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CrosswordJuly 16, 2016
Allow your users to play this Scrabble(c)-style game on your site.

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CounterMailJuly 16, 2016
CounterMail is a web stats and counter script in one, but with a slight twist.

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CCS HelpDesk formerly called Outlook HelpdeskJuly 14, 2016
CCS HelpDesk leverages the power of Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Outlook, and the Web to bring you a simple, efficient and effective help desk, customer support and ticket tracking system. It is ideal for companies and organizations that are overwhelmed by user or customer requests and issues. Support requests are entered through Outlook, the Web or email, and then are assigned and tracked. The resolved tickets are kept in an Exchange public folder and can be reviewed if a similar issue arises again.

Clone Download KillerJuly 14, 2016
Clone Download Killer is an internet tool help you check identify of this URL before really download it. CDK would check the duplicate of file name, file size and content snippet. CDK check files with very high speed, in general, within 5 seconds you could see whether you had download the file before. CDK also monitor the click in Internet Explorer, as you click a file type like ". exe;. Zip;. Rar... ", I would automatically check it.

C2P CopyToPhone Text MessageJuly 14, 2016
"Copy text from any Windows application to your phone. Internet Explorer, Office, Excel, Word, Access, , Mozilla, FireFox, Msn Messenger, ICQ, AOL, more.. Never have to write notes Reminders to yourself Take directions with you on the road Send romantic notes to your love IM jokes to your friends Take prices with you to compare Sport Scores Movie Times Send Instant Messages to your Phone! "

Connections ManagerJuly 14, 2016
Connections Manager is a tray icon utility that you can use by left clicking on it to choose the active internet connection without disconnecting other ones. It works by disabling dead gateway detection, the technology that switches to the next gateway if the active one fail, dead gateway detection can have undesired behaviour especially if you have an unstable connection, so disabling it will allow you to manually choose the active connection.

CopyWebsiteJuly 14, 2016
Just enter the URL of the website you want to download and all the links in the web-page (unprotected files) will be downloaded, including images and zip files. All downloaded files will be saved to your hard drive, while maintaining the website's linking structure. Depending on your needs, the ability of this website downloading machine will enable you to: browse off-line; enhance your existing website; gain an edge on your competition; develop new ideas in designing a web-page; augment your class presentation, ...

CasinoClub online casinoJuly 14, 2016
First-Class Gaming at the New CASINO-CLUB! Enjoy the pleasure of gaming in an atmosphere that evokes the sensation of belonging to an exclusive gaming club. Play all your favourite casino games just for fun or real money. Players enjoy better odds at CASINO-CLUB which offers ¡°single zero¡± European roulette. You can also enjoy other easy-to-play multiplayer table games such as black jack, mini-baccarat and Caribbean poker as well as state-of-the-art slot machines, progressive...

ContactSafeJuly 14, 2016
Installs as a plugin to your Microsoft Outlook software On a daily, weekly or monthly basis will automatically backup all your contacts to an encrypted file that is automatically emailed to our secure server (or any email address you specify). In the event you need your contacts back simply email us and we will reply with your file. If we don't hear from you for a while we will send you an email asking if you need your contacts file (in case your computer has crashed and of course you will have forgotten our...

Clic Web BrowserJuly 14, 2016
It's about time there was a browser created just for women! Clic: Her Browser provides fast and friendly browsing with access to loads of female-friendly web content. Download the free browser, then tell your friends about it! This advanced tabbed web brower is a simple upgrade from Internet Explorer with the added features of Built in Pop-Up blocker, tabbed window control, clean all trace, auto login and load and save groups of sites.

Counter SpyJuly 14, 2016
CounterSpy detects, deletes and protects! CounterSpy has Active Protection. You could call it a "spy-wall. " There are "checkpoints" that are monitored in real-time for attempts to install spyware. A very high percentage will be blocked by CounterSpy. Just like the early days of viruses, spyware is quickly becoming an increasing threat to both individual and corporate computer users. Spyware does more than just steal information about you.

CacheSmasherJuly 14, 2016
CacheSmasher is the quick and easy way to delete your cookies, Temporary Internet Files, (Internet cache) Internet history and "TypedURLs". It saves you time and hassle by allowing you to delete all, or any combination of them, with just one click! The CacheSmasher settings let you choose which parts of the Internet Explorer cache are deleted. In addition, CacheSmasher provides quick access to Internet folders and the Internet control panel.

ColumbaJuly 14, 2016
Columba is an Email Client written in Java, featuring a user-friendly graphical interface with wizards and internationalization support.

CD Cover FerretJuly 14, 2016
Cd cover ferret is a windows based program designed to search and download covers for keep cases and CD labels. Whether you are looking for DVD, PC, Audio, Playstation or Xbox covers, Cd cover ferret has access to over 180, 000. Easy to use interface and automatic updates FREE

Credit Money Machine
Credit Money MachineJuly 14, 2016
Credit Money Machine - Repair Credit Professionally as a Business. Our software is designed for Credit Repair Professionals or a as Home Business Opportunity to enter into this lucrative industry. Ideal for Opportunity Seekers, Mortgage Brokers, etc

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Clear IE HistoryJuly 14, 2016
Clear IE History is a little tool that helps user to protect privacy by cleaning up the surfing carry-over in Internet Explorer, includes delete IE history, delete temporary Internet files, delete cookies, delete cache, erase or edit typed URLs in the address bar, change ie homepage, correct IE title and more.

Comodo Personal FirewallJuly 14, 2016
FREE Comodo Personal Firewall - Secure your system against internal attacks such as Trojan viruses / malicious software and external attacks by hackers. Safeguard your personal data though a simple user friendly single click interface offering full immunity to attack. Comodo Personal Firewall helps you connect in a secure way to the internet and global networks. Total peace of mind is FREE!!

Cafe Cop (Desktop Edition)
Cafe Cop (Desktop Edition)July 14, 2016
Cafe Cop (DE) is a freeware desktop utility for system administration, internet billing, Web site blocking &filtering. It can be used for a variety of purposes and places like internet cafes, gaming centres, homes, offices etc. It is a desktop prototype of Cafe Cop (shareware) which has many more features. Brief Feature List: 1. Internet Timer 2. Website Blocking 3. IE Security 4. Speeding up internet surfing 5. System Utilitilities

Customer Satisfaction Survey Software
Customer Satisfaction Survey SoftwareJuly 14, 2016
Efficient customer satisfaction survey tools could help you to reach a targeted audience or customers and know what your customers views about your products and services are and what they expect from the company. By reaching out to the right people who will respond to your surveys, you can get desired customer satisfaction feedbacks which are necessary to boost business productivity.

ChequeSystem Electronic Cheque Writer
ChequeSystem Electronic Cheque WriterJuly 14, 2016
More than a cheque writer, ChequeSystem provides a complete cheque printing and management solution. You are no need to write any, just print and sign it. ChequeSystem provides comprehensive chequebook management. All issued cheques are kept in records. You can review all the issued cheque at anytime you want. Account report and payee report provides complete cheque issued history on bank a/c and payee. The Cheque Summary can be exported into HTML/Excel/PDF format. You can download cheque templates from server or...


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