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MRX Morse CodeMay 28, 2016
MRX Morse Code is a program designed to teach/improve morse code receive and transmit skills. MRX Morse Code will sound morse from 5 to 100 wpm, you can vary any aspect of the Morse Code sounding ratio, and the program supports features such as Atmospheric Noise, and Manualized morse sounding. Combinations of these settings can provide for extremely realistic HF morse.

Moto Racer 3May 28, 2016
Moto Racer 3 1. 3 is a game about moto races. It was developed by Delphine Software, that ended with a bankruptcy and liquidation in july 2004. There´s no official page anymore, the provided URL belongs to an ex-employee. Nevertheless, is still possible to download a demo from sites mentioned in that page, or the mirror that I provided. And you can buy a boxed copy of the game in the "Buy" link. The program can be installed an run in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian...

MyManuscripts Query and Submission TrackerMay 28, 2016
My Manuscripts Submission and Query Tracker is a software developed specifically for writers to organize the never ending pile of submissions to publishers and agents. Imagine the embarrassment of sending the same query to the same magazine twice…imagine the irritated editor who now targets you as a “SPAMMER” and adds your name to their junk mail list. That person might never see another one of your pitches again. The submission and query tracker keeps this from happening by recording each...

MIDI ManualsMay 28, 2016
MIDI Manuals is a Windows application allowing you to split your MIDI Keyboard into the two independent manuals (zones) even the keyboard itself doesn't support zone splitting. You can assing any MIDI instrument (patch) to each manual and play both hands simultaneously. You can't achieve that using popular sequencers like Cakewalk, Cubase or Logic Audio. You can also overlap the manuals producing combined sound of two instruments together. If you overlap the manuals and transpose one of them, you'll get...

MobisynapseMay 28, 2016
It's an Android Outlook Sync and Android desktop manager. You are able to sync outlook contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and reminders between Outlook and Android device. Sync apps, photos, music and videos between PC and Android device and support USB or WiFi connection between PC and Android device was never that easy.

MonkeyMote FoobarMay 28, 2016
MonkeyMote Foobar is a program that gives you a full-fledged foobar remote control for your iPhone or iPod Touch. The program allows you to load, create and edit playlists in your media library, stream audio from your PC to your device and save multiple connection profiles.

MXit EvoMay 28, 2016
Experience the excitement of MXit today and enjoy an instant messenger and Social Network all rolled into one. Never let the conversation stop. Stay in touch even when you are away from your phone, with MXit EVO PC. Find your friends in MXit using their MXit ID, phone number or name and we will help you get connected faster.

MXit EVO PC - 1May 28, 2016
Chat. Play. Trade. Make friends. Find love. Get the latest news and sports updates. Download music. Or join groups of like minded people. Connect with 50 million Mxit users across Africa using FREE online mobile messages. Express yourself. Share ideas. Exchange goods. Mxit works on almost 3000 mobile handsets, including yours. Stay in touch even when you are away from your phone, with Mxit EVO PC v. 1. 3. 1.

Magento QuickBooks Integration
Magento QuickBooks IntegrationMay 28, 2016
Magento QuickBooks Integration is a Store Manager for Magento addon which allows you to export your Magento products, customers and orders from your store to QuickBooks - well-known, powerful accounting software. Magento QuickBooks Integration addon can help you synchronize product and customer information between your online store and your accounting package, thus ensuring that order data is correctly assigned to the proper accounts. What Magento QuickBooks Integration can do for you:

MetaTrader TerminalMay 28, 2016
It represents the all-in-one concept and is the most popular trading terminal in the world. The MetaTrader 4 terminal is a perfectly equipped traders workplace that allows to trade in the financial markets (Forex, CFD and Futures). It provides the necessary tools and resources to analyze price dynamics of financial instruments, make the trade transactions, create and use automated trading programs (Expert Advisors).

MagAccess 2010May 28, 2016
Simple and powerful application for managing materials warehouse loading, unloading and yields. Ability to print and export inventory data to Excel.

MagTek ActiveX Control for Port

Powered Swipe Reader
May 28, 2016
The Port Powered Swipe Reader OCX supports a wide range of swipe readers including the RS-232 IntelliHead product line. MagTek ActiveX Control for Port Powered Swipe Reader works on following Operating Systems: Windows® 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. The program its available to download from magtek site.

multiplied challengeMay 28, 2016
The game features and advantages of Multiplied Challenge are: 2 game modes sequential or selective (full version) 2 forms of learning or review game (full version) 11 levels of play (full version) Interaction of children with new technologies Helps improve the level of analysis and understanding. LEVEL OF LEARNING This level of play is ideal for people who are just learning multiplicaryatables we can see the result of the operation on the bottom of the screen. REVIEW LEVEL This level of play is for people who...

Moursel Excel AddinMay 28, 2016
Moursel Excel AddIn makes the task of sending Bulk SMS very easy for our users. Moursel Excel AddIn seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Excel® and enables you to send SMS to mobile phones across the world from your PC using Microsoft Excel®. Software requires Internet Connection to work.

Modern Creative Business Card Template GL2452May 28, 2016
FEATURES: 3. 52 inch, 300 dpi, CMYK Color, Print Ready, Fully Editable. FONTS USED: • Nexa-Free-Font ZIP CONTAINS: 2 PSD Files, HELP GUIDE and TXT Files. Thanks

MSD GraphViewMay 28, 2016
GraphView is a Windows based application used to view, monitor, and modify user data for all MSD digital programmable products. A mouse is required to fully apply all features and functionality of Graphview. To implement Graphview, simply connect the MSD product to the serial port on the PC and verify that the PC is communicating with the MSD programmable product.

MSI Kombustor
MSI KombustorMay 28, 2016
Kombustor is MSI’s GPU stress test and graphics card benchmarking tool (for NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon). Kombustor 2. 3. 0 is the support of the GeForce GTX 680 (clock speeds, power monitoring as well as some small changes in KMark PhysX code), added GTX 680 current power consumption in the main interface.

MBRWizardMay 28, 2016
MBRWizard as a Master Boot Record management utility software to directly update and modify the MBR. In order to make certain you are able to perform MBR operations regardless of the Operating System you choose, I have versions available for Windows XP/2K/2003/PE/x64, DOS as well as LinuxMBRWizard was designed with a full set of features to help you solve most Master Boot Record (MBR) difficulties. We initially developed MBRWizard to resolve MBR problems caused by boot sector viruses, as well as those...

My Vista Folders Metal iconsMay 28, 2016
My Vista Folders Metal icons is a splendid set that will enable you to customize the looks of your computer folders using some high quality icons. My Vista Folders. Metal Suite. 9 icons up to 256x256

MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC18F MCUsMay 28, 2016
The PIC18 Starter Kit functions as a USB mouse, joystick or mass storage device all using the on-board capacitive touch sense pads. It includes a MicroSD™ memory card, potentiometer, acceleration sensor, and OLED display. With on-board debugger and programming, and USB power, the starter kit is a low-cost way to get started with the PIC18 family. This board features the PIC18F46J50 MCU with 64KB Flash, 4KB RAM, XLP low power, mTouch touch sensing and USB. The MCU is running Microchip’s FREE USB...


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