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FohXJanuary 05, 2016
Fohx was designed to be easy to use. With a simple interface design you can perform all your security needs with a few clicks. FohX is not a resource hog like so many other programs. FohX allows you to see exactly what is happening with your computer and removes malware when necessary.

Elite ForcesJanuary 05, 2016
Wage war against enemy forces in Elite Forces: Warfare. Keep your base protected as you invade enemy territory in attempt to take over their base. Build more troops, plant mines, and gun down everyone that opposes you. Move your Hero by WASD/Arrows, Use his abilities, command your army.

Elite Utilities ProJanuary 05, 2016
Enjoy a fine-tuned computer with Elite Utilities Professional. This is a powerful multi-purpose solution that keeps your computer healthy, preventing and solving common problems that can be caused by everyday use of the system. Optimize your system to the full power of performance. With Elite Utilities you will have more than 60 applications to help you optimize your system's performance and its stability. Repair your system can be very difficult especially for users that do not have a lot of...

Disable Autorun/Autoplay
Disable Autorun/AutoplayJanuary 05, 2016
Disable Autorun/Autoplay is a freeware to disable or enable the Autorun/Autoplay feature of Windows. Online help will be available on disableautorun. com, no complex operations, very easy-to-use. Features: 1. Disables AutoRun on drives of unknown type 2. Disables AutoRun on removable drives 3. Disables AutoRun on fixed drives 4. Disables AutoRun on network drives 5. Disables AutoRun on CD-ROM drives 6. Disables AutoRun on RAM disks

DbOpticJanuary 05, 2016
dbOptic is easy-to-use, high-performance optical design software with most of the features of applications costing 10 or 20 times as much. In addition to being an excellent resource for optics professionals, this software was developed in consideration of the needs of educators and technical professionals with training in other disciplines. Features include... - Capability to create and analyze systems with up to 99 surfaces including spherical and aspheric surfaces, flats and irises. - A fully integrated glass...

DoobleJanuary 05, 2016
Dooble is a new web browser based on WebKit whose main goal is to keep user's privacy, although it is still in development phase. Dooble uses the same render engine that Safari, Webkit, and uses Yacy as default search engine. That search engine is a P2P one in which all users are spiders themselves. Appart from this, we can say it can become a good choice, but it's still in development, so if you are a novice, we don't recommend it. If you want to try something new from its very beginning, ...

Desktop Publisher ProJanuary 05, 2016
Would you like to make high-quality publications such as brochure, newsletters or book template? Desktop Publisher Pro application is the ideal choice for business, education or home professionals. Using classic DTP interface with user friendly tools, you'll enjoy to work with our publishing software. Desktop Publisher Pro is a high quality, low cost, full featured desktop publishing tool for the professional and novice alike. Desktop Publisher Pro delivers the power-packed desktop publishing solutions...

CDBurnerXP PortableJanuary 05, 2016
CDBurnerXP is a classic free DVD burning application used by thousands of users and now it is also offered in a portable version. In this case, CDBurnerXP purposes us an easy and full-featured way to generate CD and DVD copies of all kinds: Audio CDs, Video, Data, copy and create images.. It supports ISO images and burnproof technology to avoid the fails during the burning process due to a lack of data. Of course it also burns and erases rewritable CDs and DVDs. Of course, it...

CheckprojectJanuary 05, 2016
After revision of projects in most cases it is inevitably that pictures and/or pages become missing or redundant. The program combs through all directories of the project, to find such deficiencies. After check up the results may be printed out and redundant objects may moved to another directory. Redundant objects consume server space and missing objects lead to irritating malfunctions of website-display - the visiting card of your undertaking.

CactusVPNJanuary 05, 2016
With CactusVPN you don't need special abilities to have a secured and encrypted internet connection. Just enter your username and password, choose the server and protocol and connect. With this application you will be protected even if the connection is not stable. Setup which applications will be closed when the connection drops.

Convert PPT
Convert PPTJanuary 05, 2016
Convert PPT application was designed to help you convert. ppt files to self-running exe file or gif, jpg, png, bmp, rtf, html files. Topalt Convert PPT is simple and easy to use application that converts entire PowerPoint presentation to various file formats. It can convert ppt files to exe file that can be used to preview presentations on machines that doesn™t have PowerPoint installed. Another useful application for this software is converting presentation to gif, jpg, png or bmp images....

Botanica Into the Unknown CEJanuary 05, 2016
You are Dr. Ellie Wright, a botanist stranded on a strange planet called Botanica. Full of curious creatures and exotic landscapes, Botanica is like nothing you’ve ever seen! Test your wits as you navigate through lush forests, steampunk villages.

 License: FreewareDetails
Batch PPTX and PPSX Converter
Batch PPTX and PPSX ConverterJanuary 05, 2016
Pptx to Ppsx &Ppsx to Pptx Batch Converter. Pptx to Ppsx &Ppsx to Pptx Batch Converter convert Presentation to/from Show. Batch PPTX AND PPSX Converter is a PowerPoint PPTX to PPSX, PPSX to PPTX Batch Converter that can convert PPTX to PPSX (ppt to pps) and PPSX to PPTX (pps to ppt) easily. Batch PPTX to PPSX Converter supports powerful search for batch files. Batch PPTX AND PPSX Converter supports project and command line. Batch PPTX AND PPSX Converter has a friendly GUI so it is used very...

Alcohol 120%
Alcohol 120%January 05, 2016
Supports: Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP Can handle up to 31 virtual CD &DVD-ROM drives, all at once! So you can run several CD &DVD programs simultaneously. 200X CD-ROM reading speed

 License: SharewareDetails
Aloaha PDF Viewer
Aloaha PDF ViewerJanuary 05, 2016
Aloaha portable PDF Reader and Viewer, supports split, merge, print, re-order of PDF pages. Save as pdf, img or html. Extract as text or img to clipboard. Tiny footprint. Features: Multi-Threaded Page rendering, Works completly in memory so no PDF leftovers in %temp% for extra security, Secure - do not get infected with viruses and keep sensitive information safe, Tiny Footprint ZUGFeRD Viewer

AFU Form SubmitJanuary 05, 2016
This script gives you form processing power! Request any information from yo...

File size: 0MbLicense: CommercialDetails
AutoFollowupJanuary 05, 2016
Follow up with customers, sending them unlimited autoresponders with a perso...

File size: 0MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Windowblinds 5January 04, 2016
Customize the look and feel of Windows XP or Vista with WindowBlinds. WindowBlinds is a program that enables users to customize the look and feel of the graphical user interface of Microsoft Windows. By applying "skins", WindowBlinds can change title bars, borders, push buttons, scroll bars, the taskbar, the Start menu and virtually every element of the Windows environment. Thousands of different skins exist and can be created using a free program called SkinStudio. WindowBlinds 5. 5 is a major update in...

WebESCJanuary 04, 2016
WebESC is a utility to help you validate Web links. You can verify links existency, and changes in sizes of remote files. You can compare your site stored locally on your disk to your web site as can verify if all the files are succesfully uploaded or changed by a hacker. If you have links to other sites you can check broken links and version changes. For example, on release date, WebESC could check RapidShare links if broken. WebESC in local mode helps you to track the file changes on your computer.

File size: 0.1221MbLicense: FreewareDetails
PCMate Free File Shredder
PCMate Free File ShredderJanuary 04, 2016
PCMate Free File Shredder is a secure and accurate free file eraser application for Windows that allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns (Gutman, USDoD and others). This free file shredder helps shred files, folders as well as wipe recycle bin to protect your private data. Just drag &drop files and folders to the main window of the programs for removal to keep your business secret from being disclosed or...


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