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Blist RestoreMay 28, 2016
Accidentally deleted your buddy list? Deleted a group? Have a corrupt blist. xml file? Maybe this plugin can help. Add it to your plugins, and enable it to pick where you backup blist. xml file is and this plugin will load in all missing groups and buddies.

BleepsMay 28, 2016
bleeps is a synchronized music lyrics editer and maker that also supports ID3v2 tags editing in mp3 files. With the new version, you can download raw lyrics from the cloud, with the wikia API.

Blaze BlackBerry Converter SuiteMay 28, 2016
Terrific All-in-One conversion tool suite for BlackBerry. Blaze Blackberry Converter Suite  • Convert DVD to MP4 for BlackBerry  • Convert video files to MP4 and AVI for BlackBerry  • Convert audio files to MP3 for BlackBerry  • Convert photos to JPEG for BlackBerry  • Simple and user-friendly interface and super high conversion speed  • Works on any PC using Win XP/Vista/7

Blackwell UnboundMay 28, 2016
The year is 1973. The sound of a lone, ethereal saxophone drifts over the Roosevelt Island promenade, while a series of accidents plague a midtown construction site. The citizens of Manhattan take no notice of these events, let alone think they are connected. Embittered medium Lauren Blackwell and her spirit guide Joey Mallone are the only ones who believe that there is anything strange going on, and they are the only ones who can stop an enigmatic killer from striking again...

Bravais Lattice TableMay 28, 2016
Bravais Lattice Table

Ballast DesignerMay 28, 2016
Ballast Design generates complete electronic ballast schematic, bill of materials, and inductor specifications for a selected lamp type and input voltage range. Advanced display page of lamp requirements and ballast operating points. Time domain graph showing actual ballast output waveforms. Inductor designer feature for calculating core size, air gap and number of windings. Electrical data and component value tables are also included for optimizing entire ballast product families.

Better 9 Patch Tool
Better 9 Patch ToolMay 28, 2016
Better 9 Patch Tool is a program that can be used to create nine patch images. You can handle similar images that you create with the draw9patch tool included in the Android Developer Tools app, according to the screen sizes(ldpi / mdpi / hdpi / xhdpi) or states (normal / focused / pressed / disabled), at once.

Butterflies of the World Screen Saver and WallpaperMay 28, 2016
Now you can enjoy the incredible beauty and colors of butterflies from around the world right at your desk. While you're sitting in a chrysalis of inactivity this screen saver and wallpaper will take you on a global tour of some of the world's most beautiful butterflies. This screensaver features 62 hi-res colorful butterfly images that must be seen to be appreciated. The natural settings and flowers complement these breathtaking, professionally rendered photographs, and the Butterflies of the World Screen Saver...

BDE eXpress Windows 7May 28, 2016
The Borland Database Engine (shortly BDE ) is an interface of the company Firma Borland Inc. to access databases. It provides the access to well known databases as dBase and Paradox. A lot of well known programs are using the BDE. Normally the user don't know that he's using the BDE. BDE eXpress Windows 7 itself isn't a database. It provides the BDE interface for other applications under Windows 7. The "BDE eXpress Manager":  • allows to...

Body SpectrumMay 28, 2016
How does the blackbody spectrum of the sun compare to visible light? Learn about the blackbody spectrum of the sun, a light bulb, an oven, and the earth. Adjust the temperature to see the wavelength and intensity of the spectrum change. View the color of the peak of the spectral curve.

BrainVision AnalyzerMay 28, 2016
BrainVision Analyzer is used by scientists to manage their analysis of various neurophysiological data. The product interacts with MATLAB via a COM connection, which is provided as a. NET-COM-Interop-wrapper interface. Data can be transferred from BrainVision Analyzer, processed by MATLAB and its toolboxes, and transferred back into BrainVision Analyzer.

BarRoom Gold GamesMay 28, 2016
Bieber's BarRoom Games - Gold Edition is a collection of your favorite beer-drinking and peanut-eating games. You can play Pool, Darts, Bartender or Bowling. If you are going to download one game this year, make sure it's BarRoom Games - Gold Edition...

BaksmaliMay 28, 2016
smali/baksmali is an assembler/disassembler for the dex format used by dalvik, Android's Java VM implementation. The syntax is loosely based on Jasmin's/dedexer's syntax, and supports the full functionality of the dex format (annotations, debug info, line info, etc. ) The names "smali" and "baksmali" are the Icelandic equivalents of "assembler" and "disassembler" respectively. Why Icelandic you ask? Because dalvik was named for an Icelandic fishing village.

BitComet Ultra Accelerator
BitComet Ultra AcceleratorMay 28, 2016
BITCOMET ULTRA ACCELERATOR is an effective plug-in for BitComet P2P. The program includes most modern technology that is used to increase speed of BitComet downloads. Also the number of your download sources will be improved - you can have more seeds available than normally revealed by your BitComet. Interface is beautiful and easy to use. Application is FREE. A must-have utility for all BitComet users! FEATURES:  • Finished and wrong files are cleaned automatically;

Borderlands - The Zombie Island of

May 28, 2016
Borderlands™ sends up to four co-op players to the harsh frontier planet Pandora in search of a mysterious Alien Vault legend. Featuring a unique First Person Roleplaying Shooter gameplay, you'll customize your character as you explore and battle enemies in frantic FPS combat. And what would a Roleplaying Shooter be without loot? Borderlands'™ groundbreaking content generation system creates a near-endless variety of weapon and items to customize your character! ...

Balloons and Static Electricity
Balloons and Static ElectricityMay 28, 2016
Balloons and Static Electricity is a physics simulation and reference tool. It allows you to graphically observe the effects of static electricity Balloons and Static Electricity is based on Java. It can be run from the website or it can be downloaded to any Java-enabled operating system. Describe and draw models for common static electricity concepts (transfer of charge, induction, attraction, repulsion, and grounding).

Batch printing
Batch printingMay 28, 2016
Batch Printing v2. 4 Prints Bunch of DOC, DOCX, PDF etc file in Batch & file's printing can be scheduled. Batch Printer can prints many number of files in batch. It supports file formats such as DOC/DOCX, PDF, TXT, JPG/Jpeg, html, RTF, PPT, POT etc. File's Printing Sheduler can set the date and time when you want to print your files for particular printer.  • Prints BUNCH of files.  • Files Printing can be schedule.  • It is Very Fast tool...

Bonrix Advance SMS Express Edition
Bonrix Advance SMS Express EditionMay 28, 2016
Bonrix Advance SMS Express Edition is a package that contains all the resources needed for sending and receiving SMS from ten GSM/CDMA/3G handset and Modems. The program is designed for sending bulk SMS through a GSM modem connection with auto-reply support.

BytemonMay 28, 2016
Bytemon can be used to monitor resource availability and usage as well as performance data of all kinds, such as network performance parameters (bandwidth usage, protocols usage), system performance parameters (CPU and memory usage), the availability of network resources, and the network latency of access to remote devices and services.

Blackjack Multi Advisor
Blackjack Multi AdvisorMay 28, 2016
Blackjack Multi Advisor (BMA) is a powerful and easy to use professional software for blackjack players. BMA is doing very accurate, real-time calculations when you play blackjack and gives you most important factors and statistical information. Use Blackjack Multi Advisor at online/live blackjack to improve your strategy, minimize risk and achive more incomes or just for learning purposes. Main features:  • Perfect card counting  • Optimal bet calculation...


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