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NTFS Streams InfoNovember 02, 2016
NTFS Streams Info is a GUI based tool designed to easily detect the presence of Alternate Data Streams (ADS) in NTFS files and folders on local computers and across local network. With this tool you can also create, write, rename, delete and export ADS. NTFS files contain one primary stream and one or more alternate data streams. The problem is that NT comes with no utilities to list any stream other than primary stream in a file.

Novel Flash Screen SaverNovember 02, 2016
This program is a screen saver that plays a Flash movie of your choice. You can select a Flash movie from your hard disk or from the internet. The number of possibilities is simply unlimited. If you don't have a Flash movie at hand, don't worry. The built in default Flash movie is also a very good screen saver. What's more, you can use our Flash games as the screen saver! So you will never get bored.

Navicat for SQLite - The World Best SQLite GUI Tool for Windows - Download Now!November 01, 2016
Navicat is an ideal solution for SQLite administration and development. This is an all-inclusive SQLite front end provides a powerful graphical interface for databases management, development and maintenance. Easy installation and intuitive interface make it an irreplaceable tool for SQLite on the web or your local desktop. Navicat supports support SQLite version 2 and 3. Major features include management of SQLite objects, transfer data between different SQLite databases, synchronizing data between different...

NBMonitorNovember 01, 2016
As a number of ISP’s are now disconnecting customers for using “too much” bandwidth, knowing exactly how much you’ve downloaded or uploaded in a given month can be very helpful. NBMonitor tracks your Internet bandwidth (upload and downloads) usage, monitors all your Internet, it shows all the active connections you have to the Internet at any given moment and also the volume of traffic flowing through them. NBMonitor displays real-time details about your network connections and network adapter's...

NVIDIA DDS UtilitiesNovember 01, 2016
Included are a set of utilities for manipulating DDS image files, including: nvDXT, a command-line binary version of the nvDXT library, detach, a tool that extracts MIP levels from a DDS file, stitch, a tool that recombines MIP levels into a single DDS file and readDXT, which reads compressed images and writes TGA files.

Nokia DistrictOctober 31, 2016
Blog dedicated to Nokia, where you will discover the latest applications, games and themes for your Nokia device, and all news related about Nokia. Apps required: phone identity, photo, music, and video libraries, data services, HD720P (720x1280), WVGA (480x800), WXGA (768x1280)

Norton Identity SafeOctober 31, 2016
Norton Identity Safe is a handy password manager that integrates with your Internet browser and helps you safeguard sensitive login information.

NoWaiting Video to Mobile ConverterOctober 31, 2016
NoWaiting Video to Mobile Converter easy converts all popular video formats such as DVD, VCD, SVCD, AVI, DivX/Xvid, MPG, WMV, RM, MOV, MPEG (and many more) videos into Mobile Phone 3GP format.

 License: SharewareDetails
Network Traffic Monitor ExpertsOctober 31, 2016
Real-time display your computer's network traffic tools. Display all the network adapter on your computer. Selected to monitor the network adapter, Program will display real-time traffic information on the current network adapter, Include: (1)Adapter description, MAC Address, Speed; (2)Start time, Duration time; (3)Download:Traffic/Secord, Peak/second, Average/second, Total; (4)Upload:Traffic/Secord, Peak/second, Average/second, Total; (5)Users can control pause or resume. Works with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.

NetSieben SSH LibraryOctober 31, 2016
NetSieben SSH Library was developed as a Secure Shell client app that's been written in C++. The NetSieben SSH Library utilizes the Botan library for it's cryptographic functions, allowing for a large choice of algorithms to be used in SSH communications. As a developer you may wish to integrate SSH client functionality into your applications. You can now use the NetSieben's API, instead of spending countless hours developing your own solution.

Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic WindowsOctober 30, 2016
This fun math game for ages 4-15 covers all basic skills. Its board game format has 7500 number fact and problem questions in numeration, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentage and ratio at 26 graded levels. Varied question styles suit different learners. All players use content to suit their own math level. Dice roll and game strategy mean that any player (not necessarily the best at math) can win.

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Net Deed PlotterOctober 29, 2016
Map drawing software for people working in real estate. Features:  • A data entry editor that has the look and feel of a word processor editor. You can easily cut, copy, paste, correct, delete and insert large amounts of the data you have entered. These features are significantly improved in Net Deed Plotter.  • Accepts bearings, azimuths, deflections, interior angles, feet, meters, chains, poles, rods, perches, links, and varas.  • A curve...

Net AcceleratorOctober 28, 2016
Net Accelerat is a Internet speed booster that speeds up Web browsing, file downloading, emailing and online gaming dramatically. A much cheaper alternative to DSL or cable modems, Modem Booster can boost average Internet speed by 10-50% on the avera

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NetWrix PCI Compliance SuiteOctober 27, 2016
All organizations that accept credit cards are subject to PCI DSS compliance, as mandated by Payment Card Industry. PCI compliance is a set of ongoing activities that require significant efforts and dramatically change the way organization manage their IT infrastructure. NetWrix PCI Compliance Suite is a unified and cost-effective approach to sustaining PCI compliance in organizations that accept credit cards. The Suite covers the following aspects of PCI compliance: : Restrict...

Netflow CollectorOctober 27, 2016
Features:  • Netflow collector Windows service.  • Real-Time Netflow monitor.  • Netflow v5, v9 are supported.  • Failover database logging.  • Advanced reports with export features.  • Network problem detectors.  • Alert system via SMTP with Dial-Up support.  • Optional RAS service control module.

NetWrix FISMA Compliance SuiteOctober 27, 2016
All U. S. federal agencies are subject to FISMA compliance regulations that mandate the protection of all information with national security and economic interests of the United States. NetWrix FISMA Compliance Suite is a unified and cost-effective approach to sustaining FISMA compliance in all federal organizations. The Suite helps cover several important aspects of FISMA compliance, such access control, audit and accountability, certification, configuration management, media protection, personal...

NetSolitaire: Free Online HTML5 SolitaireOctober 24, 2016
Play in your browser a beautiful collection of favorite solitaire games: Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Scorpion, Pyramid and others! NetSolitaire Features: - 100% Free - No download or registration required - All your favorite solitaire games are here: Klondike (turn one, turn three), FreeCell, Spider (1 suit, 2 and 4 suits), Scorpion, Pyramid and many others - Smooth fluid and advanced animations - Many beautiful card sets, card backs and backgrounds to choose from - Automatic card flipping - Deal animation and...

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NIST-librandomtestsOctober 22, 2016
NIST benchmark for librandomtest. so checking. Includes source and object code. Eclipse and gcc parameters included. Implemets the following tests: Approximate Entropy, Block Frequency, Cumulative Sums, Discrete Fourier Transform, Linear Complexity, Longest Run Of Ones, Rank, Overlapping Template Matchings, Runs, Serial, Universal. Requirements: Linux 2. 6, Unix. gcc

 License: FreewareDetails
NetConceal AntiHistory
NetConceal AntiHistoryOctober 20, 2016
Erase history and tracks of your activity. Clear web browser history, cookies, temporary files, index. dat files, recent document lists, recently typed information, search history and many other dangerous tracks of your activity. Includes manual and scheduled operation, uses advanced data erasing techniques and supports vast majority of systems and applications out of the box. VERY easy to use: just install and click 'Start'. Supported systems applications:  • Internet Explorer (hsitory, ...

Ninja Dogs 2October 20, 2016
Destroy them with single shots and collect the bonuses. Upgrade your gun and shoot more accurate in the new castles. Try to solve every adventure and complete the levels.


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