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Wondershare Video Studio Expre...August 17, 2015
Enables you to edit and convert videos to various formats for different portable devices and share on YouTube. Wondershare Video Studio Express for Mac is a professional video editor for Mac which enables you to edit videos accurately with three timeline tracks and over 48 transition effects, upload videos to YouTube, and export videos to iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, etc. for wider sharing and enjoyment. High compatibility  • Help you manage various SD and HD video formats. No need to be...

Wedding Cards Design Software
Wedding Cards Design SoftwareAugust 17, 2015
Flexible and cost effective Card maker application is able to make attractive wedding card by using image designing tools including text, picture, ellipse, arc, rectangle, triangle, line, rounded rectangle, arc, star objects and no technical skill required to operate software. Wedding Cards Design Software has data set series feature to create multiple marriage cards and provides email setting to mail marriage invitation card among friends, relative etc.

Fire MessengerAugust 17, 2015
Fire Messenger is a simple instant messaging software which allows you to talk to another person across a local area network (LAN). Fire Messenger uses Windows XP’s shared folder by saving the message files and opening them constantly.

Dell Latitude ON ReaderAugust 17, 2015
Latitude ON is an Instant on or splashtop mini operating system offered by Dell on their new E-Series portables, there are two version of the solution, the first one, just called Latitude ON, its a hardware solution based on a chip integrated on the systemboard that fulfills basic user needs such as browsing the internet, working with office documents, windows calendar, mail and contacts. On the other hand, Latitude ON Reader is a freeware linux based solution that offers same functionalities but...

Audio To MIDI VST (MAC)August 17, 2015
WIDI Audio To MIDI VST plugin automatically transcribes arbitrary polyphonic audio tracks into MIDI output. Unlike the original audio record, the MIDI output can be easily edited. You can use this plugin for instant Wave-to-MIDI transcription while playing a musical instrument. The resulting MIDI output can be played back "as is" or used to control MIDI-driven effects. To use this plugin, you need VST-compatible software.

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Agendus for Palm OS Professional EditionAugust 17, 2015
The New Agendus 13: Accelerating Activity-Related Information Flow So You Get More Done today, tomorrow and beyond! And now, with the release of Version 13, Agendus has become even more finely tuned to accelerate activity-related information flow in a way that makes sense intuitively, can be tailored to meet your particular needs and is fun to use.  • Seamless Integration Agendus Automatically Connects the Dots. What made the Agendus such a favorite since Day 1 is how it...

Advansys Archive To GoAugust 17, 2015
Archive To Go can be operated by an end-user in Local access or administrators can use secure Enterprise access, which enables centralized mailbox export of any user's account without detection (the Administrator does not need to know the user's GroupWise password for Enterprise Mode operation). Archive To Go supports all GroupWise group and posted message types, including calendar items (appointments, events, notes, tasks), mail, phone, personal address book contacts and document...

Audio Driver for Gateway MX6900 Series (Vista)August 17, 2015
Download the Audio driver for Gateway MX6900 motherboard Series. Sigmatel Audio driver. Compatibility: Windows Vista.

TownScape USB Anti-Virus
TownScape USB Anti-VirusAugust 16, 2015
TownScape USB Anti-Virus Focuses on the fact that most viruses infect computers through USB/Flash Drives. The solution is simple: Prevention. Traditional antivirus software require updating which also becomes part of the problem if the computer is not updated, giving a sense of false security to the user. TownScape USB Anti-Virus fights them without even knowing them or what their names are.

TrackerProAugust 16, 2015
TrackerPro allows easily increase your ratio on BitTorrent trackers like filelist. org, torrentbytes. net and others. Download some torrent files to your local drive. Start TrackerPro. Add torrent files to TrackerPro. Torrent Pro will start to increase your Upload data without really uploading or downloading something.

Photo Transfer WiFiAugust 16, 2015
Photo Transfer WiFi is a straight and effortless way to transfer your photos and videos between iPhones, iPads and computers. Forget about hassle with transferring your media via iTunes, iCloud. Features:  • Send photos and videos from iPhone or iPod Touch to other iPhone with a simple drag and drop  • Transfer media from your PC or Mac to iPhone or iPod Touch  • Download photos and videos to your computer from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and...

Passcert Cisco 810-420 exam dumpsAugust 16, 2015
Passcert Cisco 810-420 exam dumps are available in pdf and software format. This makes it very convenient for you to follow the course and study exam whenever and wherever you want. The 810-420 exam dumps follow the exact paper pattern and question type of the actual 810-420 certificate exam. it lets you recreate the exact exam scenario, so you are armed with the correct information for the 810-420 certification exam.

Microsoft Live MeetingAugust 16, 2015
It is true that we cannot be everywhere at the same time. However, it is possible to discuss with several people at the same time. Microsoft Live Meeting has been specially designed to meet the needs of professionals in field of communication.

F1 2010 Textures EditoAugust 16, 2015
F1 2010 Textures Editor is a tool for changing the way an F1 car looks like. With F1 2010 TE open. pssg file you would like to edit. Main features:  • Works with 80% of. pssg files that includes textures  • Import: Supported formats bmp, png, dds  • Export: Supported formats dds and png

EMS SQL Manager for Oracle Freeware
EMS SQL Manager for Oracle FreewareAugust 16, 2015
EMS SQL Manager for Oracle Freeware is a high performance database tool for Oracle database development and administration. SQL Manager for Oracle works with any Oracle versions from 8. 1. 7 to the newest one and supports the latest Oracle Database features and data types including compressed, OLAP, read-only and read-write tables; invisible indexes; compound triggers, triggers with FOLLOWS clause and others. It offers plenty of powerful Oracle tools for effective Oracle security management and many more useful...

AC-3 ACM CodecAugust 16, 2015
Makes it possible to preview, decode, and encode AC-3 audio in VirtualDub (or almost any ACM client). If you've never installed the codec before, simply double-click the approriate. bat file for your platform (32-bit or 64-bit). You must right click the. bat file an select "Run as administrator" if you are using Windows Vista or higher. If you get a scary warning that the codec has not passed "Windows Logo testing" (which is quite true by the way), choose to "Continue...

Z80 Portable Emulation PackageAugust 15, 2015
This is the portable source code for teh Z80 and 6502 emulation cores. They are used in projects, such as fMSX, MasterGear, ColEm, Speccy, and iNES, as well as by other people:  • Z88DK cross-development kit for Z80-based systems by Dominic Morris.  • 80x86-optimized Z80 core and other projects by Marcel de Kogel.  • Microcomputer Design course in the University of York by Don Goodeve.  • Z80 part of the Genesis emulator (GenEm) by...

ZigFu ZigJS OpenNI BundleAugust 15, 2015
Zigfu Browser Plugin helps you to play games online using the Microsoft Kinect or ASUS Xtion. You just have to download the plugin, activate your sensor, and start playing. This great plugin represents the easiest way to make and play Kinect applications.

Windows Defender
Windows DefenderAugust 15, 2015
Windows Defender (aka known Microsoft AntiSpyware) is a Microsoft tool which will analyze the system searching for malicious software in your computer. It also protects your system in real time, avoiding this kind of software to be installed. Windows Defender is an easy to use tool which offers an intuitive interface and several options. Plan analyses eachcertain time, configure the advices and warnings and choose the elements to be analyzed by Windows Defender. The...

Windows Live SuiteAugust 15, 2015
Microsoft is now launching new products and creating new utilities for our PC. t is powering up the suite for our PC and its interaction with the Web experience. Now and thanks to this Windows Live Suite we will be able to have all of them in our PC. Windows Live Suite is an utility pack which will make your daily tasks to be easier. It offers you the email client, instant messenger client, the suite for pictures and photos, an offline blog editor, a help bar and even an adult content...


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