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VPN Password Recovery
VPN Password RecoveryDecember 15, 2014
VPN Password Recovery enumerates, displays logins and recovers passwords for VPN virtual private network access, provides users with information about network connection properties, such as connection names, domains, phone numbers.

VobcopyDecember 14, 2014
Vobcopy copies DVD. vob files to harddisk, decrypting (if you have libdvdcss installed) them on the way (thanks to libdvdread and libdvdcss) and merges them into file(s) with the name extracted from the DVD. It checks for enough free space on the destination drive and compares the copied size to the size on DVD (in case something went wrong during the copying). Vobcopy project without any options will copy the first title into files of 2GB size into the current working directory. There is one...

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VoIP Traffic AdministratorDecember 14, 2014
VTA is a system that enables VoIP Telephony operator to see a current state of calls, both - successful and failed. Information about traffic is generated in off-line mode. That means balance is calculated after a call termination.

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Virus DeleterDecember 14, 2014
Only need one reboot. Just this easy. Also can prevent virus files from being recreated. You might have come upon this problem during scans for viruses and Trojans on your system. A malicious file was identified by your favorite virus scanner but however it is not possible to delete it. Or with a success delete, later this malicious file came back again. At this moment, you can use Virus Deleter. It can delete files which currently in use. Because in next reboot, virus...

Valhalla BlocksDecember 13, 2014
Valhalla Blocks is eight tetris like games in one package both for children and experienced tetris fans. You will enjoy great music and pleasant graphics. It also includes "head-to-head" mode and possibility to post your scores to the internet.

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VideoVaultDecember 13, 2014
VideoVault is a simple, easy to use program to store information about the various DVD, BlueRay or Digital video files that you may have. Features:  • New ability to clear the database window screen after a search.  • New welcome banner  • New and improved buttons.

Video Encoder Engine [Linux Version]December 12, 2014
As the most efficient and reliable Linux video encoder for video sharing, Sothink Video Encoder Engine enables all webmasters or video companies to batch upload, convert any video to Flash video (FLV) on any Linux servers, edit and customize video with more visual operations, greater processing capability and higher efficiency. Create YouTube Clone, video sharing scripts and other video portal scripts with much convenience, no extra fee required. This Linux video encoder converts various popular formats of...

Vegas Pro 10December 12, 2014
The Vegas Pro 10 collection integrates two powerful applications that work seamlessly together to provide an efficient and intuitive environment for video and broadcast professionals. This comprehensive suite offers the most robust and progressive platform available for content creation and production. With broad format support, superior effects processing, unparalleled audio support, and a full complement of editorial tools, the Vegas Pro 10 collection streamlines your workflow. From acquisition to delivery, from...

Visual Horse SoftwareDecember 12, 2014
This Software is to assist you in making better decisions about breeding, boarding, and the health and training of your horses. It also helps you to manage your farm, ranch or other horse facility. The Visual Horse Management System is designed for horse owners, horse trainers, horse breeders, and horse boarding facilities. This software records Horse Owner and Emergency Contact Information as well as specific details for each Horse. This includes Horse Training, Breeding, Performance, Pedigree, and Health...

VS.Php for Visual Studio 2010December 12, 2014
VS. Php lets you build, edit, debug and deploy php applications from within Visual Studio 2010. Allowing leverage all the features Visual Studio 2010 provides.

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Voting FieldDecember 11, 2014
Infowise Voting Field is a custom field type that adds voting buttons to any item. Authorized users will be able to vote in favor or against the item. They also will be able to write their opinion and add feedback. Add voting capability to any list or document library and even allow feedback and discussions.

Vengeance Mastering Suite: Multiband

December 11, 2014
Vengeance Mastering Suite - Multiband Compressor is a multiband compressor plugin designed for a punchy, loud but yet dynamic mix. You can use it to create unique effects elevating your sound to a completely different level. You can choose from 1 to 4 band mode, experience the high quality filters from 6 to 96 db without any phasing issues, use up to 4 independent compressors and limiters.

VidCoderDecember 11, 2014
VidCoder is a DVD/Blu-ray ripping and video transcoding application for Windows. It uses HandBrake as its encoding engine. Calling directly into the HandBrake library gives it a more rich UI than the official HandBrake Windows GUI. Feature List  • Multi-threaded  • MP4, MKV containers  • H. 264 encoding with x264, the world's best video encoder  • Completely integrated encoding pipeline: everything is in one...

Virtual ComposerDecember 10, 2014
The use of music paper tends to disappear little by little with the progress of technology and computer science. Programmes like Virtual Composer allow you not to use a music paper.

Via FTP Lite for MacDecember 09, 2014
An easy way to message your friends .. Enjoy a quick and easy experience. easy to get popular social networks. Content rating: Medium Maturity

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Virtual TechnicianDecember 09, 2014
Virtual Technician contains 24 utilities that are used to work for optimization problems, cleaning problems and security optimization problems. For enhanced PC speed and performance and to efficiently fix typical issues on your PC, Virtual Technician is the maintenance solution that you can trust! Get advanced performance optimizing features, helping you achieve lightning-fast application load times, work faster and make applications run faster. The components provide you round the clock PC...

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Visual Paradigm For UML (Modeler Edition) For LinuDecember 09, 2014
Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) is a superior, user-friendly UML modeling tool that supports full software lifecycle - analysis, design, coding, testing and deployment. The CASE tool helps you build quality applications faster, better and cheaper. You can draw UML diagrams, generate code from class diagrams and vice versa, and generate UML documentation. The UML CASE tool also provides plenty UML resources - UML demonstrations, tutorials, and projects. Feature List: +Supporting the latest...

Voice Web CommunityDecember 08, 2014
Search VoiceXML, SALT, IVR, Grammar Tools for Speech Technology Products. Find VoiceXML SALT Grammar Developer Tools for the IVR VRU Voice Browsers Response Web Speech Technology News Industry. Desktop Search Engine for Speech technology tools for developing SALT VoiceXML Grammars for the Voice Web. VoiceXML, SALT, Speech, IVR, VRU, ASR, GRXML, SRGS, Grammars, voice browsers, voice over IP, ivr platform, ivr vendor, ivr provider, ivr application, voip ivr, sip ivr, voicexml ivr, voicexml provider, voicexml voip, ...

ViArt ShopDecember 08, 2014
Customizable Ecommerce PHP shopping cart software coming with Shopping Portal Extension, multiple layouts support and with advanced set of Sales Mechanisms (Products reviews and ratings, Discounts mechanism, Shipping and Stock mechanisms, etc), Web-based Administration with Order Maintenance, Product Maintenance, User/Shopper Maintenance, Vendor Maintenance, multiple payment processing capabilities (Verisign, Authorize. net, Worldpay and more)

Video NotesDecember 07, 2014
Please, use the Twitter account @fabiensen or www. fabiensen. com to receive support from the developers rather than to ask for it in the review! Thank you! * Video Notes allows you to keep your notes organized in a new and exciting way. Just record yourself speakingA with your Mac built-in cam and save a new a note. It is funnier, faster and easier than to keep notes in the old way! Video Notes is also a powerful yet easy-to-use notes organizer. To every note you can add: - a title - some tags - a date - a category...

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