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Driver GeniusJanuary 21, 2017
Driver Genius manage your PC to get 100% up to date drivers

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SaliarARNovember 01, 2016
Amazing Fish Photos The Red Lionfish and Mandarinfish are a couple of my favorites in this gallery of fish images.

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SQL Server Repair ToolboxNovember 01, 2016
SQL Server Repair Toolbox is a state of the art recovery tool for analyzing and repairing damaged SQL Server database files. Available only from our secure download portal, it installs in minutes with full after sales and installation support; we even guarantee SQL Server database file recovery in the highly unlikely event that SQL Server Repair Toolbox is unable to perform the recovery - simply send the files to us and we will recover them. No other SQL Server recovery solution comes close in performance or...

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NetmonitorNovember 01, 2016
Students, Teachers, Professionals and Managers have a schedule of activities on each weekday. Schedule of some activities changes from time to time. And it is always better to highlight todays schedule and hide the schedules of other weekdays. The WEEKDAY TT iPad app is designed to take care of all the above said points. Hit any celltype time duration-tasks/any text in the text box that appears aboveHit addselect any one option(shift up the current and add, shift down the current cell and add, replace/add to cell). As you...

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Registry CleanerNovember 01, 2016
Zizisoft Hex Workshop is an easy-to-use and reliable binary file editor. With Zizisoft Hex Workshop, you can modify, insert and delete binary data. It supports two display radixes: hex and decimal. So you can edit data in the radix you want. It also provides you with very detailed file info such as the MD5 and SHA1 checksum, and the modified time accurate to milliseconds.

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Media Player ClassicNovember 01, 2016
Enjoy a beautiful story about an awkward miller's son inheritance a cat. The most renowned tale in the world is now interactive! Cute characters live their own life while the story unfolds. Explore fascinating scenes, interact with lovely animals and animated surroundings. In-story activities include 3 different gaming mechanics, which help to develop visual memory, logic thinking and motor skills. Download the book and grant your kids an educative playground! Educational value:Memory games with dozens of...

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UltraSentryNovember 01, 2016
UltraSentry is a highly advanced military-grade disk and registry cleaner that has on-board, fully configurable security profiles that can run on demand, as scheduled or upon event. UltraSentry features an impressive range of commands that completely insulate your privacy, security, and computing needs both at work and at home. Schedule UltraSentry to watch over your computer, sensitive files, and protect your privacy while you are away.

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WP Toucher ThemeOctober 31, 2016
GO Launcher GO Touch TouchHelper Toucher Theme -- WPToucher is a tool application specially designed for Android devices. We expanded the concept of the iPhone AssistiveTouch, and redesigned for the Android devices, both mobilephones and tablets. Toucher gathers most commonly used and needed features of Android system in this suspending point. Besides, we're taking further steps on personalization and trying our best to bring you more themes, it may appears just like another suspending frame, or a full-screen...

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Peek ThroughOctober 31, 2016
WebShadow allows you to talk with others, who are watching any site with you at the same time. Just start WebShadow by clicking the "WS" button, register and enter. Remember your login and password - it is impossible to repair them. You can send your message to ROOM or send a private messages to users by selecting them in combobox.

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Visual LabelsOctober 27, 2016
FREE for a limited time! Turn your iPhone into a REAL mirror!Checkout our full version for more features!What could be more useful than a small mirror in your pocket or purse?Need to check your hair or your makeup? This application is made for you!Useful and discreet, it will help in so many ways. Tap the screen to change the mirror's appearance and look at yourself in the bottom of the frame!With the iPhone 4, the camera lets you see yourself perfectly. For other devices, play with the brightness for a perfect...

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DVD Drive RepairOctober 23, 2016
Restore your DVD (Optical) Drive if missing from Windows.

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Broadcom Drivers Update UtilityOctober 05, 2016
CleanHaven is a program designed to make the cleaning of text much easier. The cleaned text can be reset as the main text with additional cleaning performed. Once finished the cleaned text is available from the global cleaned text window. You may want to CleanHaven to make changes to thousands of lines of contact details before importing into CRMHaven. For example you can turn all company names to Sentence Case, all UK postcodes to Uppercase or remove any trailing spaces, tabs or punctuation. Simply paste...

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SUMoOctober 04, 2016
Memory Memory Match Game FREE is a tile based memory game that is ideal for playing with your kids, for them to play on their own or together. This is the free version of the Memory Memory Match Game PRO edition. Memory Memory Match is a wonderful matching game everyone can enjoy. It is suitable for all ages, from kids to adults. Memory Memory Match is a fun game to exercise your brain. Test your memory and improve your concentration with this game. The rules are very simple and easy to learn. Just touch the small...

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AusLogics BoostspeedOctober 04, 2016
Easy MP3 Downloader is a revolutionary MP3 download software which enables users to search and download 100 million songs with one click. It is 100% clean and safe and and totally free from all kinds of viruses and malware. Besides, Easy MP3 Downloader also updates the list for USA Airplay Hot 100 every week and offers professional recommendation for the fantastic songs across all genres. You just need to pick one or input a song name you can think of and then only after several minutes, you will have your...

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BleachBitOctober 04, 2016
CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network. CloudBerry Explorer makes managing files on Nirvanix Storage easy. By providing a user interface to Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network CloudBerry lets you manage your files on Azure just as you would on local computer. The Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network (SDN) is a fully-managed, highly secure cloud storage service developed for today's enterprises. The SDN intelligently stores, delivers and processes storage requests in the best network location, ...

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CDRollerOctober 04, 2016
Looking for a quick and easy Text/Voice/Video messaging app? Timed message allows you to send and receive Text/Voice/Video messages, it will definitely save you a lot of time! Enter your country code and Phone number without country code and press Let's Go! Navigate between your inbox, outbox, create a new message, or view world time. Create your new text/voice/video message, choose country &sending time. Press Play for playback. Press send and your done! Choose in how many minutes / hours / days your message...

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Absolute Uninstaller Free VersionOctober 04, 2016
Absolute Uninstaller Pro is an easy &powerful Utility to help you to uninstall the remains that were left in your computer after you uninstalled software, such as program files, registry information, it also makes your computer run more efficiently. Before the operation of uninstall the program, backup the registry information of all installed program so that resume it by reload the registry information at your will in the future. In the Startup Item, it can take full control of the auto-run applications. You can...

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Active Directory ReportsOctober 04, 2016
Are you one of those who is finding too hard to perform tasks like managing user accounts, updating computers information, and handling other AD objects? If yes, then use Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting, effective and efficient Active Directory reports software that comes with separate Management and Reporting console. Comprising of a centralized and intuitive graphical user interface, this Active Directory reports tool creates reports on AD objects that can be categorized as General reports and...

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Bluetooth Drivers For Windows 8 Utility
Bluetooth Drivers For Windows 8 UtilityOctober 01, 2016
Get official Bluetooth Drivers for your Windows 8 computers.

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PCMate Free System CareSeptember 23, 2016
Full system maintenance and optimization suite with 20+ Free Software.

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