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iPhoneStalkerJuly 31, 2015
This is a simple Java application which lists the locations stored in your local iPhone backup files, or where it currently is at by find my iPhone. Features  • Find my iPhone tracking.  • Auto loading of backup folders on Windows (7 tested, Vista/NT/XP should work), and Mac OSX (10. 6. 7 tested).  • Routing lines between points.  • Ability to export to a KML file for use in Google earth/maps.

IsagenixJuly 31, 2015
Natural Isagenix Body Cleansing Toolbar Info And Links To News, Resources &Articles On Health And Wellness

iTunes Album Art ImporterJuly 31, 2015
A command line script that imports music and album art into iTunes on Windows. usage: import_to_itunes. bat -s directory directory directory directory  • s Sync iTunes with the current state of the file system. If files have been moved or deleted remove them from iTunes.  • d Add a directory of files to iTunes.  • dr Recursively add files within a directory to iTunes.  • r Remove a directory of files from iTunes.

Internet Download AceleratorJuly 31, 2015
Thanks to Internet Download Accelerator, you’ll be able to speed up the download rates, no matter if you download by using HTTP, HTTPS or FTP protocols. That acceleration is achieved by splitting the file being downloaded into several parts and downloading those parts at the same time so you will be able to have the file in your computer much earlier.. It integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Netscape and others and can be automatically run whenever you copy a link to...

iTunes Match TaggerJuly 31, 2015
This script goes through any iCloud Matched songs in your iTunes library and tries to update the metadata from the iTunes Store.  • Only works with matched and downloaded AAC files!  • Supported iTunes-Languages: german, english, frensch, dutch, spanish, portuguese, swedish, italian and japanese

iTunes M4P ConverterJuly 29, 2015
iTunes M4P Converter is a professional DRM copy protected remove program that can remove DRM from iTunes music and movie files. As iTunes converter, you can convert iTunes to MP3, WMA, WAV, etc fast and easy. As M4P converter, you can easily convert M4P to MP3, M4A, WMA, WAV etc. Free download the iTunes to MP3 converter, M4P to MP3 converter software to convert iTunes file to MP3, convert M4P file to MP3 now. Recording at speeds up to 27x, the iTunes converter, M4P converter software frees your entire...

Inventory Biz Standard
Inventory Biz StandardJuly 29, 2015
Inventory Biz Standard is a simple inventory solution that allows you to manage your stock and transactions with your business partners. The program can manage a large database with stock information and record payments, sales or purchases for your daily activity. You can use the program to generate more that one hundred reports and to issue bills or receipts for every transaction. The integrated accounting functions enables you to create account statements and balance sheets based on the recorded...

InstrumentLab VC++
InstrumentLab VC++July 29, 2015
Visual C++ Visual instruments library - Angular, Linear and Digital Gauges, Thermometers, Clocks, Segment Text, Segment Indicators, Progress Bars, LEDs, Spectrum, Matrix display, Glass Panel, GDI+ rendered

 License: SharewareDetails
InventoriaJuly 29, 2015
Inventoria is a business management program designed to control the inventory for any business, even one with multiple sites, so you can always keep on top of every little detail in your business. This program is particularly useful for keeping track of inventories in small and medium sized enterprises with one or more locations. You can easily manage stock quantities, stock movements, set low-level alerts and generate and send purchase orders. Inventoria sorts the stock items by...

InboxRULES For Outlook RulesJuly 29, 2015
InboxRULES for Outlook Rules is developed as a Outlook add-in that can help you save / print messages, and extract data from message that arrive to a MS Exchange Server mailbox or Outlook account. The InboxRULES architecture allows you to add new actions and restrictions to the program rules. InboxRULES is able to use different rules for each exchange server mailbox and as an addition it is possible to define global rules, which are common for all mailboxes.

iPhone USB Explorer
iPhone USB ExplorerJuly 29, 2015
iPhone USB Explorer lets you copy files to and from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad over USB. With iPhone USB Explorer, you can use your jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as a USB drive to store any data. You can also change the system files on your device for customizing themes and other elements. iPhone USB Explorer is free, portable (no installation required) and is faster than any other way of transferring files to your device.

Identity Developer Training KitJuly 28, 2015
The Identity Developer Training Kit contains a set of hands-on labs, documents and references that will help you to learn how to take advantage of Microsoft's latest identity and access control developer's products and services. System Requirements  • Supported Operating Systems:Windows 7;Windows 7 Service Pack 1;Windows Server 2008;Windows Server 2008 R2;Windows Vista Service Pack 2  • Other Requirements (February 2011) o. NET Framework 4. 0 o Visual...

Intel Desktop Control CenterJuly 26, 2015
Intel Desktop Control Center performs stress tests to verify system stability and to conduct performance testing Intel Desktop Control Center allows you to perform stress tests to verify system stability and to conduct performance testing to measure the impact of system configuration changes. The easy-to-read system gauges provide feedback so you can observe the effects of various system modifications in real-time. This easy-to-use console dynamically displays temperatures, speed, ...

Internet Phone Number Finder
Internet Phone Number FinderJuly 26, 2015
Internet Phone Number Finder is a program that allows you to find phone numbers, cell phone numbers and fax numbers on the Internet. You can extract phone numbers from search engines via keywords or from websites via URLs, filter your search and export to results to CSV or TXT.

Internet Usage Monitor 7.7July 26, 2015
> Automatically detects when you go online > Online Timer Displays Time/Time left and Cost simultaneously > Cost support for almost all countries. Four zones for more flexibility > European number system compatibility > Keeps account of Failed Login attempts > Reminder Facility with two characters (Mr. Zap &Mr. Band) > Custom sound playing option at reminder > Cool Skinnable Interface > It Speaks Too!!! Hear it to believe it > Detailed Yearly/Monthly/Session...

ICQ PlusJuly 26, 2015
With this add-on users can create their own skins and sound events, or download and install them into ICQ plus.

Instamaster botJuly 26, 2015
This windows application bot will auto comment, like, follow, unfollow on Instagram using iconosquare. com With this bot you can easily comment and like on pictures marked with specific tag and follow/unfollow users. You can comment and like on multiple pictures filtered by stated tag on Instagram and follow/unfollow users and all this with SINGLE CLICK!

iCoolsoft TRP Converter
iCoolsoft TRP ConverterJuly 26, 2015
iCoolsoft TRP Converter can help you to convert TRP files to any video format, such as, MP4, MOV, M4V, AVI, WMV, MPG, TS, 3GP, 3G2, VOB, ASF, MKV, SWF, FLV, DV, DPG, AMV, and MTV. it also supports converting between other popular video and audio files

 License: SharewareDetails
Icons-Land Map Markers Vector Icons
Icons-Land Map Markers Vector IconsJuly 26, 2015
This icon set contains great number of vector icons to be used in mapping systems, cartography, local service providers systems, GIS applications, GPS tracking applications. Icons-Land Map Markers Vector Icons contains vector icons with layers in 12 colors and shadow.

Insert IMDb InfoJuly 25, 2015
Insert IMDb Info is a plugin for Windows Live Writer. Search IMDb and then insert film details into your blog. The Insert IMDb Info plugin for Windows Live Writer will allow you to search IMDb and then insert film details into your blog entry within Windows Live Writer. This plugin was made using the ImdbServices wrapper. Requirements:  • Windows Live Writer  • NET Framework


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