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CrystalscopeMay 28, 2016
Crystalscope game pack combines arcade elements with a bit of strategy. There are nine rather different games packed into it, and three skill levels for each one. A fancy playing field shape gives you a great chance to exercise your pool skills. The demo mode itself is much fun to watch and relax after a busy day. In fact, the demo mode itself is much fun to watch and relax after a busy day.

ChvacMay 28, 2016
Chvac is a program that quickly and accurately calculates the maximum heating and cooling loads for commercial buildings. The program allows an unlimited number of rooms which can be grouped into as many as 100 air handling systems. Chvac automatically looks up all cooling load and correction factors necessary for computing loads.

CopyTrans Suite
CopyTrans SuiteMay 28, 2016
The CopyTrans Suite offers quick access to applications such as CopyTrans which allows you to transfer iPod to PC and iPhone to iTunes, CopyTrans Contacts which lets you export iPhone contacts to PC and manage iPhone contacts easily, CopyTrans Photo, CopyTrans Manager, CopyTrans TuneSwift, etc. In order to be able to use these application, you have to download or purchase them first.

CaptureFluxMay 28, 2016
CaptureFlux let you preview a live video or audio stream, record it in direct-to-disk or grab images from the stream. Preview in real time or capture in direct-to-disk all video or audio streams coming to your system. The capture may be scheduled, pictures may be grabbed, even with an intervalomerer on a regular time basis, the date may be inlayed into the video, the capture may be directly in different formats and compressions, even in divx and mp3 in real time, the capture may be image per image into an avi...

crtorrentMay 28, 2016
crtorrent is a alternative to mktorrent, hopes to alleviate the issue mktorrent has with UTF-8 filenames by using a language that natively supports C#. crtorrent can be easily run via command-line to hash files and directories and create torrent files. crtorrent Features: 1. Hashing of folders 2. Hashing of single files 3. Multi-tracker support 4. mktorrent compatible 5. Produces valid torrent filesUsage: crtorrent. exe  • -help...

CopyTrans Manager
CopyTrans ManagerMay 28, 2016
CopyTrans Manager is the ultimate alternative iPod manager. This superlight tool enables you to manage your iPod without any other heavy, slow or complicated application. When we started this project, the keywords were "simple, fast, light, user friendly and effective. " Our major goals were to provide iPod owners with the ability to manage the iPod on-the-go. You can install CopyTrans Manager directly on the iPod, which allows you to organize your iPod music from any computer without needing...

Calendar Browser
Calendar BrowserMay 28, 2016
In Calendar Browser resources are stored in public folder or direct booking mailbox calendars, and users book them via their own Outlook calendars. Each resource has its own calendar, and to book a resource you simply make an appointment in the calendar of that resource. Calendar Browser is fully integrated in the Outlook calendar. Additional services – like catering services, conference material or IT equipment – can be ordered with each booking. You may also tie each booked resource to a...

Cars 2 Color
Cars 2 ColorMay 28, 2016
By no means, you have been aware of the future appearance of Cars 2 by Walt Disney Pictures, yep? So have DoubleGames. We went to show our newest free game, too! David Hobbscap or Grem - whom will you meet in our latter-day free download Coloring game? To learn it, download Cars 2 Color absolutely for free this minute and see all the introductions of the new free download Coloring by DoubleGames!

C-Pen CoreMay 28, 2016
C-Pen Core is the main software and includes the Optical Character Recognition that turns the scanned printed text into computer editable text. It also features the text-to-cursor function that automatically inserts the scanned text into the application of your choice, wherever the text cursor is positioned.

Casio ClassPad ManagerMay 28, 2016
The ClassPad Manager for ClassPad series is software that provides a new way to learn about mathematics. Features:  • Computer Algebra System  • Laplace Transforms/ Fourier Transforms  • Differential Equation Application  • Financial Function  • e-Activity function  • eActivity copy and paste into a word processor for editing.  • Geometric Graphing

ComsiteDesignMay 28, 2016
ComSiteDesign is the latest in radio propagation software. This high-speed software tool set supports wireless system design, analysis, and optimization of wireless networks in one scaleable PC platform small enough for field technicians to use but powerful enough to design the largest of wireless networks.

CEP - Color Enable PackageMay 28, 2016
The CEP is probably the most widely used third-party addition to The Sims 2. This allows creators to recolor these objects, and allows players to use these recolors. It could be considered as a basic Create a Style, and might be what inspired EA to create it for The Sims 2 or 3.

Clipstream UploaderMay 28, 2016
Clipstream Uploader is an application that allows you to convert your videos for hosting on the Clipstream Cloud host. To upload videos, simply drag and drop them into the application. When your video is uploaded, you can click the "Manage Videos" button to test your video, configure settings, then to make it live to the Internet.

Color VisionMay 28, 2016
Color Vision allows you to make a whole rainbow by mixing red, green, and blue lights. Change the wavelength of a monochromatic beam or filter white light. View the light as a solid beam, or see the individual photons. Features:  • Photons  • Rainbows  • Monochromatic Light  • White Light

ChapperMay 28, 2016
Chapper is a small App. net client designed to be focused on the main things and having no not need stuff. It is the little brother of Nymphicus for Windows and shares much code, ideas and know how with it. So here is what Chapper is about:  • single window layout  • as small as possible to not use much of your screen  • one account  • one window  • notifications using Snarl  • Patter...

CNC Code Shooter Lathe
CNC Code Shooter LatheMay 28, 2016
CNC Machine G-code generator for lathes &mills. automatic code generation for dimentional patterns, send and recieve, limited engraving, set radius, clockwise or counterclockwise, set drill depth, feed rate, add G-codes and M-codes, choose a straight or tapered thread, set threads per inch, set up sheet, V thread or Acme, set rapid, feed, add new tool, set spindle speed, forward or reverse, G76, G92, Face, Groove, M. O. B. , turn, bore, angle

Chilkat SSH and SFTP ActiveXMay 28, 2016
Chilkat SSH / SFTP ActiveX is a component that provides two objects:  • a client-side SSH2 implementation for executing commands and shell sessions on Windows SSH servers  • a SFTP implementation for file transfer and remote file management over SSH. It also provides SSH tunneling capabilities.

Chromatia tuner
Chromatia tunerMay 28, 2016
Chromatia tuner allows you to use your computer as an advanced instrument tuner with short response time, a large tuning range, and hight precision; it supports more than 30 different scales and temperaments, historic as well as modern.

 License: SharewareDetails
Croutons for DreamweaverMay 28, 2016
Croutons is an extension which displays the last few pages a visitor has seen and has links for the visitor to go back to where they were before. When most people think breadcrumbs, they are thinking of what this extension will do (where they've been as opposed to their location to home in the file structure). The trail's length can be set to your needs, the display can be horizontal or vertical and you can control the delimiters between the horizonal Crouton trail. It also has the ability to filter out common...

Chilkat Mime ActiveXMay 28, 2016
Chilkat Mime ActiveX helps you create an manipulate MIME and S/MIME messages. With this program you can navigate the MIME message tree structure, retrieve header field names and values, add header fields and a detached (clear-text) digital signature to a MIME message. You are also able to attach files to a MIME message.


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