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Registry ReplaceJune 29, 2015
This is a simple program used to do a quick Search or a Search and Replace of Strings in your Registry. I developed this for use at my work where I need to do Search and Replacing of Registry entries sometimes to fix PC's. It has been extensively used at my work but I must stress my disclaimer below. If you are attempting to do a search and replace on your registry and getting a lot of Access Denied errors you can enable the "Modify registry security for keys I cannot access" option and...

Random ImageJune 26, 2015
This simple script searches a special directory for images, then displays a ...

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Rosoft CD Extractor, Silver EditionJune 26, 2015
Turn your Audio CD library into mp3 files with this program. This program includes the best mp3 encoder you can get, it includes a demo version of Rosoft MP3 Encoder PlugiIn that includes "MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed from Fraunhofer". Although this program doesn't have the coolest look it sure has an interface that is easy to work with and at the same time the program give you lots of choises how to create your mp3 files. For example you can chose to store all files in sub...

Reorder Pdf pages to Booklet
Reorder Pdf pages to BookletJune 25, 2015
AxpertSoft pdf to booklet creator is easy to operate desktop utility. If you wish to print a normal pdf on A4 size paper sheet with 2 pages per sheet side by side in landscape mode, which can later be folded to make book, try AxpertSoft Pdf Booklet pdf creator tool which instantly reorder pages to make a booklet pdf. Program is sufficient enough in calculating which page must be placed before and which one after that.

Restrict a Pdf from printing
Restrict a Pdf from printingJune 23, 2015
Get a free copy to password secure and restrict pdf printing, copying, editing of AxpertSoft Pdf encryption software. Tool lets user to password protected pdf using open password and owner restrictions. This awesome desktop utility works great on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 operating system.

REDTAXFROG.COM Tax Preparation SoftwareJune 22, 2015
America's #1 efile tax software! Free tax preparation. No rebate gimmicks. Only $24. 95 if you choose to efile your federal return and your state is free. You may also choose to receive your refund in as little as 24 hours. All active military personnel can efile their federal &state return for free. We don't offer hidden fees or tricks. We offer safe, affordable &fast tax preparation &efiling.

Registry EliteJune 22, 2015
Registry Elite - Registry Scan, Repair, Optimize your PC & Boost PC Performance. How many errors does your PC have? Have you noticed that your PC seems to be getting slower each day and it crashes more frequently? This can happen because whenever you install or uninstall software, add or remove hardware; changes are made to the Windows registry. The 'registry' is like the GPS for your Windows operating system. It's the map your computer is constantly using to figure out how all the processes and files on...

Ryll Folder LockJune 21, 2015
Use this free application as a protective folder from the hands of irresponsible. Surely you already know what its function, its function is to lock your folders meeting in order not to steal people. Try to imagine if the data taken on the move by using the CUT command, you will definitely not confused.

RegArmor ProJune 21, 2015
Registry Armor Pro is designed to protect your privacy by cleaning up all your unwanted history data on your computer which could also put you at risk of identity theft. Registry Armor Pro will tweak your complete system to help boost your PC speed and overall system performance. You will have faster downloads, uploads, web surfing and more. Registry Armor Pro is the fastest way to adjust all your system settings at once. The PC Optimizer works by adjusting your system settings so that your machine will...

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RSS News FetchJune 18, 2015
This small script will fetch X number of items from an RSS feed and display ...

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Rockey4ND SDKJune 18, 2015
ROCKEY4ND hardware dongle is a programmable device that includes proprietary algorithms and customizable read/write memory. After certain programming, software applications will interact with the Rockey4ND dongle both at startup and runtime; If the dongle has been removed during application running, or if the application that interacts with the dongle has been accessed more than a number of times, it will output an error message and terminate, or take alternative actions to ensure compliance with your specified...

RW-EverythingJune 18, 2015
This utility access almost all the computer hardware, including PCI (PCI Express), PCI Index/Data, Memory, Memory Index/Data, I/O Space, I/O Index/Data, Super I/O, Clock Generator, DIMM SPD, SMBus Device, CPU MSR Registers, ATA/ATAPI Identify Data, ACPI Tables Dump (include AML decode), Embedded Controller, USB Information, SMBIOS Structures, PCI Option ROMs, MP Configuration Table and Remote Access. And also a Command Window is provided to access hardware manually.

Re-Use Locked PDF files
Re-Use Locked PDF filesJune 16, 2015
If you forgot your Acrobat PDF owner password and open document with latest Microsoft MS Word, a message may appear like the author of this document has set permissions... and restricts editing by saying that owner don’t allow the content to be re-used in other application. This extraneous situation of lost password from memory says We’re sorry. But don’t be panic; AWinware PDF Security Remover helps you in removing this forgotten password.

Rocker DongleJune 14, 2015
Rocker Dongle supports widest range of Motorola models present on market. Its unique algorithms allows handling and repairing of allmost any problem in Motorola phones. Secure unlocking without test point, flashing with latest firmware files, repairing software bugs - all these features are available only to Rocker Dongle users.

Rack2-FilerJune 14, 2015
Rack2-Filer is an application that allows you to manage all of your electronic files and scanned paper documents in easy to navigate digital binders. With this program, you can remove binders from the filing cabinet that appears on your computer screen and flip through each binder's pages or attach sticky notes. You can can effectively and efficiently find specific files by searching "titles", "sticky note" contents etc.

Roulette Las VegasJune 14, 2015
Customisable Game by TweeksPlease rate this file if you like using it. DescriptionRoulette, the iconic French casino game comes to Activeden. First played by French nobility in the Palais Royal, Roulette has become the casino game of choice because of its low House Edge and ease of play. This online version is fully customisable and is packed with all the features of the real life game. Features- Alter all the graphics (png and jpg). The background,

RingerJune 12, 2015
A personalised iPhone ringtone may impress the others and it allows you to stand out from them. Ringer, as its name suggests, is a software that allows you to create ringtones for iPhone.

Revolver CD Cover
Revolver CD CoverJune 11, 2015
Revolver CD cover makes professional design for CD, DVD, Blu-Ray labels. The working process is very easy. All you have to do is to choose a template and a type of disc cover, set your text and images and to choose type of printer paper. That's all. We automatized everything that could complicate your work. You can still change the options if you want to move on and to open the world of graphic design. Good luck in your creative work!

Remove Duplicate Music Premium ProJune 11, 2015
Remove Duplicate Music - with the duplicate music removing software, Recommended by Microsoft(R) Corporation. Find duplicate music files, delete duplicate music from MP3 music player, remove duplicate music files - with the duplicate music removing software. Duplicate music remover can remove music duplicates from iPod, Archos, Apple, Archos, Coby, Cowon, Creative Labs, Microsoft, Philips, RCA, Samsung, SanDisk, Sony and others. Music Management software can: ~ Find duplicate music, ...

RockXPJune 11, 2015
Rock XP is a very handy widget that allows you to gather diverse information on you PC, software on it. Generally, it retrieves information usually rather unavailable to the common user.


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