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MDI2PDFSeptember 28, 2015
The MDI format is a Microsoft image format used by some programs, like Microsoft Office Document Image Writer, to help you print documents in virtual form. The problem with this format is that it's not very handy - you can't even open it with many applications, never mind edit it. MDI2PDF is a tool that allows you to convert MDi files to PDF or JPG format, which is much more useful if you want to later send or edit the image. The basic version of MDI2PDF includes a...

MP3 Rocket Music Downloads
MP3 Rocket Music DownloadsSeptember 28, 2015
MP3 Rocket Music Downloads is an effective way to get files from the web. It is both powerful and ergonomic and easy to use. Entirely free, it works with all Windows Operating system.

MindscriptSeptember 28, 2015
Mindscript is an OpenSource visual programming software development environment. It's an novel way to develop software - easy and powerful. You can easily create programs for encryption, PostgreSQL, graphics, mathematics, file management, etc Project Homepage at: http://mindscript. sourceforge. net/

mytuning utilities
mytuning utilitiesSeptember 28, 2015
The mytuning utilities tuning software is a powerhouse for PCs, laptops and tablets running Microsoft operating systems. It detects dangerous data garbage and orphaned files which are no longer needed and removes them, along with power drains and other things slowing the computer down. It cleans the whole system, including the browser, and makes sure the PC carries on working as if it were brand new.

MPLAB C32September 28, 2015
The MPLAB C Compiler for PIC32 is a full-featured ANSI compliant C compiler for Microchip's PIC32 family of 32-bit microcontrollers. A free evaluation is available by downloading the Evaluation Edition. It has no code size limit and provides complete functionality for 60 days. The compiler is completely usable after 60 days other than certain optimization levels are disabled. The compiler is fully compatible with Microchip's MPLAB IDE and popular third party IDEs. Features:

Maguma Workbench (Linux)September 28, 2015
Maguma Workbench goes beyond a typical IDE. Fast, robust and modular, making it the most customizable IDE available. Maguma Workbench incorporates and modular plug-in architecture keeping the core product small and fast, while providing maximum flexibility and features. Combined with the Maguma Community users can get the most from their products and benefit from one another. Flexibilty for end-users to make Maguma Workbench do what they want it to do is part of the thinking behind the cross-platform architecture....

Masked DNSSeptember 26, 2015
Masked DNS is a software product which combines basic and advanced DNS functions. Masked DNS is implemented using the latest version of Microsoft. NET technology. This product is oriented for system administrators and software developers who use. NET platform and have a need to control and manage DNS. Masked DNS product is continually being developed in close contact with system administrators from all over the world. The version 1. 0 beta is aimed at evaluating all advantages and disadvantages of this product. As we...

Magic Pro MP-B 100 Bios 02September 24, 2015
1. Amendment CPU Ratio from 24. 5 x increased to a maximum 25 x 2. Optimization Phenom B3 Step CPU 3. Update AMD Agesacode 3. 1. 7. 0 4. Add TLB Check function 5. Solve the use of Phenom processor, BIOS Default settings HT Will be reduced to 1 GHz issues 6. Add support Realtek RTM880N-790 It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available. Do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay...

 License: FreewareDetails
mp3 cutter 2014
mp3 cutter 2014September 24, 2015
Abelssoft provides the free app “mp3 cutter” to easily edit mp3 files.

File size: 13.48MbLicense: FreewareDetails
mergetorrentSeptember 23, 2015
Using mergetorrent: 1. Add all the. torrent files that you want to fix. Also add any files or directories that might have relevant files. Don't worry if you add extra files or directories, mergetorrent will figure it out. 2. Exit uTorrent. 3. Press "Start!". The process might take a few minutes depending on how many torrents there are. (Around 1 minute per Gigabyte of data. ) 4. Restart uTorrent. 5. Stop all the torrents that you merged and "Force re-check" on...

MyWallpaperSeptember 23, 2015
Changes your desktop wallpaper at every startup. If you can't decide, which desktop wallpaper to use, you should give MyWallpaper a try. Simply add it to your autorun folder and your desktop will always be decorated by another image of your wallpaper collection. It makes sense to execute MyWallpaper at every (Re)boot. So you should put it into the autorun menu.

MP3 DatabaseSeptember 23, 2015
An MP3 database script much like the service that used to be available to ar...

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MSI IM-945GSE-A Intel Chipset Driver for 2000/XP/VistaSeptember 21, 2015
CPU Type Intel Atom Processor with BGA Package  • Processor Intel Atom N270 Processor  • Chipset Intel 945GSE + ICH7M  • Memory 1 x DDR2 SO-DIMM 533/400, up to 2GB  • Graphic Engine Intel GMA 950 Engine  • Display Port VGA, DVI-D  • Super I/O Rear I/O: 1 x RS-232, 1 x RS-232/RS-422/RS485(pin9: 5V/12V)

 License: FreewareDetails
MBOX to PST 2013 Conversion
MBOX to PST 2013 ConversionSeptember 19, 2015
There are other various alternative email clients of MS Outlook. Some of them are Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Entourage, PowerMail, Postbox, Netscape, PocoMail, Eudora, Spicebird and Opera email client. All email clients mentioned above use MBOX file format to store their email data. When users try to switch from such email platforms to MS Outlook platform then they face problems due to incompatibility of MBOX and PST file formats. But, by using a professional MBOX to PST email conversion tool you can...

MoodySeptember 19, 2015
Surprise your friends with new mood messages! Download Moody now.

Macrobject CHM-2-HTML Professional 2009September 19, 2015
Macrobject CHM-2-HTML Professional is a professional CHM Extractor Convert CHM to HTML/MHTML and CHM to HTML/MHTML. A powerful and easy-use HTML/MHTML Creator can Create perfect HTML from CHM. Unique features: Keeps the format and styles, Embed all images into HTML document, Save as MHTML (include images) supports, Command Line and Project supports for batch process.

M3 Photo Recovery Professional
M3 Photo Recovery ProfessionalSeptember 19, 2015
M3 Mac Photo Recovery Professional is an easy-to-use Mac photo recovery software to recover deleted, formatted or lost photos, pictures, songs, movies, and other multimedia files in Mac computer.

Manco ObfuscatorSeptember 19, 2015
It is not a secret the programs written for. NET are easy to reverse engineer. This is not in any way a fault in the design of. NET. It is simply a reality of modern, intermediate-compiled languages. Code obfuscation is a form of software protection against unauthorized reverse-engineering.

MetadefenderSeptember 18, 2015
Metadefender is an SDK, which allows integration of various antivirus engines into applications for real time scanning. Metadefender is not an end-user application but the library for software developers. Using Metadefender, you can integrate antivirus engines from Avast!, ClamAV, Quick Heal and VirusBuster EDK into your application. No antivirus can detect threats with 100% guarantee. Metadefender, which unites several different antivirus engines increases probability of successfully detecting malware....

MajorWare PDF To EPUB ConverterSeptember 18, 2015
Majorware PDF to EPUB Converter is a standalone and efficient desktop application to convert eBooks from PDF to EPUB format. Majorware PDF to EPUB Converter helps you convert eBooks from PDF to EPUB format, so you can read eBooks more easily on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Sony Reader or other eBook Readers.


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