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The Magic Of Living ThingsSeptember 10, 2016
Developed as a simple and lightweight educational software, The Magic of Living Things can help your kids learn more about living / non-living things. The Magic of Living Things was developed with the help of the Java programming language.

TZO Dynamic DNSSeptember 09, 2016
TZO Dynamic DNS Service allows you to assign a static domain name to your computer, even if you are using a dynamic (frequently changing) IP address on a Cable, DSL or dialup connection. This allows you to host your own photo sharing server, web server, game server, FTP or any other TCP/IP server on your home PC without the need for any hosting. In addition, you can also access your PC at anytime, by simply using your TZO domain name. The TZO software includes a fully functional photo server, that allows you to...

Toggle Find BarSeptember 09, 2016
Toggle Find Bar is a Firefox extension, enable you toggle the find bar in Firefox with Ctrl+F. Previously we have to press Ctrl+F to focus on the find bar and press ESC key to hide the find bar. Its not intuitive that shortcut key of hiding find bar is completely different from showing one. If you install this add-on, you can hide the find bar anytime, with the same keys as showing the find bar. Its a really user-friendly interface. Requirements:  • Firefox

Twisty's Asylum EscapadesSeptember 09, 2016
Twisty's Asylum Escapades is a dark, 3D, single player, action adventure game. You play as Twisty - the evil, disembodied floating brain with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. He makes his way through this bizarre mental facility, fighting enemies and solving puzzles in order to secure his own "early release" from the asylum.

Tab URLSeptember 09, 2016
Tab URL is a Firefox add-on, enable you to open the URL links you enter in a new tab from the tab you are currently navigating. With the aid of this extension, you can open an URL in a new tab by holding the ctrl key while pressing enter in the location bar. Thats it: Ctrl +Enter. Requirements:  • Firefox

Tipard DVD Audio Ripper
Tipard DVD Audio RipperSeptember 09, 2016
Tipard DVD Audio Ripper has the ability to help you play various files on all portable MP3 players with the powerful conversion function. It can rip DVD to MP3, AAC, AC3, M4A, MP2, OGG, WAV, WMA, ect. Plus, this DVD Audio Extractor also can trim audio episode, merge several titles or chapters into one file, snapshot your favorite pictures. It has already gained better performance on video converting with newly adopted multi-core CPUs supporting technology. Moreover, it is highly support the latest...

Texas Holdem TimerSeptember 09, 2016
Texas Holdem Timer for tournaments or just to play the home game. Great to practice by the clock too for the big tournament. This is a demo version with three levels and 15 minute timer on each. Full version is 15 levels and runs at 15 minute intervales. Blinds increase with each level. Customized versions are available as well, with your logo and desired chip amounts and timer setting. Enjoy the download and Good luck with your next game.

T-shirt Customizer For OscommerceSeptember 09, 2016
Contribution for Oscommerce (MS 2. 2, CREloaded, MaxOSC) based T-shirts stores. Customers are able to customize logo (uploadable or from store collection), text on the t-shirt with this contribution. Customized T-shirts are saved and admin can find it in the orders at admin part. There is an ability to manage logos with its categories, fonts for site administrator. Please visit http://www. advancewebsoft. com/demo/tshirt/ to see demo. Requirements: Oscommerce MS2. 2, PHP 4*, 5*, Imagemagick, GD, Mysql 4*,

The Query Tool
The Query ToolSeptember 09, 2016
The Query Tool is a powerful data mining application. It allows you to perform data analysis on any SQL database. It has been developed predominately for the non technical user.

 License: FreewareDetails
Tile DownloaderSeptember 09, 2016
A windows program for bulk downloading selections of OpenStreetMap tiles from selected servers. Written in Visual Basic Features:  • Select an area of tiles to download using a slippy map  • Download from the tile server of your choice  • Update all the previously downloaded tiles

TVSAssistant - Panasonic VPS administration software for TVS50 Voice Processing System.September 09, 2016
The TVSAssistant program is designed for the most simple and convenient setting of Panasonic Voice Processing System (KX-TVS50) parameters. With the help of TVSAssistant you can easily and quickly do the following: Create Custom Mailboxes; Create Custom Service Menu; Set Operator Call Handling; Set Telephone/Pager Notification; Set all other Panasonic Voice Processing System parameters. TVSAssistant has a simple interface for changing Panasonic KX-TVS50 Voice Processing System parameters. All parameters are...

Top DVD CloneSeptember 09, 2016
Perfect DVD copy software, TOP DVD Clone will copy DVD-9 and DVD-5 to common blank DVDs with super high picture quality and speed. Simple and easy-to-use user interface, the wonderful DVD copier will refresh your common mind towards traditional DVD copy software. With a powerful DVD copying engine, TOP DVD Clone will copy a DVD-9 to a DVD-9, copy a DVD-5 to a DVD-5, split 1 DVD-9 to 2 DVD-5, compress a DVD-9 to a DVD-5, etc. The DVD copy software also gives you the freedom to set the temporary path in...

TurboShredderSeptember 09, 2016
Do you want to delete some top secret files? DON'T do that by only pressing DELETE, because the data would still be on your drive! Use Turbo Shredder and remove files by securely wiping them out. Features:  • Overwrite data up to 100 times.  • Overwrite file names and directory names.  • Deletes timestamps of files and directories  • Overwrite data with zeros, ones or random data.  • Supports several...

The Chicago From the Sky ScreensaverSeptember 09, 2016
The Chicago - From the Sky Screensaver brings you amazing and *large* photos of the "City of Big Shoulders". Numerous skyscrapers, Navy Pier, Buckingham Fountain, the Water Tower, and much more. Includes 20 full-screen [1024x768] photos and four songs. Configuration options include: image previews, stretch images to full screen, enable/disable specific transition effects, use your own songs, and more.

TempTale Manager DesktopSeptember 08, 2016
TempTale® Manager Desktop is a multi-lingual, easy-to-use Windows-based software application for configuring, downloading, displaying, analyzing and reporting time-and-temperature date collected from any of Sensitech's TempTale monitors. TTMD Software is compatible with Microsoft Windows® Vista, XP and 2000 operating systems.

TextGuardSeptember 08, 2016
TextGuard is a web-based software application downloadable via the Internet for immediate application to mobile communication devices. It is being launched as a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) solution and automatically provides control and security for the mobile communication device and the electronic data, (conversations), between all parties. The TextGuard market includes but is not limited to the following compliance regulated industries; Securities, Banking, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Accounting and Hedge...

Trackback Submitter EDU PluginSeptember 08, 2016
Automatic blog trackbacks links submitter and blog comments poster

 License: CommercialDetails
TestKing Dell Exam SimulatorsSeptember 08, 2016
We are all well aware that a major problem in the IT industry is that there is a lack of quality Dell Test Prep study materials. Our Certification Dell Exam Preparation Materials provide you everything you will need to take a certification examination. Details are researched and produced by Certification Experts who are constantly using industry experience to produce precise, logical and verified explanations for the answers. You may get questions from different web sites or books, but logic is the key. Dell Exam...

TurboIRC 7September 08, 2016
TurboIRC is an IRC script IRC allowing to connect and discuss on the famous chat network (Internet Relay Chat). It includes more options and possibilities than mIRC: task automation, the complete HTML, various games (Chess, Reversi, etc. ), calendar-diary, notepads, etc.... It supports the following networks IRC, IRCX, IRC2, CTCP2, SSL IRC, and allows to send files by DCC and Support(Bear) IRC, IRCX networks, IRC2, CTCP2, SSL IRC, and allows sends him(it) of files by DCC and TDCC. Moreover, it is possible to...

TechAid ASPSeptember 08, 2016
TechAid ASP is an Active Server Page program that easily tracks all of the time spent on projects, work orders, trouble calls, or any other task. It can be accessed from any Javascript enabled web browser.

 License: FreewareDetails

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