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Web Content ExtractorWeb Content Extractor
The best software tool for web scraping
ebay Icon Installer by Iconomize.comebay Icon Installer by
ebay Icon Installer by Iconomize. com
Matrix Code Animated WallpaperMatrix Code Animated Wallpaper
Fill your desktop with a matrix effect
Intel 21140-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter (Generic)Intel 21140-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter (Generic)
Net driver
Flash Slot MachineFlash Slot Machine
An all-vector, scaleable, slot machine game r
Evidencija radnog vremenaEvidencija radnog vremena
Evidencija radnog vremena: mrezna verzija
Seo Stats PHP ScriptSeo Stats PHP Script
SEO Stats PHP - All in One SEO Tools.
Christmas Gift Shop - Animated WallpaperChristmas Gift Shop - Animated Wallpaper
"Christmas Gift Shop" - Animated Wallpaper
Panasonic KX-TDA USB Main Unit driverPanasonic KX-TDA USB Main Unit driver
USB driver
Scientific-Atlanta WebSTAR 2000 series Cable ModemScientific-Atlanta WebSTAR 2000 series Cable Modem
Net driver
Lexmark 2300 SeriesLexmark 2300 Series
Image driver
Sunlight Map Desktop ClockSunlight Map Desktop Clock
Sunlight Map Clock
Excel Sales Invoice templateExcel Sales Invoice template
Excell invoice template
A remake of blockman / blockdude
VideoCAM Express V2VideoCAM Express V2
Image driver
Classic SolitaireClassic Solitaire
Most popular solitiare game
Fire Hands Animated WallpaperFire Hands Animated Wallpaper
Fire Hands Animated Wallpaper
Play an educational board game where players have to do mathematical...
TCP OptimizerTCP Optimizer
Speed up and tune your Internet connection
RTSP/RTMP/HTTP DirectShow Source FilterRTSP/RTMP/HTTP DirectShow Source Filter
RTSP/RTMP DirectShow Source Filter SDK
Bet 365 CasinoBet 365 Casino
bet365's 100 percent Initial Match Bonus
US Yellow Page Search - DexKnows.comUS Yellow Page Search -
Search &find local businesses in the Dex Yellow Pages Directory Listings Phone...
D-Link AirPlus G+ DWL-G520+ Wireless PCI AdapterD-Link AirPlus G+ DWL-G520+ Wireless PCI Adapter
Net driver
Brushes pack 02 - Zigzags for Photoshop PC MAC OS XBrushes pack 02 - Zigzags for Photoshop PC MAC OS X
Zigzag brushes for Adobe (R) Photoshop (R)
View what the current page looks like in Google's cache.
USB driver
Cute Babies Windows 7 ThemeCute Babies Windows 7 Theme
Cute Babies Windows 7 Theme Spanish-English Spanish-English dictionary
app provides access to the dictionaries on WordReference. com
VNC Server SDKVNC Server SDK
SmartSVN FoundationSmartSVN Foundation
Powerful graphical Subversion 1. 6 client
DWG TrueViewDWG TrueView
Open, plot, and publish authentic DWG and DWF files.
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger DesignDouble Pipe Heat Exchanger Design
Step by step thermal design calculations
Logitech Gaming SoftwareLogitech Gaming Software
Customize your Logitech game controller behavior for a particular game.
Texas Instruments PCI-8x12/7x12/6x12 CardBus ControllerTexas Instruments PCI-8x12/7x12/6x12 CardBus Controller
PCMCIA driver
Free VPNFree VPN
Free VPN Service with UK/ US server ip
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VectorDraw StandardMarch 26, 2015
Add powerful 2D graphics to any application. DWG/DXF 2004 and UNICODE support. In a user-friendly environment the designing of your projects is achieved in a very simple way. VectorDraw Standard takes drawing editing into a new level of functionality and ease of use. This can be used in most Windows software development tools and upgrades to 3D. It is available as Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) format.

VueMinderMarch 23, 2015
There are many people who love having their life and job very well organized and they usually use some applications to help them doing it. If you are thinking about it, VueMinder is an application you should try. VueMinder is a lite but powerful application that can help you managing your Agenda: appointments, tasks, contacts... and everything throughout built-in calendars in the same interface. That means you'll manage different calendars, but it will be only one when you'll check it. Tag...

video4fuzeMarch 23, 2015
Description video4fuze will able you to convert not only videos but also pictures and playlists so that they can be transfered to your Sansa Fuze.

VirtualTourMarch 20, 2015
If you've ever thought about a virtual tour, but don't know where to start, ...

File size: 0MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Virtual Range for MacMarch 19, 2015
A rocket flight simulator for Mac OS X. With Virtual Range, you can test the stability and performance of model or high power rocket before you launch it. The rockettrajectory is simulated in real time and displayed on the screen, along with information such as altitude at apogee, maximum speed, and maximum acceleration. Aerodynamic factors such as air pressure, drag, and stability are estimated based on the modeled rocket dimensions. Students can use Virtual Range to learn about aerodynamics and rocket...

 License: FreewareDetails
VentuzMarch 15, 2015
Ventuz is a professional tool for high-end 3D multimedia presentations. It is the perfect solution for presentations given in a business or event surrounding, where every aspect, from location over decoration to catering, has been arranged by specialists. In a setting like this, you need a presentation that can impress your audience beyond their expectations. At the same time your presentation needs to be flexible enough to be adapted to changes up to the last minute before the event.

vHostMarch 15, 2015
vHost is a little tool web developers can use to create, edit, delete and manage virtual host on Apache runing on WIndows. It does not have so much feature but its very useful if you don't want to tamper or mess up with your apache files.  • Easily and quickly create virtual host  • Easily and quickly create virtual Subdomain  • Edit existing Domain/Subdomain.  • View/delete virtual host

Vista I.E CacheImage View Plus 2March 14, 2015
You can filter the list by image type (bmp, jpg, png, ico, gif), preview the selected image file, flip or rotate the image, and also export it to a different folder.

Verisign Root CertificateMarch 13, 2015
This root CA is the root currently used for Secure Site Certificates and Standard SSL Certificates. It is intended to be the primary root used for these products until Q4 2010 when VeriSign transitions to using a 2048 bit root. Vendors should not plan on removing support for this root until officially advised that the root is no longer needed to support certificates or CRL validation.

VideoEdit ActiveX ControlMarch 13, 2015
For Professional Windows Developers who need to provide editing video/audio files within their business application. extract video/audio track from mpg, wmv, avi, mp3, wma files and then save to avi or wmv files. convert video files from one format to another or wmv files. merge a lot of video/audio files into avi or wmv files. add a number of image, sound files and then create avi or wmv files.

Virtual Sensei Lite
Virtual Sensei LiteMarch 12, 2015
Virtual Sensei Lite™ is the innovative software for 3D sports motion analysis based on Microsoft Kinect sensor. With Virtual Sensei Lite you can analyse your sports movements, optimize your executions and improve your performance. The software shows a 3D representation of the athlete and allows evaluating the levels of kinetic energy released during the action and other kinematic parameters.

Vitamin TestMarch 12, 2015
Vitamin Test - Vitamins are involved in different functions and processes in organism. Few of them have very important protective roles: vitamins A, C, E (antioxydants), vitamin D and folic acid (the most important vitamin for women who would like to have children and for persons with high homocysteine level. ) Trace elements, zinc and selenium, have vital roles in immune system strengthening. Omega-3 fatty acids are very good protection against cardiovascular and hearth diseases. The most important secondary...

vSubstMarch 12, 2015
Creates drive-letters for any folders on your harddisk. Useful to create virtual drives e. g. on laptops. Allows easy removal of all virtual folders (= Visual 32-Bit-SUBST-Command). Limitations: - SUBSTed-drives dont operate 100% in networks - Some copy-protected CD-ROMs check for the physical presence of a disk... - Volume-Label is always identical to the host label. - vSubst just creates a virtual drive like the old subst-command - nothing more or less.

VisioForge Video Capture SDK.Net Edition LiteMarch 12, 2015
VisioForge Video Capture SDK. Net Edition Lite is a software development kit that can help you design multimedia applications. Using it, you are able to include video capturing and processing features into the programs you develop. Among the advantages it brings you, there is the built-in motion detector and the possibility to broadcast your live video over a network. Also, you can configure the video input, video format and frame rate. The TV capture functions allow setting up interfaces with...

VMWare Fusion
VMWare FusionMarch 10, 2015
If you need to install Windows, Linux or any other Operating System in your computer, one of the best choices is to virtualize them. What? Yes, virtualizing an Operating System is to run them on other OS. That means that you can run Windows on Mac or Linux. The hosted OS can be run at any moment as if it were a common program, without having to restart the computer. The only problem is that they will share the resources, so you'll have to be careful with RAM if you don't want to have...

Venu Gita (pdf)March 10, 2015
The Song of Krsnas Flute, is translated from the Hindi commentary of Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja reveals the depth of the commentaries of Srila Jiva Goswami and Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura. The Srimad Bhagavatam is the fully ripened, nectarian fruit of the desire tree of Vedic literature which comprises the entirety of Indian thought. Within Srimad Bhagavatam, gopi prema has been ascertained to be the ultimate objective. A few towering waves of gopi prema can be seen from the Venu gita portion of...

VodburnerMarch 10, 2015
Vodburner is a tool that allows you to record video of any conversation that you have on Skype. You can then edit it, easily making cuts and adding transitions, images, and text. The program records the two sides of the conversation (although you can change it at any moment) at the maximum possible resolution, with optimal video quality in ASF or WMV format, perfect to upload your video to YouTube or any other site. Vodburner also includes 'Anti-drift' technology, thanks to which...

Video Plug-inMarch 06, 2015
MixVibes Video Plug-in is a powerful tool that allows you to play, mix and scratch video files within your beloved CrossDJ and Cross Software. You will be able to mix videos like music and create impressive HD visual displays into your sets, integrating stunning effects, transitions... : no need to be a video specialist.

Vacuum Pro for MacMarch 06, 2015
Important information: This application is not a real breathalyser. This application can not work, be connected, or be used in combination with any real breathalyser or any other kind of external devices. The use of this application must be for fun and for entertainment purposes. iBreathalyser calculates a hypothetic and not precise value using known rules that are based in the following criteria:Gender, age, weight and the number of drinks consumed. It aims to raise awareness about the severity of alcohol at the...

File size: 153.41MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
Visual VendorMarch 05, 2015
If you have an Internet-based business, Visual Vendor will help you make more money. It shows all of your important information at a glance: sales, marketing, web visitors, downloads and more. It's like a microscope aimed at your business. Whatever you sell, Visual Vendor will give you detailed information about how your products are selling, how effective your marketing is, what the best prices are for your products, and much more.


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