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License4J Auto License Generation And Activation ServerJuly 02, 2015
License4J Auto License Generation and Activation Server was designed to access your database storage and to generate licenses automatically. It can also manage activation requests while also performing all the security checks that are necessary in such a task.

Labels XJune 30, 2015
Labels X enhances Apple's file labeling features in Mac OS X. This means that, not only can you apply various color tints to file or folder icons, but also you have an option of applying color tints to either an icon or its name or both. This gives you more freedom and options in organizing your files. Features:  • Applies color tint labels to Finder icons  • Change the "bubble" color  • Simple preference pane with an ability to...

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Lionsea VOB Converter UltimateJune 29, 2015
Moreover, the powerful VOB conversion software allows you to convert DVD for playback on personal computer and almost all portable devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablets, Zune, Xbox 360, PSP, PS3, Kindle File, Google Nexus, Microsoft Surface and so on. The easy-to-use converter is also featured some basic editing functions like compressing video, increasing the audio volume, getting rid of ads.

Lark Scheduled Audio BroadcasterJune 29, 2015
Lark Scheduled Audio Broadcaster is simple in operation, comprehensive in function: 1, Automatic timed playback of MP3 background music, ringtones, music of setting-up exercise, music of eye exercise, national anthem, the bell for class preparation, bell for class start, bell for class dismissal, reveille, and other optional broadcasting music and programs, 2, Automatic timed broadcast of teaching films, films, PPT and other videos to the electronic screen or television, with the support for up to 560...

Lionsea Video Editor UltimateJune 29, 2015
Video Editor is a kind of powerful video converter software which is featured by its easy to use, top speed and high quality. It is capable of converting videos/audios of all popular formats such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, H. 264/AVC, DivX, MP4, MKV, RM, MOV, XviD, 3GP, FLV, MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, AC3, etc. It is your best choice to convert video, audio, and animated images. What's more, it can support multiple languages!

Lightning BreakJune 29, 2015
Lightning Break is a interesting sport game for free. Each level has an objective you must complete in the time allowed. Pot red and color balls alternately to make a break. There is only one red, so it will appear in the triangle again, once it has been potted. The dotted line around the balls shows which ball you need to put next. For each pot you make, you score the value left on the countdown multiplied by the value of the ball. Red is worth one point, yellow two...

LiveProject Team Viewer
LiveProject Team ViewerJune 29, 2015
LiveProject allows you to view and print your project's. MPP file on any computer without the need or cost of multiple Microsoft Project licenses. Our Team Viewer lets you encrypt and safely distribute your project, share documents and track revisions, thereby allowing you to keep everyone better informed and on schedule. Includes Project Dashboards and Project Portfolio Dashboards.

Lionsea AVI To WMV Converter UltimateJune 28, 2015
AVI to WMV Converter offers you the Best Way to Free Convert Video from AVI to WMV with Fast Speed and High Quality. AVI to WMV Converter is 100% Safe, No Spyware, No Malware, No Adware and No Viruses.

Lionsea M2TS Converter UltimateJune 28, 2015
M2TS Converter is one of best video converter for your AVCHD camcorder, Apple iPOD and PSP device. It allows you to edit footage from an AVCHD video camera and HD Camcorders in Microsoft Movie Maker or other video editing suite on the PC. M2TS Converter is a powerful video converter which is able to Convert over 160 formats, available for 150 devices. It can help you convert any video format to another on any device.

Lego Super Arkanoid
Lego Super ArkanoidJune 28, 2015
Lego Super Arkanoid is a bright, colorful 3D Arkanoid-style 'Lego' game. Tackle both simple and complex levels. The further you go, the more interesting the levels become. Within the breakout are not only common bricks, but barely visible ones, as well as increased ball speed, reducing or increasing the speed of the platform, bonus lives and more... Play now!

Leopard Cache CleanerJune 27, 2015
Leopard Cache Cleaner as the name already suggest is a cleaning tool for Macintosh. Designed to improve the performance of your Mac, it is able to remove all unnecessary files, including cache files, log, index, empty folders, etc..

LingvoSoft Free Talking Dictionary English Swedish for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Free Talking Dictionary English Swedish for Pocket PCJune 26, 2015
LingvoSoft Dictionary Free?is a free talking dictionary with a 19. 000 word database for you and your friends. The functional aspects of the Free Dictionary are completely the same as those of the commercial versions. The synthesizer (Text-to-Speech engine) is built on innovative formant synthesis, which creates vocal simulations by modeling the sounds of natural human tongue. The application is concise and takes up little space.

Little AlchemyJune 26, 2015
Little Alchemy is a popular app based on the classic old game - Alchemy. You can start with only four basic elements in your library, then mix them and create a lot more.

Longshore Man
Longshore ManJune 26, 2015
Plot: You are a longshoreman, and your task is to move the boxes. Hazards: Find oneself in a narrow space, Blow to head by box. Controls: F1 - Help Arrows - movement and jumping Enter - beginning of the level Cheat codes: F12 F - show fps F12 IK - helmet F12 GH - Jumping boots Languages: English/Russian

LingvoSoft PhraseBook 2008 English TurkishJune 26, 2015
The intelligent solution for portable communication that features more than 14, 000 phrases for all common situations. LingvoSoft PhraseBook provides instant bidirectional translation of thousands of practical and useful phrases.

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lucid-dark minimal forwardJune 25, 2015
lucid-dark minimal forward is a screenlet that offers control buttons for the minimalistic lucid-dark theme. Developer comments I only need a forward button and therefore only this version is available. About Screenlets: Screenlets is the name of both a set of independently-developed widget applications and the widget engine which runs them. The engine runs primarily on X11-based compositing window managers, most notably the Compiz (under Linux) architecture.

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LTspice IVJune 22, 2015
LTspice IV is a high performance SPICE simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of switching regulators. Our enhancements to SPICE have made simulating switching regulators extremely fast compared to normal SPICE simulators, allowing the user to view waveforms for most switching regulators in just a few minutes. Included in this download are LTspice IV, Macro Models for 80% of Linear Technology's switching regulators, over 200 op amp models, as well as...

LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook 2008 ZHCTR KOJune 21, 2015
The intelligent talking solution for portable communication that features more than 14, 000 phrases for all common situations.

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Loyola University Maryland Browser

June 21, 2015
This is a browser experience designed especially for the Loyola athletics fans. The addin can be installed on different browser applications. Features:  • A stunning Greyhound theme  • Quick links to the best of Loyola athletics  • A multimedia sidebar for the latest action

Laerskool MikroJune 21, 2015
Laerskool Mikro is a lightweight application that runs on every parent's computer. Information is automatically updated every time the school adds new content, even when Laerskool Mikro is not currently running. Laerskool Mikro launches every morning, so parents see your school news at least once a day.


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