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RoomReservationSeptember 28, 2015
If you are the type of organisation which makes rooms available to the publi...

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Rapidshare ToolsSeptember 28, 2015
A set of tools for Finding rapidshare links, Managing RSS feeds of rapidshare links and Extracting the D/L RARs. GUI program used to search for Rapidshare link in several sites and adding the resulted links to a download manager. Currently supported download managers:Internet Download Manager, JDownloader and Free Download Manager.

RodSeptember 28, 2015
This game takes place in the Soviet Union in 1984. A citizen goes on the road to the unknown. Who is this man? Where is he going? Help him to sort things out. Welcome to the world of horror, roads and adventures... To get the most out of this game, play it alone at night...

Road Wars
Road WarsSeptember 28, 2015
It's not just about winning the race, this tournament is about survival. Only one car will be intact by the end of the race, the winner of course. At the beginning of the game choose your car and get into the fray. In addition to weapons on your car, scattered all over the ring are aids, including kits. Be prepared when the tournament starts!

Replace ToolSeptember 22, 2015
Replace Tool is a find and replace utility for performing batch replacements in text and HTML files with special mode for visual editing or updating of html tags. You can add many files from different directories into list and do many replace operations in these files at the same time. It's easy with our step by step user friendly XP-styled interface. Arrange files and tasks in desired sequence to save as your own project. And be sure that your information is safe due to our smart advanced undo action. You can...

RSP Disk Format DLLSeptember 19, 2015
Win32 DLL to format disks in fat, fat32 or NTFS Description fat16 or only fat is the format used in small hds (30 mb) fat32 is used in removable media and hds ntfs is used in the majority of hds It allows you to pause, resume and cancel the format You can set the label of drives

R Color CodeSeptember 17, 2015
R Color Code is a great tool that allows you to decrypt the color code of fixed resistors. The marking starts with the band nearest to one end of the resistor. A wider band is always the last one. Encoded are the resistance in Ohm, indicated by 2 or 3 bands and the multiplier, the tolerance in % and in certain cases the temperature coefficient. The temperature coefficient is the last wider band in the 6 band code. It's given in ppm/K.

RazorSQL for LinuxSeptember 15, 2015
RazorSQL is a SQL database query tool, SQL editor, database browser, and administration tool with support for all major databases and built in connection capabilities for DB2, Derby, Firebird, FrontBase, HSQLDB, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, OpenBase, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Anywhere, SQLite, and Sybase. Any other JDBC or ODBC (Windows only) compliant database is also supported. RazorSQL ships with a built in relational database engine that is up and running out of the box and requires no end user...

RockBox Jukebox ProSeptember 14, 2015
RockBox Jukebox Pro is designed for commercial and/or rental use, in a bar, restaurant, hotel, etc. , using a kiosk type of computer. It is modeled after a retro diner style jukebox, that you might find on the counter of many diners, and is designed to be very user friendly, and for easy maintenance by the administrator. You can use RockBox Jukebox Pro with either a standard keyboard and mouse; keypad type controller (all functions are mappable to any controller that can map to keystrokes); a touch...

RustemSoft.Controls .NET assembly
RustemSoft.Controls .NET assemblySeptember 12, 2015
RustemSoft. Controls . NET assembly is a . NET components software package specifically designed for . NET developers.

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Receipt GeneratorSeptember 11, 2015
With Receipt Generator you can create professional looking money receipts similar to those found in other big name financial software packages. Receipt Generator is perfect for home or business use.

Remove Duplicate Contacts Outlook 2003September 10, 2015
if you have just a few duplicates in Outlook Contacts, it may be easiest to manually remove them. But main problem occurred when you have configured contacts. pst file in outlook in which more than thousands contacts information &may be more duplicates contacts like First name, Last name, Email address, Address, Country, City. A lot of usage space was occupied by a large numbers of duplicate contacts, and these duplicates will slow Outlook down. you have to carefully compare each contact item one by one before...

Run and Draw ScreenSaverSeptember 10, 2015
Enjoy watching interesting drawings on your screen created by the animated sprite. On every restart, Run and Draw ScreenSaver generates new, always different drawings on your computer display. This screensaver is self-adjustable to every screen resolution / display aspect ratio and features low CPU usage and background sound support. You can enable or disable the sound. You can set custom folder with your favorite music. Three standard formats: *. wav, *. mid, and *. mp3 supported as the most often used. Also, you...

Radio RintoxSeptember 10, 2015
Cool radio software that brings to you all the best music, by one click you start listen to radiowaw with a real high quality sound and fast loading. it's free and simple, don't wait, start now and download it.

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RecoverBits Partition Data RecoverySeptember 09, 2015
Changed iconsRe-organized categoriesAdded ability builderAdded tips sectionAdded maps Added more feeds

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Ricoh Aficio GX 2500 RPCS Raster Printer DriverSeptember 08, 2015
The Ricoh Aficio GX 2500 is an inkjet printer. It has a maximum resolution of 3600 dpi and is fully compatible with PC systems, Unix and Mac. Its print speed in black and white and color is 28 ppm. The warm-up time is 35 seconds.

RadioGroup OCX ActiveX ControlSeptember 07, 2015
RadioGroup OCX ActiveX Control is a programming component that offers a property page that enables you to configure radio buttons. The component includes a properties page where you can configure the control. The user can change the number of columns and rows of buttons on the RadioGroup set or which item should be pre-selected. You can also specify the vertical and horizontal distances between radio elements.

Random TextSeptember 07, 2015
This simple script will show random text or HTML every time a page is loaded.

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RQ Debugger IDESeptember 06, 2015
RQ Debugger IDE is programmer editor for Rapid-Q Basic and FreeBasic programming languages Main features: - multiwindow - named bookmarks - projects - step-by-step debugger for Rapid-Q basic - objects treeView - include files treeView - syntax hilighting - FreeBasic dll compilation - sub list - fileManager

Remote webcamSeptember 05, 2015
Setup remote monitoring on your webcam enabled computer and your GPRS enabled mobile phone. You can use it for monitoring, security, spying or just for plain fun.


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