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Visual Watermark - Batch Photo Watermarking SoftwareJune 26, 2015
Visual Watermark Software... easy-to-use photo watermarking program... visible watermarking program... it places very powerful watermarks no one can remove... it can convert your photos to encrypted PDF... you control the watermark placement precisely even with photos of different sizes... this program watermarks photos with logotypes, pictures and text... it can add noise to low-detailed watermarks to make photo recovery more difficult... command line support... visual watermark program supports command line...

VisualDependenciesJune 25, 2015
visualize dependencies of your database. VisualDependencies help you visualize dependencies of your database.

Vensim PLE
Vensim PLEJune 23, 2015
ensim PLE is fully functional system dynamics software. Vensim PLE features: is free for academic and personal use; is a shareware product for business or government use; has simplified menus and dialogs; contains fewer option settings; contains fewer model-building tools.

Volleyball AssistantJune 22, 2015
Volleyball Roster Assistant Software. Coach's track your volleyball team's roster. Volleyball Assistant can assist volleyball coaches manage their team roster as well as matches. For each match an individual roster is tracked including who played what positions in each game and who sat on the bench. Volleyball player positions such as libero, setters, outside hitter, weakside hitter and middle hitter are all tracked. In addition, the date, score for each game, and outcome of the match is...

Vuze (Azureus)June 19, 2015
Vuze (Azureus) is a platform that enables media companies and creators of rich media content (film directors, videographers, musicians) to publish and distribute their work to millions of viewers, in high quality format (Standard-Definition and High-Definition video). You can use our platform to expose, promote, and syndicate your content. You can also make your content available for rental, purchase, or ad-supported distribution. Get famous! Vuze (Azureus) is designed to help creative...

VirusKeeper 2007 ProJune 18, 2015
VirusKeeper 2007 Pro combines the best protection technologies available in a single product: real-time shield: permanent threat detection, real-time protection of Windows system folders, real-time protection of Internet Explorer, behavioral analysis detection of viruses and spyware, automatic scanner that inspects new or suspicious files, traditional, ultra-fast anti-virus scanner, anti-spyware scanner. VirusKeeper Pro also includes the real-time threat detection engine of VirusKeeper Standard. It monitors all...

ViewletBuilder 5 ProfessionalJune 18, 2015
ViewletBuilders innovative content creation process has revolutionized the way in which software is presented and demonstrated. Comes with content management and reporting capabilities when used with ViewletCentral. The history of online demos can quite literally be divided into a pre-Viewlet era and the post-Viewlet era. Before ViewletBuilder introduced its ground-breaking screen-capture animation process to the world in 1998, application demos tended to be lengthy movie files, which were difficult to edit and...

Valentine Party Flyer TemplateJune 18, 2015
THE PSD FILE IS SETUP AT 1275PX X 1875PX (4. 25X6. 25 INCH) CMYK 300DPI The PSD file is very well organised, with color coded groups and layers named appropriately. The main folders that will require most customisation are highlighted in different colors. THE FONTS USED IN THE DESIGN ARE: Rockwell Extra Bold - which can bwe download here - http://www. myfonts. com/fonts/mti/rockwell/extra-bold-regular/ Mardian Demo - Which can be download here - htt

VirtualTourJune 17, 2015
If you've ever thought about a virtual tour, but don't know where to start, ...

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Virtual Billiard
Virtual BilliardJune 16, 2015
Pool simulator that will amaze its realism Eight, Nine, Snooker and other games. Want to play in the world-famous American Billiards without leaving home? Then this game is for you! Rules of the game, a game table, balls - everything is real! You only need to fix the cue to strike a blow coming and implement movement of the mouse! Like it? Then go ahead!

VoiceMasterJune 13, 2015
VoiceMaster is an application designed to be used together with Skype. It applies voice effects thus making your chat conversations more fun.

Vista &7 Firewall ControlJune 13, 2015
Since the configuration of the firewall in Windows Vista and 7 is not the same as the previous version, you need a tool like 7 &Vista Firewall Control to do so. 7 &Vista Firewall Control is a tool for setting parameters in Windows Vista and 7.

Virtual DimensionJune 13, 2015
Everyone cannot deny that technology has evolved in these last years. Now, having screens with one’s own windows, taskbars and wallpaper is possible with Virtual Dimension. It is a free and feature-full virtual desktop manager for Windows platform.

VoipRaiderJune 12, 2015
Voipraider is a free program that uses the latest technology to bring free and high-quality voice communications to people all over the world. When you use the free Voipraider software, you can call regular phones in various popular destinations for free* or call at an incredible low rate to any other phone on the planet. You can also call all your online friends (peer-to-peer calls) as long as you like, for free. Just click here to download Voipraider; the download should take only a few moments...

VMPC Security
VMPC SecurityJune 12, 2015
Encrypts files and folders. It can compress files before encryption, split archives into smaller files and generate self-decrypting archives (requiring only password). Also encrypts emails, wipes files from disk and generates secure passwords.

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Vertical Jump Program Review OneJune 09, 2015
After making it my mission to investigate the top selling vertical jump programs and which ones actually worked, I chose the top three, in the following order: The Jump Manual, The Vertical Project, and The Vertical Jump Development Bible. After contacting all three authors, only one of them put me in touch with real people who got the results they wanted. The Vertical Project never answered my request at all, and the other author, Kelly Baggett, simply referred me to the testimonial page--which everyone wonders...

VorbitalJune 09, 2015
Vorbital is an Ogg Vorbis, Wavpack, and Wave file player. It uses OpenAL and is small and compact in order to take up as little screen space as possible (though you can, of course, resize the window if you would like a larger playlist). The functions of most of the buttons are obvious, but just in case you can't tell at first glance the folder-shaped button on the left allows you to add a file to the playlist and the minus symbol allows you to remove a file from the playlist. Double-clicking on a file...

VideoSourceJune 06, 2015
VideoSource is a Java SE based library using the JMF framework that provides all of the required to show and capture to file video from a Web camera. VideoSource allows the programmer to build an application that finds, displays, captures an image, and saves an image in minutes.

VMware vCenter Converter StandaloneJune 05, 2015
VMware vCenter Converter Standalone transforms your Windows-based physical machine and third party image formats to VMware virtual machines. It allows you to queue up and monitor many simultaneous conversions, both local and remote, such as in headquarters and branch offices.

VisichatJune 04, 2015
Visichat is a modern, fully featured and truly global flash chat tool, perfect for live video and audio chat. It is easy to use and install. It supports multiple languages, platforms and payment gateways. Database integration is easy to implement via the admin panel, so your users don't require to register twice. It is equipped with fully featured administrative options, video gallery, customisable banner tool, widgets and games. Source codes allow chat owners to customise the look and feel of the main interface, ...


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