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TMPGEnc DVD Source CreatorSeptember 14, 2016
TMPGEnc DVD Source Creator 4 allows you to effortlessly edit and enhance almost any video file and then encode it to standard DVD files that are ready to author with DVD authoring software such as TMPGEnc DVD Author 2. 0. This powerful software is based on the award winning TMPGEnc 4. 0 XPress engine, utilizing its most important features such as an easy cut-editor, video filtering, automatic scene change detection, while maintaining its ease of use with its simple and user-friendly interface. DVD Source Creator 4...

Targeted Email FinderSeptember 14, 2016
Extract emails from a starting web site or list of sites Extract emails from pages related to keywords using most important search engines (google, yahoo, msn... ) Search for emails in files on your computer Very fast, multiple pages are processed at once Log in to any site which requires username/password and search for emails (forums, guest books, members areas... ) A Must Have Tool For Targeted E-mail List Building! Multiple filters for searching Export results in different...

The Presentation LauncherSeptember 14, 2016
The Presentation Launcher is an aplication of presentation of document PowerPoint. It supports formats of file: ppt and pps. It inserts a function of advanced search of document pps or ppt.

TOTO Mail SenderSeptember 14, 2016
TOTO Mail Sender can quickly send emails to multiple contacts at the same time. TOTO Mail Sender Features: 1. Send emails on threads let me set the threads (1, 2, 3.... etc). On threads I mean to send a package of message using a smtp and a proxy, change the both smtp and proxy when the package of messages was sent. 2. Log the job and let me see how manny message was sent and how manny was unsent. Let me save unsent messages (emails address) 3. Supports huge email lists without...

TestKing Q and A - Cisco 350-018September 14, 2016
TestKing Q and A - Cisco 350-018 serves up perfect practice questions and IT industry veteran verified answers. You can choose from Practice & Virtual Exam Modes. The practice mode lets you focus, alter and edit the exam itself, while the virtual mode simulates real test environment.

txtProSeptember 14, 2016
txtPro is a tool that will delight webmasters and developers. It is a full text editor that supports several programming languages including C + +, C #, Java, HTML, Perl, PHP, etc.

Transporter Peer to PeerSeptember 14, 2016
Transporter Peer to Peer is a utility for personal file sharing across local networks or the Internet. It uses non-server based P2P connections with customizable encryption and password protection for added security. You can use the software to text chat, transfer files via drag&drop and also share local folders and browse shared folders of the remote contact (if enabled). Transporter Peer to Peer supports direct IP connection as well as dynamic DNS services. Other features include transfer resume, contact...

The fake of the houseSeptember 14, 2016
An evil terrorist has robbed the National Bank and he wants to use that gold to buy a greenzep acid. It is a powerfull component to make a weapon and conquest the Earth. Your mission is to recuperate the gold.

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The Privacy GuardSeptember 14, 2016
Surf the web anonymously. With your IP address you are recognized on any site. It is logged and then it can be used to track it back even to your home. Your IP address may be used by hackers to enter your computer. By using The Privacy Guard your IP will never be compromised. It works in the background and changes proxies periodically every few minutes (user selected), so you become impossible for tracing. Be protected from the time you start your computer. Delete cookies, history and privacy information....

TBoxSeptember 14, 2016
Box is powerful tool with a big set of plugins, that help me and my friends work much faster. This tool help me with my huge unit tests, with managing a lot of projects, automate all routine daily actions, which I don't like to do, and many many other. Also it help me with my continuous integration services - automate deploy and run unit tests in parallel much faster. This tool, is like ReSharper for dotnet projects or Visual Assist for c++ projects, but it was designed to simplify...

TRx Personal Phone Call Recorder
TRx Personal Phone Call RecorderSeptember 14, 2016
TRx is a phone call recording program for Windows and Mac OS X. With TRx phone recording software you can manually record telephone calls, view caller ID information and put callers on-hold with on-hold music. Features:  • Records telephone calls using a voice modem, telephony card or a call recording adapter  • Save recordings as wave or mp3 files or send recordings by email  • Start and stop recording with system-wide 'hot' keys

Tropical Waters Wallpaper 2September 14, 2016
This wallpaper features a very large animated waterfall one a highly spectacular shining background, where many green 3D parrots fly by and chirp in flocks. This particular scene also displays a large crocodile which swims in slowly and roars with his mouth opening and closing, then 3D dragonflies come in one by one and then in swarms. They then fly together then fly out. A green frog then swims in and then jumps out of the water on a leaf. The frog croaks a bit then jumps off into the water.

TrioLive - PHP / AJAX Powered Live Chat SolutionSeptember 14, 2016
Web-based live chat solution for sales, support, and internal communication. Easily integrate chat into your website through text links, graphic buttons, popups, or flash animations. Monitor site traffic in real time and offer assistance to specific visitors, or have the software invite people automatically after a set period of time. TrioLive provides chat operators a choice between a clean, intuitive AJAX web interface or a powerful Windows application that integrates into your computers operating system. Chat...

TestKing Q and A - PMI PMI-001September 14, 2016
Test-King will help you pass your PMI-001 Project Management Professional certification - Guaranteed When you need expert training for your PMI certification, you need the guaranteed PMI-001 exam training from Test-King. You get the assurance that you will pass the Project Management Professional Exam from PMI, and close the gap on certain certification.

Tiff Joiner Splitter Tool
Tiff Joiner Splitter ToolSeptember 14, 2016
Combine two or more images together to create a single tiff file with Axommsoft Tiff Split Merge Tool. Program lets user to join JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG images together as a new Tif document. In fact, it also lets to remove extra pages from a tiff. User can define a page number or page range like 4, 12-18, 28... etc to delete from a multipage tiff document.

TagRunnerSeptember 14, 2016
Would you like to get more information about your favorite music? TagRunner can help you. TagRunner allows you to retrieve information about a song from the internet, scan your music collection and complete ID3 tags while adding lyrics and album covers. The retrieved information from online combination of resources can be presented in a clear report before writing to ID3 tags. Nevertheless, the program needs at least to know the artist name or song title as information bases in order to start search. You can...

Toolbar EditorSeptember 14, 2016
About Toolbar Editor software. Features: Fully Brandable Add your own logo (. bmp) format Search Box - You can add a free search site or use your own Add Menus linking to different webpages or sites Easy to use, no programming knowledge needed Preview your toolbar Creates an installer for the toolbar - Easy to distribute Easily change your links, menus, logos etc. Low price Instructions: Choose a name for your toolbar Add your logo 48x21 (. BMP) Format Add your button count Add your button captions &Button Popup...

Tipard Free PDF to BMP Converter
Tipard Free PDF to BMP ConverterSeptember 14, 2016
Tipard Free PDF to BMP Converter has the ability to convert PDF files to BMP as you need with best output quality and fast converting speed. This excellent software allows you to convert defined pages of PDF to BMP for free. This Free PDF to BMP Converter software also allows you to preserve the images, forms, layout and so on as original PDF files. And you can also adjust the size and color for your output files. Besides, it now supports English, Japanese, Chinese, Latin, Greek, Slavonic, etc. many languages.

TorgX: BusinessSeptember 14, 2016
TorgX: Business is an accounting software with many features. It offers a set of tools allowing to automate your internal operations. From order to inventory, each detail is well designed to fit your needs.

The Holy Rosary - Ave MariaSeptember 14, 2016
The Holy Rosary is a historic method of prayer and devotion. The exact origin of the Rosary is lost in time; some claim it began as early as the 5th or 6th Century, documented evidence shows its use during the 11th Century, while St. Dominic is credited with the Rosary in the 12th Century. Regardless of its origins, the Rosary is truly a beautiful method of bonding with one's Christian beliefs. The Holy Rosary - Ave Maria is a program designed to assist the user in the recital of the Rosary from start ...


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