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FileCABINETMarch 16, 2016
FileCABINET is the software that runs THIS site.

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FusionCharts Instrumentation SuiteMarch 07, 2016
FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite is a collection of gauges and instrumentation controls, which developers can use to develop financial applications, instrument panels, executive dashboards, live up-to-second stock monitors and manufacting process monitoring applications. Perfectly suited for data visualization and analysis requirements, where KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) and other critical data is monitored in real time, FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite brings the combined experience of programmers and...

Free-Busy Folder
Free-Busy FolderMarch 07, 2016
Make use of Outlook's Free/Busy information when scheduling appointments wit...

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Flash Vertical MenuMarch 07, 2016
flexible, stylish and easily adjustable two-level vertical flash menu from FlashDevelopment24. com with XML navigation. Add impressive flash menu on your web site with few mouse clicks. Flash Vertical Menu for Dreaweaver is a simple, effective, and efficient way to add menu to your web site without JavaScript or Flash coding. HTML content smoothly stretched repeating motion menu. To create a navigation menu use simple XML file. If you using XML file, you do not need to change the menu links on each web page, it is...

Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar
Farm Frenzy 3: MadagascarMarch 07, 2016
Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar Enjoy one hour for free! DOWNLOAD NOW All of the fun, none of the limits with Alawar Unlimited Enjoy an all-new Farm Frenzy adventure set in stunning Madagascar! Join Scarlett as she travels to the exotic country to help the workers on a reservation save their animals, which have become sick for an unknown reason. Raise new, vividly animated indigenous creatures like guinea birds, elephants and water buffalo, construct and use new buildings, and manufacture...

FAQ Search
FAQ SearchMarch 07, 2016
Put a Frequently Asked Questions script on your site to help you manage your...

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Forward Business SilhouetteMarch 07, 2016
Forward Business Silhouette consists of frame by frame animation making it easily modifiable. It is transparent and tintable. You can change the rate of rotation, color and direction. Can be used as a background or announcement. All the graphics are 100% vector so it is completely resizable. Low in size and easy to adapt. This perfect for an ecard, project, webpage, screensaver or just for fun.

FantasyBettingMarch 07, 2016
This script brings the fun of gambling to your site, without the worry of us...

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Flash Clock with admin panelMarch 05, 2016
Flash Clock is a multi-functional interactive Flash digital and Flash analog clock widget that can be used on your website or in your Flash movie. Simple-to-use admin panel allows managing time and adjusting clock appearance in seconds! No need to mess with some codes! Simply enjoy working with the admin panel and copy the code to your webpage! Flash Clock has a wide range of time parameters: Local Time, TimeZone, Daylight Saving Time, etc. An extensive choice of appearance options allows satisfying even the most...

Full Convert Oracle EditionMarch 02, 2016
Full Convert provides powerful and comfortable way to convert data of many databases. Source databases supported: Microsoft Access, dBase, FoxPro, Microsoft Excel, Interbase/Firebird, Lotus 1-2-3, MySQL, Oracle, Paradox, SQL Server, Text files, ODBC, XML. Target databases supported: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Access. Target database structure is displayed in tree-like browser with multiselect, allowing you to easily navigate through huge databases. Unique feature of Full Convert is powerful actions and...

FetchBoy UltimateFebruary 24, 2016
The Hexadecimal viewer analyses partitions and disks so that you have the information you need to set configurations. The embedded RAID-Builder tool means you can quickly and easily work on RAID storage of any level. It allows you to build, edit and save virtual RAID configurations and build RAID-system from disk images as well. A VIM-Import function allows you to import Runtime Software virtual images files making it easier to edit RAID configurations. You will also be able to determine and change parameters...

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Female Singer SilhouetteFebruary 24, 2016
Female Singer Silhouette is an silhouette animation of a female singer complete with reflections. It easily modifiable. It is transparent and tintable. You can change the movement, rotation, color and direction. Can be used as a background or announcement. All the graphics are 100% vector so it is completely resizable. Low in size and easy to adapt. This perfect for an ecard, project, webpage, screensaver or just for fun.

From Space to Earth Screen SaverFebruary 17, 2016
Protect your monitor with satellite-eye views of different parts of our Planet. See pictures of a sandstorm in the Sahara, the Caspian Sea, the Aral Lake, China, Tibet and more. This 32-bit screen-saver engine rotates photos of different locations on earth as seen on clear days from the earth's orbit. Over a dozen visual effects can appear between images. Plus, each of the photos can be displayed as your desktop wallpaper. Customize the program to your liking with several appearance and behavior options, all...

Folder DriveFebruary 14, 2016
Map folders to drive letters easily! Easily use a drive letter to go to those folders you use the most. Create and remove mapped drives with a click of the mouse. Map one or more drives that stay persistent even after a reboot. Stylish and convenient interface. Never have to remember the long path to a folder again! Speed up work flow by mapping the most frequently used folder paths. Save time and typing. Free trial.

FLV Downloader
FLV DownloaderFebruary 06, 2016
Moyea FLV Downloader is an easy-to-use tool to help you download flash videos (FLV) from the Internet at a fast speed. This program makes it possible for you to download the FLV files of all formats. At the same time, Moyea FLV Downloader supports the downloading of other files, such as that of SWF and video files. You can download multiple FLVs at one time or you can download one by one. Moyea FLV Downloader provides a user-friendly interface which enable free and convenient operation. Besides downloading, Moyea...

Free USB Disk Security
Free USB Disk SecurityFebruary 04, 2016
The Free USB Disk Security application will provide protection against any malicious programs trying to attack via USB drive. Free USB Disk Security is the best antivirus software to permanently protect offline computer without the need for signature updates.

Foxit Phantom 64 BitFebruary 04, 2016
Foxit Phantom is a business ready PDF toolkit, with everything you need to create professional PDF documents and streamline business processes: fast, easy to use. With Foxit Phantom you can create standards compliant PDF files from hundreds of files types up to 3 times faster than with competitor tools. The lightweight application with a tiny footprint means you can download and install Foxit Phantom in a flash and reliably view any PDF document that comes your way. Unlike other PDF tools, ...

File Transfer
File TransferFebruary 04, 2016
"File Transfer" let you connect to your friends' computer, and transfer fast and secure any file or folder. It uses direct P2P connection, that ensure the fastest possible transfer speed Between the two computers. Extended with a NAT traversal protocol, it is able to directly connect even behind NATs and firewalls.

FAACFebruary 01, 2016
The FAAC project includes the AAC encoder FAAC and decoder FAAD2. FAAC supports several MPEG-4 object types (LC, LTP, HE AAC, Main, PS) and file formats (raw AAC, MP4, ADTS AAC), multichannel and gapless en/decoding as well as MP4 metadata tags. The codecs are compatible with standard-compliant audio applications using one or more of these profiles. General FAAC compiling instructions: 1. Make sure you have autoconf, automake and libtool installed. For MP4 support, you...

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File Folder Icon CollectionJanuary 30, 2016
436 Unique graphic Unit Eye catching colors Normal, Hot, Disabled states Give a unique look to your software, projects. Gives application developers access to a large variety of folder icons, well above what is provided by the operating system and more.. Style: Vista Style 32bit PNG format 24bit BMP format 32bit ICO format 8bit GIF format ICO:16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 16x24x32 BMP:...


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