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1X2 Toto Soccer - PronoFoot Expert PlusApril 20, 2016
1X2 Toto Soccer - PronoFoot Expert Plus is a powerful toto 1X2 software. It manages from 3 to 16 matches, offers many reduced wheeling systems, proposes unlimited conditions on matches and on group of matches... Printing is supported on many official coupons types (Quiniela (Spain), Totocalcio (Italy), Totobola (Portugal), Totobola (Poland), Toto 13 (Croatia), Vakio-Veikkaus (finland), Loteria esportiva (Brazil), Toto-R (Switzerland), Lotofoot (France). Others coupons can be added easily.

1483 Online
1483 OnlineApril 20, 2016
1483 Online is a free massively multi player online, turn based strategy game set in the medieval period of 1483 AD. Players assume control of one of 28 player nations and seek to expand their empires through diplomacy and conquests. 1483 Online is both free to download and free to play.

100% Word SearchApril 20, 2016
Both create and play attractive wordsearch puzzles. Easy-to-use and powerful. Popular amongst teachers and word search enthusiasts. Design puzzles in custom shapes and sizes. Word searches can be saved, printed and exported. Puzzles can be played against a timer by dragging a line over the word. A handy hint option is also provided. The program features sound, a user-friendly resizable interface, full HTML help and sample puzzles.

123 Super blackjack
123 Super blackjackApril 20, 2016
Just you and the dealer--there's nothing like the concentration and rhythm of sitting at a blackjack table. Whether you're just looking to kill some time, or you're serious about learning Basic Strategy and counting cards, Super BlackJack is the best way to learn and enjoy this classic casino game.

190-957-TestEngine-TroytecApril 20, 2016
TroyTec 190-957 TestEngine offers a variety of products like study guides, Q and A or realistic lab work to ensure your success in a certification exam of your choice. With this virtual exam you graduation is guaranteed because it offers a variety of answers and questions from which you can learn.

123diApril 20, 2016
123di is a great resource for photographers all around. Features:  • A highly visual and interactive guide containing over 5, 000 screen-sized pages and thousands of graphics and animations.  • Master the right camera settings and composition techniques to capture stunning images.  • Learn Adobe® Photoshop® through step-by-step animated tutorials.  • Easy to understand, clear and concise, comprehensive and accurate.

123PDFConverter All To PDF ConverterApril 20, 2016
1-2-3 All to PDF editor helps to convert any printable offical file to PDF. You can convert Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Photoshop, CAD, CorelDraw and any word document to pdf using 1-2-3 All to PDF conversion software. Easy to use Pdf conversion software let you to convert any file- All you need is to use All to PDF as a virtual printer. Buy 123 pdf converter and 1-2-3 all to pdf conversion software and save upto 10$. Features of 1-2-3 Multi-formated PDF converter:  • It allows you to...

April 20, 2016
1D-NEST is the most efficient 1D cutting optimiser software, capable to calculate the best yielding of materials with minimum cost in processes of 1D cutting for materials such as bars, tubes, pipes, profiles, beams, rolls or other linear materials supp lied in prefixed standard lengths. 1D-Nest will save your money or material costs and will improve the productivity of cutting processes. Features:  • Easy to use and easy to understand for any kind of users.

10 Steps To Winning Texas Holdem PokerApril 18, 2016
This book / eBook and strategy card are a MUST for anyone who has little or no knowledge of the game of Texas Hold'em Poker and wishes to become a winner in as short a time as possible. The strategy card (which is included with the full version) is much more complex and sophisticated than it appears. Intermediate players can appreciate and may use the strategy card without any preparation. For beginners, this book prepares you to understand and make use of the comprehensive strategy suggested...

123 Flash Image ExtractorApril 15, 2016
123 Flash Image Extractor is an easy-used images extracting tool for Flash, It can extract image elements from Flash movies(SWF files) in batches. It also can scan web browser cache or a custom folder for SWF files for extracting. Key Features: Works with Flash 3, 4, 5 and Flash MX; Easy to use interface with intellectual; Supports Batch extracting; Supports JPG, PNG; Can handle Flash movies in Internet cache folder

1st Ip Port ScannerApril 12, 2016
1st Ip Port Scanner ip finder, port finder, ip scanner, port scanner, ip tracer, ip tracker, ip camera all in one software. Find ip address, search ip address, trace ip address, scan ip address, find port, search port, scan port. Full Product Description 1st Ip Port Scanner is a very useful Ip Scanner and Port Scanner. It builds ip finder port finder ip scanner port scanner and ip tracer ip tracker ip camera in one software. It can find ip address, search ip address, trace ip address and scan ip address. And it...

123-Web-Messenger-Server-SoftwareApril 12, 2016
123 Web Messenger is a web (browser) based instant messaging software, it creates an unique IM network only for your own website, fully integrated your existing user database and enables one-to-one chat function to your website users. The key feature is the invitation box which pops up from the webpage.  • Benefits It brings the website to life, make it interactive between users. It retains members and increases loyalty of users, so it's ideal solution to build the community for a user...

1st Choice Clipboard
1st Choice ClipboardApril 11, 2016
The 1St Choice Clipboard floats on top of your current work. Whenever you cut or copy, the clip appears in one of the slots. The slot only shows the first few words of each text clip or the words "Graphic Clip" but when you move the mouse pointer over the slot, a preview window appears showing the first several lines of a text clip or a thumbnail of a graphic clip. This makes choosing the clip you want to paste very easy.

1 Absolutely FreeTimeApril 10, 2016
Freeware version of Time(r), our commercial Time Recording, Billing, Costing and Project Management Solution. With FreeTime, you can record time and expenses, analyze costs, Invoice your Customers and generate Reports.

 License: FreewareDetails
101 ScreenshootsApril 08, 2016
101 Screenshoots is a program for capturing screenshots. What differs it from the similar programs is that it allows you to configure the capture of your page.

1st Virtins Sound Card Spectrum AnalyzerApril 06, 2016
Virtins Sound Card Spectrum Analyzer is a powerful PC based virtual instrument. It consists of a sound card real time oscilloscope and a sound card real time spectrum analyzer and can run them concurrently. Unlike most of the sound card oscilloscopes in the market which search trigger event after data collection, it features a specially designed data acquisition approach which is able to monitor the input signal continuously without missing any trigger event before the frame of data is collected. As a result, ...

1st CD MakerApril 06, 2016
1st CD Maker is a all-in-one CD Writing tools which directly burning your mp3, wma, ogg, wav files to CD-R/CD-RW. 1st CD Maker is also a fine-developed player. Just drag and drop all of your your red-hot songs. Direct-to-CD burning without any WAV files involved.

1AVCenterApril 05, 2016
With 1AVCenter you can record your entire screen or part of it directly to AVI or WMV, capture screenshots in JPG, share your screen over the internet, monitor your webcam or desktop remotely, broadcast your webcam, record audio from any source into WAV, WMA or MP3, capture video from your tv tuner card and external devices, capture video from web browsers and media players DRM free, share your media files on your own personal web site, send media files by e-mail, or upload them via FTP. It combines the...

12 Labours of HerculesApril 03, 2016
Accompany Hercules on a quest to rescue his wife, kidnapped by the evil Hades in 12 Labours of Hercules! You’ll meet heroes from Ancient Greece as you vanquish beasts, repair roads and construct wonders in this stunning Time Management game!

1000apps Firefox search PluginApril 02, 2016
Search for software, freeware, shareware to download for free directly from your Firefox browser. To install this plugin please copy (or unzip): 1000appsfireplugin. src and 1000appsfireplugin. png under the firefox searchplugins directory: C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxsearchplugins


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