain sound, images, other Flash movies, etc. Each "Viewlet" reports in real time to a server where you can get all your data and statistics (www. viewletcentral. com). Free trial version with full features. Why use Survey Monkey to create boring HTML surveys when you can...

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ViewCompanionMay 09, 2016
ViewCompanion Standard® is a powerful application for viewing and printing HPGL, HPGL/2 and HP-RTL files generated by your CAD program or plotter driver. Since the HP-RTL format is supported, your HPGL/2 files with embedded images will be shown correctly.

VPN Client Fix for Windows 8 x64
VPN Client Fix for Windows 8 x64May 09, 2016
A simple utility that aims to help you fix the connection problems when you want to use the Circo VPN client on Windows 8 computers

Vaio VGN-BX394VP Wireless Switch Setting Utility 09, 2016
Specifications: High-end business notebook with powerful graphics plus advanced communication and security features  • Complete hardware and software security solutions including fingerprint recognition, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology for hardware-level encryption and professional antivirus software  • Widescreen X-black LCD for enhanced brightness and contrast and visibly richer colours  • New design concept with built-in camera and...

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VideoLab VC++May 09, 2016
BasicVideo is a set of Visual C++ components for fast video capture and playback. They allow fast video capture, display and playback with zero lines of program code. The library supports the old fashion Win32 API( Video For Windows ( VFW ), VCM, WaveAPI, ACM), the newer DirectShow, and even allows if needed any mixture of them. The developer can choose to go with any of them, to use all, or can switch from the one to the other at any moment. The components hide the complexity of all of the approaches, and make...

Vidmate Video Converter
Vidmate Video ConverterMay 09, 2016
Vidmate Video Converter is software for quickly converting your videos into other formats. It supports most popular video formats (AVI, MOV, MPEG, etc. ) as well as HD.

Voyage Distance 1.5May 09, 2016
Voyage Distance is an indispensable work platform for ocean shipping practitioners by the integration of voyage planning - voyage active monitoring and standard routes of Baltic Exchange. When you open BoLooMo Voyage Distance - you can easily get the voyages you are monitoring in the map. You can also plan your new voyages, get the voyage distances and compare them with the standard routes of Baltic Exchange online. And this could make your daily work more easy and pleasure. BoLooMo Voyage Distance could deal with...

Virtual Piano KeyboardMay 08, 2016
Practice your piano playing. Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is a MIDI events generator and receiver. It doesn't produce any sound by itself, but can be used to drive a MIDI synthesizer (either hardware or software, internal or external). You can use the computer's keyboard to play MIDI notes, and also the mouse. You can use the Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard to display the played MIDI notes from another instrument or MIDI file player. To do so, connect the other MIDI port to the input port of VMPK. When you start VMPK...

ViewletBuilder 4 Professional (Mac)May 08, 2016
ViewletBuilder's innovative content creation process has revolutionized the way in which software is presented and demonstrated. Comes with content management and reporting capabilities when used with ViewletCentral. The history of online demos can quite literally be divided into a pre-Viewlet era and the post-Viewlet era. Before ViewletBuilder introduced its ground-breaking screen-capture animation process to the world in 1998, application demos tended to be lengthy movie files, which were difficult to edit and...

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Virtual Hymnal
Virtual HymnalMay 08, 2016
Provides transposable sheet music for over 300 traditional Christian hymns. Options: play, transpose, print, 4-part harmony/melody only, guitar chord fret diagrams, verses only, round or shape-notes. Displays the music exactly as it will print out.

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VB Image Map ActiveX ControlMay 08, 2016
The VB Image Map OCX is an ActiveX Control designed to provide your applications with the ability to display interactive images. Hotspots, or specially designated areas on your image, can be defined that will react to various mouse events. It is easily integrated into your existing applications - just drop the control on a form, assign a background picture, and assign the hotspot coordinates. The VB Image Map Control uses standard HTML syntax, so any image map editor can be used to visually create hotspot...

Varasoft WirecastMay 08, 2016
Wirecast is a unique webcasting application. It offers support for multiple cameras (including HDV, DV), amazing 3D graphics, Chroma Keying, over 20 built-in professional broadcast quality titles themes, a simple interface, video effects, multiple layers, multiple broadcast support, and broadcast archiving.

VLC LauncherMay 08, 2016
VLC Launcher allows you to view the changes made to a multimedia file in real time. For this, VLC Launcher offers you a complete interface divided in two tabs for managing video settings like color, sharpness, contrast, brightness and grayscale.

Valentina Studio for MacMay 08, 2016
FREE GUI Manager for Mac, Windows, Linux to work with:  • LOCAL files of Valentina DB and SQLite and  • mySQL, PostgreSQL, Valentina DB Servers. This tool easy beats by features even commercial applications, especially for SQLite and postgreSQL.  • * Schema Editor *  • Manage multiple databases and multiple operations in tabs and dockable views  • Create/Drop/Alter/Browse Tables, Fields, Indexes, ...

Virtual Magnifying GlassMay 07, 2016
Virtual Magnifying Glass A free, open source, screen magnifier, for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X. It is simple, customizable, and easy to use. Virtual Magnifying Glass Features: 1. Display current magnification factor 2. Invert colors 3. Show the center pixels RGB values, in both decimal and hexadecimal. 4. New user setting: borderless magnifier window (can help performance with older video boards) 5. Multi-monitor support 6. Lens height up...

V3pad WinAllMay 07, 2016
V3pad is launcher software of anti-virus program V3+Neo that carries fast scan engine and is updated weekly. But V3+Neo is a DOS program and so is inconvenient. V3pad launches it under Windows. V3pad updates engine automatically and has many features

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