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Golden Tour Slots Portable MultilingualMay 01, 2015
Golden Tour Slots Portable Multilingual - download and play. No installation needed. The object of Golden Tour is to obtain a winning symbol combination by spinning the reels.

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Game Cheater ArtMoney Pro
Game Cheater ArtMoney ProApril 29, 2015
ArtMoney can make a troublesome game easier to win by helping you find the memory address where a desired quantity (like amount of money) is located so you can change that quantity. In spite of its title, ArtMoney actually allows you to change any quantity specified in a game, whether it be dollars, bullets, swords, or health points. Buy PRO edition and get extra features and full technical support via email.

Grungy Facebook Timeline CoverApril 27, 2015
FEATURES: • 1 PSD • 851315 px • 100% Layered • Easy to Edit • Timeline Ready • Help Guide Included

GTAV5_HD_WallpaperApril 27, 2015
Grand theft auto 5/V fans should definitely download this collection of marvelous wallpapers in high definition resolution. These wallpapers and images are the great example of the beautiful graphic art in this game.

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GTA San Andreas Powerful Mode ModApril 26, 2015
With the ability to create mods, developers and gaming fans alike think of their own ideas to make a mod. In this case, Rapier created a mod that expresses a wish we all may have at some point: having super powers. The mod is made for GTA: San Andreas and its actually not much more than a series of scripts. But you will be amazed of how much fun you can have with this mod. A lot of people like to just roam around GTA to see what they can do, well this is the case for the Powerful Mode Mod, but you have...

Ginkgo Paint!April 25, 2015
Lovely coloring book program for children (age 3+). It helps them to use the mouse properly and guides them in the world of colors. The program lets you color 15 lovely, hand-made drawings and you can also print them to decorate the wall of your room.

Gamma Control V3April 24, 2015
Gamma Control v3 also offers custom hotkeys! With Gamma Control you can adjust the gamma on your computer. Let me give you an example of when to use it: If you are playing a game, lets say Counter Strike. In Counter Strike there are a lot of dark places, where you will only be able to spot your enemy, by moving your crosshair over him, so the enemies' name will appear. Well, Gamma Control is the solution to that. When you turn up your gamma, you will make everything a lot brighter, making the dark place your enemy...

Genius IPCAM SECURE300WApril 21, 2015
Genius is pleased to introduce the IPCam SECURE300W Wireless IP Network Camera, a surveillance system that allows you to have video remotely through the broadband or wireless network. Whenever you are or Wherever you are, you can simply view the image by typing the IP address of the IPCam SECURE300W into a Web browser. Features: Support Auto-MDIX Ethernet / Fast Ethernet and 54Mbps IEEE 802. 11g Support UPnP Communication protocol Remote access for viewing or...

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GooPsApril 21, 2015
GooPs is a compact plug-in that enables real-time tracking and navigation in Google Earth. GooPs allows you to see your current location in Google Earth in real-time and keeps a track history of where you have been, including timestamps and speed. GooPs gives you the performance and capabilities of systems costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars more. GooPs works with most modern GPS units and can track other GooPs users and users on the popular GpsGate. com location server. GooPs can also upload your...

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Genome ExplorerApril 21, 2015
Search sequence data with this tool. Genome Explorer offer users a single interface for some useful bioinformatics tools. It provides additional functionality for searching sequence data (for particular groups of nucleotides or amino acids) and editing multiple sequence alignments. Requirements:  • Java

GOM Player
GOM PlayerApril 18, 2015
Free, Simple, Light, It just plays! GOM Player, GOM Encoder

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GraphvizApril 18, 2015
Graph visualization is a way of representing structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks. Automatic graph drawing has many important applications in program engineering, database and web design, networking, and in visual interfaces for many other domains. Graphviz is open source graph visualization software. It has several main graph layout programs. See the gallery for some sample layouts. It also has web and interactive graphical interfaces, and auxiliary tools, libraries, and language...

GothicApril 18, 2015
Gothic is an action role-playing game for Windows. You can complete quests and slay wild animals and monsters to earn skill points, which are used to increase basic attributes, improve skills and learn trades. You can also choose to join various factions and attack your enemies with an increased power.

Gateway 3000 Series BIOS PB94510J.15A.0161April 17, 2015
Big Lake Motherboard BIOS Update Revision: PB94510J. 15A. 0161 Note: This is the BIOS for the Intel(r) PB94510J (Big Lake) motherboard. All previous updates are superseded by this update. Supported Computers and Parts: Gateway FX400MC Media Center Desktop Computer [Part #1008485] Gateway FX400X Desktop Computer [Part #1008490] Gateway FX400S Desktop Computer [Part #1008493] Gateway FX400XL Desktop Computer [Part #1008494] Gateway FX400MC...

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GIRDAC Free PDF CreatorApril 17, 2015
GIRDAC Free PDF Creator (FPC) is an application for creating PDF documents from more than 300 Windows applications. It includes Word to PDF, DOC to PDF, DOCX to PDF, RTF to PDF, text to PDF, Excel to PDF & PowerPoint to PDF. GIRDAC FPC can create PDF from any printable file. Main features are:  • Creates PDF file from any printable file.  • Saves PDF settings for later use.  • Shows Conversion Report after converting PDF document.

Geany Portable for LinuxApril 16, 2015
Geany is an editor compatible with most programming languages ​​like C, Java, PHP, HTML, Python, Perl, Pascal, among others.

Get Local Admins GUI
Get Local Admins GUIApril 16, 2015
This program helps you to audit multiple remote computers to see the members of the local Administrators group on each of them. You could simply enter the names of the computers you want to scan (or import them from Active Directory or a text file), and the application will show you who is a member of the local Administrators group.

Glassy MenuApril 16, 2015
Flash menu. Extension for Dreamweaver, Flash or Standalone(XML). Friendly user interface. Professional design, vector implementation. Scalable, effective, animated. Make your site navigation in minutes. Change default parameters and publish. No programming skills required. Install it with Macromedia Extension Manager. Designate your colors, names, links. The menu is created using Action Script language and it is optimized for fast loading.

GTA V 4K Resolution PC ScreenshotsApril 15, 2015
Collection of 4 PC screenshots in high resolution (4k) for all fans of this great game. What you get: -Trevor -Beautiful mountain views -Franklin with bat -Michael in red car GTA V fans should definitely download this collection of marvelous wallpapers in high definition resolution.

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Grand Theft Auto: Ultimate Vice CityApril 13, 2015
Description: The Ultimate Vice City Modification for GTA: Vice City. This modification will add 40 cars in total to the game replacing most of the cars within the game. This Modification also includes the two towers of the World Trade Center, a new bridge, new billboards as well as a Nokia Store (if you can find it big grin). This modification is an installer and is relatively easy to install. NEW CARS IN VERSION 2. 0: Washington = BMW 850 SandKing (Sunshine Auto) = Ford F-150


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