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FAQ Search
FAQ SearchOctober 30, 2015
Put a Frequently Asked Questions script on your site to help you manage your...

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Free Undetectable Keylogger
Free Undetectable KeyloggerOctober 25, 2015
Free Undetectable Keylogger is an easy-to-use monitoring tool.

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Feedback ServerOctober 21, 2015
In order to design a strategy for your marketing campaign, you need to know the needs of your customers. Most information gathering process comes in the form of a survey. With Feedback Server, you can make your work easier by automating the process. This software allows you to seek the views of customers on your products or services. It offers many tools to perform analysis over the gathered data and then generate a report. You can customize your document, by using different templates, text, font, colors and...

Flobo HDDDocRecoveryOctober 21, 2015
Flobo HDDDocRecovery recovers MSWord documents and text files from lost, deleted partitions and reformatted disks no matter the file system or operating system!!! Where common data recovery using file system information failed this is the solution for recovery of your pretious work, source code, . doc, html and so forth.

Firefox Portable
Firefox PortableOctober 21, 2015
The goal of Mozilla project is to develop a really complete, fast and reliable Web Browser and they have successfully reached it. Mozilla is becoming better and better and nowadays millions and millions of users have Mozilla Firefox installed on their computer and it is their main web browser, and now you can enjoy it wherever you go. And this is not a casualty, because Mozilla has a lot of features that can lift it to the top positions, such as, a tab-browsing mode that lets you open several...

FurMarkOctober 21, 2015
If your video card supports OpenGL 2. 0, FurMark is an app for Windows that can test its performance using tests based on quality generating algorithms. The algorithms used by FurMark are optimized to heat up the GPU (graphics processing unit) and test its stability and resistance to extreme situations. FurMark allows you to select the resolution of the test, if it will do it based on time or by frame and if it will use MSAA (Multisample anti-aliasing). Some video card models...

Fourier Analysis ProgramOctober 21, 2015
Study general physics with the help of this simulation. Fourier Analysis software displays the Fourier transform of a user-defined complex spatial function of position and time. The default spatial function is a time-dependent complex Gaussian. Additional parameters can be specified using the Display | Switch GUI menu item. Requirements:  • Java

Flash Antidecompiler 2012October 21, 2015
Flash Antidecompiler is much more than its name says, it prevents your data from being hacked by any existing decompilers actionscript viewers. It is the first and only tool developed with native Adobe AIR SDK and running in native Adobe AIR environment. In other words, it is the cross platform tool and needs the same Adobe SDK that you use for developing your flash applications and does not depend on OS. All Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux versions are supported. Likewise, Flash Antidecompiler works with all Flash, ...

FeedlotOctober 19, 2015
Feedlot does the management of animals in a feedlot. The program is based around the individual animal or groups of animals. Three different groups are used: camp groups, sales groups and purchase groups. Weight, feeding, and veterinarian information is recorded on the animal records. The total cost per animal and purchase groups can be monitored. The program determines the profit made on animals that are sold. Feed rations and feeding costs can be determined per animal.

fbQuickOctober 17, 2015
One of the disadvantages of using Facebook instead of an instant messaging service is that you have to access the website to know the news about your friends. fbQuick is a free application that allows us to know if any friend has changed status or written a comment without having to enter the website. You'll receive all notifications as if you were using a common IM client. The notifier will notify you in case of a new message in our wall, private messages, tagged in a photo, friend...

FileCABINETOctober 17, 2015
FileCABINET is the software that runs THIS site.

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Free Antum Facebook Chat
Free Antum Facebook ChatOctober 17, 2015
Facebook Chat is a free program so we can chat easily with our facebook friends without starting up Facebook. You can see all your friends in a user-friendly screen, where you can see if they are online or offline. So now we have a lot more chat pleasure with our friends. You can easily switch off The standard chat(box) on Facebook in the settings when you are starting up. So that there are no 2 chat boxes open.

FlashPaste ProOctober 17, 2015
FlashPaste is a free utility which will help you a lot if you have to write texts and expressions several times (passwords, username, idioms, ... It is very useful if you have to write several e-mail in which you have to repeat some parts of the message. FlashPaste is very easy to use, you only have to choose a hotkey and everytime you press it, it will appear a menu with the phrases, languages, username, ... you decided and then you can drag&drop them to the e-mail client, web browser, ...

FG Password Generator
FG Password GeneratorOctober 13, 2015
This application was designed to help you create random passwords, using the fgrand (pseudo-random generator good enough for cryptographic purposes). With this program, you can save any password that you create and password that you save can be displayed in the FG Password Generator.

Fade In
Fade InOctober 13, 2015
Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software is a complete application for writing motion picture screenplays, including tools for outlining, organizing, and navigating, plus extensive screenplay formatting and robust tools for managing rewrites and revisions. Why use screenwriting software? Because you're writing a screenplay - or a teleplay or stage play or radio play or videogame or any other kind of script. And while you could try and do it in Word (or Pages, or even a basic text editor...

Finger Slayer Seasons For NookOctober 10, 2015
Finger Slayer is one of the most thrilling reaction time games designed for the NOOK. Test your reaction time with Part 3 of the Finger Slayer series. We've added a whole new game play, so see if you can beat all of the new challenging modes. The objective is to drag your finger left or right to save the pumpkin and snowman from the falling blades. This is the perfect game when you have a few minutes to kill or bored out of your mind. 3 Fun Christmas Modes Survival Mode:

FSDreamTeam GSXOctober 08, 2015
GSX (Ground Services for FSX) is a product that simulates several airport operations performed on the ground. It enables you to simulate the marshalling, catering, boarding and deboarding of passengers and baggage's, stairs and refueling airport vehicles. It supports all default FSX airplanes and other popular types of airplanes.

FoxmailOctober 08, 2015
If you want a pop mail client and you don't want to waste your money, you should try Foxmail. Foxmail is totally free and offers you a lot of features to manage your e-mail accounts. Although its name makes you think it has to do with firefox, it doesn't. Foxmail is an email client that allows you to manage several email accounts at once, search for contacts, search for emails attending to sender, content or subject, ... It's very easy to use yet powerful enough. I would place...

Falco Manager
Falco ManagerOctober 07, 2015
Allows visual monitoring of computers connected to your network. Observe what your employees are doing in real time! Supports messaging of multimple users on the network. Application works through LAN, WLAN or VPN.

FoxPDF PowerPoint to PDF Converter
FoxPDF PowerPoint to PDF ConverterOctober 05, 2015
FoxPDF PowerPoint to PDF Converter is a smart and integrated PDF creation program that converts most convert Microsoft PowerPoint(PPT, PPTX) to PDF file in one mouse click. The FoxPDF PowerPoint to PDF Converter can load a batch of PowerPoint files and convert PPT to PDF, PPTX to PDF, Rtf to PDF, TXT to PDF, JPG to PDF etc. Only drag and drop your PowerPoint files and it doesn't require Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader while converting PPT to PDF. FoxPDF PowerPoint to PDF Converter has high compatibility with...


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