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Motion ArtistMarch 16, 2016
MotionArtist 3. 0 makes creating Flash animation fast and simple. Script-free and affordable, with a cool library of ready-to-use Flash content, MotionArtist is the Flash animation solution for everyone, from first-time Flash users to advanced Flash designers. MotionArtist puts you on the fast track to exceptional, fast-loading flash animation.

Modern Creative Business Card Template GL2407March 07, 2016
FEATURES: 3. 52 inch, 300 dpi, CMYK Color, Print Ready, Fully Editable. FONTS USED: Nexa-Free-Font ZIP CONTAINS: 2 PSD Files, HELP GUIDE and TXT Files. Thanks

mikroBasic PRO for 8051
mikroBasic PRO for 8051March 07, 2016
mikroBasic PRO for 8051 is a comprehensive BASIC compiler for 8051 micro-controllers developed and marketed by Atmel and Silicon Labs. 8051 based embedded applications are developed, built and debugged using this compiler as a platform. This efficient application has a wide range of features such as easy-to-learn BASIC syntax, easy-to-use IDE, very compact and efficient code, many hardware and software libraries, comprehensive documentation, software simulator, etc.

Microsemi FlashProMarch 05, 2016
The Microsemi FlashPro programming system is a combination of Microsemi FlashPro software and a hardware programmer. Together they provide in-system programming (ISP) for all FPGAs in the IGLOO® Series and ProASIC®3 Series (including RT ProASIC3), and the SmartFusion™, Fusion, ProASICPLUS, and ProASIC families. Whether you are programming a board containing a single device or multiple devices connected in a chain, you can quickly program and reprogram Microsemi flash FPGAs by connecting to a PC and...

MathAudio Room EQ VST/VST3 (ZIP version)February 23, 2016
Minor update.

File size: 1.92MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
Marine Software Suite
Marine Software SuiteFebruary 19, 2016
Marine Software Suite is a user-friendly Draught Survey, Lashing Calc and Marine Navigator software for Marine Surveyors and Ships Officers. Marine Software Suite is easily operated using either mouse or keyboard. It complies with the latest UNECE standards and MSC "Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing" (2003 Edition) (Annex 13) for Draught Surveying and can print to all standard printer types. Marine Software Suite consists of three parts: Draught Survey, Lashing Calc, Marine...

My Net ViewFebruary 18, 2016
This tool is used to discover and display devices on your network, and to assist with some basic network diagnostics. With My Net View, you can find out which devices are connected and working, and if any connections have been lost since your last scan.

Mo-SearchFebruary 14, 2016
Each year hard drives become larger and provide more storage for data, such as more: photos, videos, music and documents. With human nature, increased storage space leads to more storage used. And as the number of files on your computer multiplies, information becomes difficult to locate and people find themselves lost under mountains of files. Mo-Search is a secure, powerful and easy to use application designed to help you get control of your computer's data. By quickly and easily locating files and lost data, ...

File size: 1.5MbLicense: BetaDetails
Magic Music Studio Pro
Magic Music Studio ProFebruary 13, 2016
Not only can you use Magic Music Studio Pro to grab music from a CD, but also record audios, in virtually any format. Stop there, and burn your improved, converted audio files to disc. Or use the advanced audio editor to create your own music and songs that you can transfer to CDs, or share it with your friends in party. Six applications are provided: Audio Recorder, Audio Converter, Audio Editor, Audio CD Burner, Audio MP3 CD Burner, Audio Grabber.

 License: SharewareDetails
Mysteryville 2 (free)February 07, 2016
Seeking a vacation in a charming little town, journalist Laura Winner returns to Mysteryville visit her friend Bill. When she arrives she discovers that he is missing and an odd art and jewelery auction about to take place. Are these two events linked? It up to Laura to find out, with your help of course, in this great sequel - Mysteryville 2. Download free full version game and help Laura to investigate the disappearance of your friend Bill and discover the truth of what's going on in Mysteryville...

MIDI to MP3 Converter for MacFebruary 06, 2016
There are many situations when you may need to convert MIDI to MP3 or WAV. MIDI files are very small, but they don't contain any audio data. Thus you cannot burn them to Audio CD directly, or play them with your MP3 player. That's where MIDI to MP3 Converter becomes extremely useful. MIDI to MP3 Converter for Mac is a tool that converts MIDI files to MP3 or WAV. It uses an intelligent conversion technique, allowing you to convert a 5 minute MIDI file in just a few seconds. It also produces high quality...

MARBLE Background PackFebruary 06, 2016
Background pack, compatible with any website (fullscreen or normal): - very easy to implement these backgrounds into your own projects (they can be fullscreen, or not, they will work either way); - tiled backgrounds, developed with ActionScript 2; - the package contains:. FLA sources, . SWF movies, the JPG tiles, HTML files with AC_RunActiveContent. js IE fix (equivalent of swfObject), and a very well explained HELP file (code commented); - the gradient movieclip resizes to the dimensions of the stage, and the tiles...

MT4 MonitorFebruary 06, 2016
The main area of my services is creating Expert Advisors and Custom Indicators for Metatrader platform. Most of the professional traders rely on automatic trading systems allowing them to strictly folow their trading strategies rules. Metatrader is a handy tool that incorporates trading terminal, charting analysis, backtesting strategies and autotrading them all-in-one. It's autotrading systems and custom indicators may be coded in quite simple programming language. But, in case, for some reason, you can not...

Motion JPEG PlayerFebruary 04, 2016
This is a small, compact and fast Motion JPEG player for wireless devices Java enabled. The player support also IP cameras which deliver JPEG still images. Motion JPEG player also supports HTTP Basic and Digest access authentication RFC2617 compliant.

Mount Image Pro
Mount Image ProFebruary 04, 2016
Mount Image Pro is a computer forensics tool for Computer Forensics investigations. It enables the mounting of: EnCase Unix/Linux DD images SMART ISO (CD and DVD images) image files as a drive letter under the Windows file system. Key Features: Map images as a single drive letter to explore "Unused/Non partitioned" disk space or map specific drive letters to any or all partitions within the image files. Use third party tools such as Recover My Files without the need to restore images to another PC. Now...

Mobile Media Web 3.0
Mobile Media Web 3.0February 04, 2016
Discover Web 3. 0 The Next Generation of the Internet. Online publication to access your mobile content anywhere and keep mobile users on the cutting edge of Mobile development, Free Content, Social Networks & Mobile Websites

MMA Showdown Flyer Vol. 1February 04, 2016
SPECI?CATIONS: • PSD FILES • Size 4x6" with bleeds 0. 25" • CMYK Color, 300 DPI, Ready to print • Minimum Use Adobe Photoshop CS3 • Photos not included in download?le • Easy to edit FONTS USED IN THE TEMPLATE: • Superstar-m54: http://www. dafont. com/superstar-m54. font • Wolf In The City: http://www. dafont. com/wolf-in-the-city. font • Bebas Neue:...

Mobile DataBaseFebruary 04, 2016
You can use this program to make your own comparisons about all the cell phones that are currently on the market. Mobile DataBase has tons of models registered in its database. Each one includes detailed information about its pros and cons, and the free version also includes an image so you can have a visual of the phone in question. Each phone's information also has direct links to different sites where you can download games, songs, and wallpapers designed for the phone. The program has filters...

MODBUS ASCII/RTU master and slave simulationFebruary 01, 2016
MODBUS Plugin is a useful test and diagnostic tool for verifying the proper slave response to MODBUS queries. MODBUS ASCII/RTU master and slave simulation plugin operates as a MODBUS master or slave device in either RTU or ASCII transmission modes. The plugin may be used to access and modify data points contained in one or more MODBUS slave devices connected to the PC via a serial port. MODBUS plugin supports the standard MODBUS message types 01-06, 7, 8, 11, 12, 15 &16, 17, 22 as well as...

MultiBatcherJanuary 29, 2016
MultiBatcher is a tool for automation and batch processing of repetitive tasks on the computer. With the built-in automation tasks modules you can e. g. generate image galleries, resize images, FTP upload files to multiple servers, rename files, search-and-replace text in files (optionally using regular expressions), and call external batch scripts and applications (thereby enabling even more uses). MultiBatcher is extendable. Programmers can write their own modules / plugins and thereby add new functionality...


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