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Mobi3DApril 25, 2015
Mobi3D program is used for 3D furniture designing for manufacturers of furniture and other products made from sheet materials (wood, metal, glass, etc.. ), whose product range is wide or permanently changing Mobi3D is an easy to use, user-friendly software, with a simple interface. The usage of the software is simple and it does not require any special training.

Matrix-ksApril 25, 2015
- Includes automatic support for 1-5 (and more) monitor configurations! You don't have to do anything, it will recognize your other monitors automatically.  • You can choose color schemes! If you're tired of the lime green matrix animation, you can now choose red, yellow, white, blue, gold, pink, or even rotate each of them! You can also specify how often to rotate them.  • Includes option to display an image within the Matrix - choose any jpg, set the location and...

MoTeC i2 ProApril 25, 2015
MoTeC's i2 data analysis software has been developed over a number of years with valuable input from professional race teams worldwide. It delivers an extensive package of powerful analysis tools and innovative data management features, whilst maintaining a simple and intuitive user interface. Designed from the ground up for speed and flexibility, the i2 environment can be customised to specific user requirements. Any number and combination of graphs, gauges and reports can be analysed...

MoTeC i2 StandardApril 25, 2015
MoTeC's i2 data analysis software has been developed over a number of years with valuable input from professional race teams worldwide. It delivers an extensive package of powerful analysis tools and innovative data management features, whilst maintaining a simple and intuitive user interface.

M3 Data Recovery Free
M3 Data Recovery FreeApril 24, 2015
Clean: AdobeReaderXI was created for the simple reason, of taking away the mundane task, of clearing out recent files and folders listing/history in Adobe Reader XI. Now there is know need, to use the Windows Registry Editor, every time you want to clear the listing/history.

File size: 3.48MbLicense: FreeDetails
MobaMotivApril 24, 2015
MobaMotiv allows you to automatically create French cover letters ("lettre de motivation") for applying to jobs in France or in Quebec. It is very hard to write this kind of letter so this little free program will create a valuable one for you. After having described your profile, MobaMotiv will automatically display a perfect French cover letter that you will be able to send to recruiters.

ManyashaApril 21, 2015
Manyasha is an arcade game where the task is to release butterflies, while picking up chests and coins. Points are racked up, and you should go for the HighBonus if you can get it!

MIDI ManualsApril 21, 2015
Splits your MIDI keyboard into two independent manuals. MIDI Manuals is a Windows software allowing you to split your MIDI Keyboard into the two independent manuals (zones) even the keyboard itself doesn't support zone splitting. You can assing any MIDI instrument (patch) to each manual and play both hands simultaneously. You can't achieve that using popular sequencers like Cakewalk, Cubase or Logic Audio. You can also overlap the manuals producing combined sound of two instruments together. If you overlap the...

Music Collector
Music CollectorApril 21, 2015
Music Collector is a music file cataloging application. You can browse your music database in cover flow, sort lists any way you want, find music quickly and easily, keep track of your collection and wish list. Music Collector can also catalog your music files. Just let it scan your computer for digital music files, then automatically create new albums in your database using the information from the file tags.

Memory Card Undelete SoftwareApril 20, 2015
Download Memory Card Undelete Software from provides facility to salvage mistakenly erased memorable image collection from logically damaged digital camera memory card device. Professional data recovery application for SD memory card assist user to rescue all files and folders erased from SDHC card because of human mistake or improper media handling.

Microsoft Excel 2010 XLL Software Development KitApril 19, 2015
The Microsoft Office Excel 2010 XLL Software Development Kit (SDK) contains conceptual overviews, programming tasks, and sample projects to guide you in developing Excel 2010 XLLs. The Excel 2010 XLL SDK includes the following: C API includes header and source files that enable a DLL to access Excel 2010 functionality, and a description of the interface that a DLL should expose to work with the Excel Add-in Manager. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 projects includes C/C++ source code and...

M3 Bitlocker Recovery
M3 Bitlocker RecoveryApril 18, 2015
World's 1st Bitlocker recovery software to recover lost Bitlocker password and recover data from damaged Bitlocker drive, inaccessible Bitlocker drive, lost or deleted Bitlocker partition, etc.  • An easy-to-use wizard, no prior recovery skills needed  • Recover file types including: photos, videos, emails, documents, music  • Recover data from both hard drive and removable storage device  • Recover 1 GB data for free with the Free...

MWAGNPSApril 18, 2015
MWAGNPS is a plugin for MapWindow, an Open Source GIS system available, which runs under the Windows operating system. The MWAGNPS plugin, which is also open source, is downloaded as a Windows installer. Install MapWindow first, then run the MWAGNPS installer. MWAGNPS will appear in the Plug-ins menu the next time you start MapWindow.

Misha Adventure In Search Of Sausage
Misha Adventure In Search Of SausageApril 18, 2015
Description: A newly married couple decided to take a stroll after the wedding... But, unfortunately, they soon encountered a very greedy king. He was so greedy that he demanded a ransom for the release of Husband and Wife. What exactly does he want? Of course, the Sausages! And now you have to look for them...

My Farm Life 2
My Farm Life 2April 18, 2015
My Farm Life 2 takes casual games to new heights as players tend to crops 30 stories above busy city streets! As the premiere date for season two of My Farm Life approaches, the producer of the reality series is out of money and Lisa's job as host is in jeopardy. Just before the axe falls, a supermarket owner named Carlos agrees to fund the show in exchange for access to Lisa's organic products. Lisa agrees, and the cameras start rolling. Help Lisa tackle the unique challenges of running a...

Microinvest Warehouse Pro
Microinvest Warehouse ProApril 18, 2015
Microinvest Warehouse Pro is a flexible POS system for management of your business back office covering areas from warehouse availabilities to sales tracking and monitoring of operating cash flows. In Microinvest Warehouse Pro you can change the look of the documents you create with the program.

mediAvatar iPad Apps Transfer for MacApril 16, 2015
MediAvatar iPad Apps Transfer for Mac supports transferring apps between iPad and Mac. With it, you can also copy apps from iPad to iTunes, back up iPad apps to Mac, delete or move the apps back to iPad. With MediAvatar iPad Apps Transfer for Mac, it also becomes easy to add, save and delete the app documents for iPad apps. Overview 1. Transfer Apps between iPad, Mac and iTunes 2. App Documents Management 3. Show All Apps automatically Features 1. It saves time...

MelangeApril 16, 2015
Melange is a freeware technical-commercial program that calculates prices of mixtures (recipes) from two tables: one describing the compositions of mixtures and one table containing the prices of components. The application is completely SQL-driven.

 License: FreewareDetails
mp3 cutter 2014
mp3 cutter 2014April 16, 2015
Abelssoft provides the free app “mp3 cutter” to easily edit mp3 files.

File size: 13.48MbLicense: FreewareDetails
ModComApril 15, 2015
Free Windows software for Data Acquisition &Control, HMI / SCADA, Industrial Automation, Process Control, Test &Measurement, and Data Logging. Read data from external sensors, turn on/off electrical equipment, output control voltages, count or time external events, move stepper motors, track the position of rotary encoders, etc. Data can be plotted on chart recorder graph, written to file, or uploaded to a web page for viewing on a smart phone.


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