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Torrent UploaderSeptember 19, 2016
Torrent Uploader submits your torrent files on the top major torrent search engines to Market your digital data. This software is to help save time and guide you through easy steps to successful Torrent Marketing. Easy bulk torrent submitting on +16 torrent search engines without any complexity. Publish, Advertise and Upload your media now! Use a Torrent Submitter, especially if you are in the business or need to share digital content to the public. More information on the topic is available at...

TerraExplorerSeptember 19, 2016
TerraExplorer is a powerful tool enabling to explore, edit, analyze, annotate and publish realistic interactive 3D environment. It opens the door to the digital planet. Key Features

Tenorshare Data WipeSeptember 19, 2016
Tenorshare Data Wipe is a professional tool specially designed for permanently and completely wiping private and confidential data from selected partitions, special folders, files and other storage devices. Once wiped, no one will ever be able to recover the erased data. Meanwhile, this software enables users to wipe all kinds of data formats such as gif, tiff, jpg, dat, mov, mkv, mp3, ogg, ape, zip, etc. And no matter you store the data in what storage devices, including USB drive, hard disk, memory card, pen...

TOSHIBA L505D Drivers UtilitySeptember 18, 2016
Download TOSHIBA L505D Drivers for your Windows. TOSHIBA L505D Drivers Utility scans your computer for missing, corrupt, and outdated TOSHIBA L505D Drivers and automatically downloads and updates them to the latest versions. Features: 1. TOSHIBA L505D Drivers Utility has the latest Toshiba drivers. 2. TOSHIBA L505D Drivers Utility can back up your existing drivers. 3. More...

Tibetan for beginners - audiocourse demoSeptember 18, 2016
This language audio course covers food, colours, shopping, parts of the body, numbers, telling the time, countries, greetings and essential phrases. You will hear the language all of the time and you can start speaking straight away. It gives you easy-to-achieve goals. Learning a new language is far too big a task to tackle all at once, so the course is broken down into a series of rewarding challenges. You can learn on the move. Carry on learning in the airport lounge or the ferry without a computer. Just print...

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Transportation and delivery USU.kzSeptember 17, 2016
Our software will help in logistics repeatedly to reduce the cost and effort, as will eliminate the paper work on maintenance of applications, tracking is responsible for the adoption and maintenance of applications, preparation of various reports on their work. The program is a powerful tool to automate the logistics, which provides a unique opportunity to reach considerable heights on the market for logistics services.

The Collector Of BerriesSeptember 16, 2016
Collect berries in this fun and crafty game. By collecting 3 similar berries in row, you pocket the group. Hold onto what you have, be careful not to lose any from your pocket! Have fun!

ThlLEDArraySeptember 16, 2016
ThlLEDArray displays a configurable array of LEDs/buttons. The component appearance can be adjusted in many ways. f. e. : LED width/height, LED shape, LED Color, number of rows/columns, BorderWidth, BevelWidth, BackgroundColor, BackgroundBitmap etc. Some possible scenarios for using it: display status information for items like running operations, open/closed doors etc. Since the number of colors/states for each LED is freely configurable each LED can represent as many states as you need. use it as a progress bar...

The LibMaster.com StockChart librarySeptember 16, 2016
Automatically changes chart scale, when user changes window size or time axis (absciss) resolution. Smooth scaling is distinctive feature of LibMaster. com StockChart library. At the scaling, size changing or chart shifting to the right or to the left by the user, the chart sizes automatically changes for more convenient viewing. The axis of ordinates automatically changes its scale according to maximum and minimum of displaying part of the chart.

Track-IT SuiteSeptember 16, 2016
Track-IT Suite is a full-featured software package for time and project management. It's ideally suited for corporations with over 100 different customizable reports, and easy integration into current systems. This scalable client-server &web based solution gathers information through the Web, WAN, VPN, LAN, PDA's, and all wireless devices. Includes 2-way links to many software packages (MS Project &Project Server, QuickBooks, MS Excel, etc. )

The Great Lake Free Animated ScreensaverSeptember 16, 2016
"The Great Lake" is a Free Animated Screensaver by EleFun Screensavers devoted to the nature theme, namely, to the lakes. In one of the endless plains of the North America there is an unnoticeable at first sight lake. Nothing, it would seem, could distinguish it from other similar lakes. But it is not at all like that.

Time TraxSeptember 16, 2016
Time Trax is an easy to use time management application that you can use to keep track of important tasks in your life. Using powerful features such as browse and print filters you can quickly see what tasks you want to work on. Use the built in report picker to select detailed/summary reports with hundreds of combinations of filters. The information can be previewed before sending to the printer.

TurboVB Mini AppsSeptember 16, 2016
TurboVB Mini Apps is a set of four tools for programming. The 'Component Registering Tool' allows you to quickly and easily register and unregister components from explorers right click menu. 'VB Image Extractor' extracts the graphics that are stored in VB files, 'Recent Projects Controller' controls the contents of the Recent Projects Menu and the 'Pixel Color Tool' gives you for the RGB value for the current screen pixel.

Tipard iPad to Mac TransferSeptember 16, 2016
Tipard iPad to Mac Transfer is the professional program which transfers media files from iPad to Mac at ultrafast speed. It is so easy to transfer music, movies, ringtone, camera roll, photo library, voice memos and camera shot from iPad to Mac easily and effortlessly.  • Transfer iPad music/video/image/other media files to Mac  • Support iPad Shows, Podcast, iTunes U, Books (ePub/PDF/Audio Books) (Ultimate Only)  • Backup all molds of iPhone...

ThlSkinButtonSeptember 16, 2016
ThlSkinButton is a skinnable VCL button component. The following list provides an overview of the most important features: 1) support for Unicode captions 2) support for all graphic types that are supported by the TPicture/TImage classes (f. e. png if installed) 3) transparency is implemented with Windows regions. This way the button is also functionally transparent, i. e. mouse clicks in transparent areas are ignored 4) several instances can share the same graphic source, f. e. a TImage component, what keeps the...

TupianSeptember 16, 2016
Tupian is no ordinary screen saver! It generates fascinating images generated from complex fractal patterns. Fractals are mathematical formulas which create astoundingly complex images. Much like a snowflake each fractal has its own uniqueness. As Tupian dives deeper and deeper into each fractal the detail never ends. Spirals within spirals, patterns within patterns. Beautiful, interesting and even educational. Relax and enjoy as you explore the endless world of fractals with Tupian.

Text Manipulation ToolsSeptember 16, 2016
A collection of free online browser-based text manipulation tools such as sort, insert, add a sequential, remove, merge, find, count and more options for text manipulation. You will find all important text tools you may need, everything from remove duplicate lines to text combination permutation. You can use all these online text tools for fun or for your work to make it easy for you saving a lot of time instead of manually also commercial usage allowed. Need to delete duplicate lines? Encrypt or decrypt URL or...

Time Track Employee Time TrackingSeptember 16, 2016
Time Track Time and Attendance Software is a new secure tracking, access control, and visitor management software system allowing organizations to track employees and contractors with detailed activity logs by individual or groups, and provides visitor management functionality, including data entry, badge design, and badge printing. It can interface with multiple databases concurrently. Export time and attendance to use with your payroll system.

TeeGoferSeptember 16, 2016
he TeeGofer Component Documenter Tool was conceived and has been designed to greatly facilitate the creation of documentation for Visual Studio. Net and C# Builder components. Written in Microsoft Visual C#. Net, the TeeGofer Component Documenter Tool takes as input a Visual Studio. Net created assembly and outputs a Help template, either in Microsoft's HTML Help v1 or v2 format or as a Webpage, which mirrors the internal type and member structure of your component.

TaxTron 2012September 16, 2016
TaxTron 2012 is a program that offers you step-by-step guides that allow you to prepare your return taxes. You can generate invoices, complete your financial statement information, print and file your tax returns by mail or NETFILE. The program also includes government approved forms with up-to-date changes.


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