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ToastMountApril 29, 2004
Toast 6 allows the user to mount a disk image (. iso /. toast) on the desktop as if a cd is in the drive. All application then think a real cd was inserted. ToastMount uses some parts of Toast to do all this with a simple drag-n-drop (or double-click) instead of launching Toast, select the Menu and choose the image.

File size: 0.1406MbLicense: FreewareDetails
IOXperts USB Still Camera Driver
IOXperts USB Still Camera DriverApril 29, 2004
The IOXperts USB Still Camera Driver is a plug-in for Apple's Image Capture Architecture (ICA) which allows many low-cost still cameras to work with ICA-aware applications such as Apple Image Capture and iPhoto.

File size: 0.3203MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Backup MyPC (Europe)April 29, 2004
Your data is valuable. Can you afford to lose it? Protect your computer &network data from the hazards of hard disk failures, power surges, floods, fires, theft &human error by keeping everything safe &sound on tape, CD/DVD or other removable media.

File size: 12.77MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Apple FireWire Audio Driver
Apple FireWire Audio DriverApril 28, 2004
Recommended for users of FireWire audio devices built on the BridgeCo Enhanced Breakout Box (BeBoB), including the FA-101 from Roland/Edirol.

File size: 10.5MbLicense: UpdateDetails
WLAN 802.11g Cardbus moduleApril 28, 2004
Net driver

 License: UpdateDetails
Canon Virtual VCRApril 28, 2004
Image driver

 License: UpdateDetails
Wireless CB54G3/MP54G3 Wireless LAN CardApril 28, 2004
Net driver

 License: UpdateDetails
IBM (ICH3) SMB Host ControllerApril 28, 2004
IBM (ICH3) SMB Host Controller. Intel supported driver. For information only.

 License: UpdateDetails
KV-S7065C USBApril 28, 2004
KV-S7065C USB is a High Speed Color Duplex Scanner With ADF. Optical scanning resolution up to 600 dpi. Ultrasonic double-feed, empty, size, jam detection technology.

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Super G wireless PCI adapterApril 28, 2004
Super G wireless PCI adapter:The Blitzz BWI715 Super G Wireless PCI Adapter is able to reach speeds of 108Mbps, 10x faster than other wireless networks, especially when used with BWA711 Super G Wireless Router. The BWI715 complies with IEEE 802. 11g and WiFi/2. 4GHz industry standards and is backwards compatible with existing 802. 11b networks. It is rate adaptive between 108, 54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 11, 9, 6, 5. 5, 2, and 1 Mbps, with low interference and high susceptibility allowing greater distance and speeds. The...

File size: 7.8MbLicense: UpdateDetails
CANON DR-3080CII USBApril 27, 2004
CANON DR-3080CII USB: Canon, a leading imaging systems solution provider, now brings a new standard of price/performance to the departmental level with the Canon DR-3080CII - a high-speed, high-performance, color desktop Duplex Scanner. Never before have so much advanced functionality, enhanced productivity, and superior reliability been offered in such a compact package.

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Batch MakerApril 27, 2004
Batch Maker If you regularly work with two or more applications at a time then this program is for you. Simply drag and drop or browse your files, folders and shortcuts into Batch Maker, pick how you want each opened (normal, minimized or maximized), give your new file a name then click the save button - that's it, it's on your desktop. When you're ready just double-click your new batch file and watch the magic.

File size: 1.8MbLicense: FreewareDetails
MTISP BoardApril 27, 2004
USB driver

 License: UpdateDetails
Odyssey Network Agent MiniportApril 27, 2004
Net driver

 License: UpdateDetails
IBM ULTRIUM 3580 TAPE DRIVEApril 27, 2004
IBM ULTRIUM 3580 TAPE DRIVE: The IBM Ultrium Tape Drive offers breakthroughs in reliability, capacity and performance to meet the backup and archival needs for small to midrange environments. With its higher performance and capacity, the Ultrium Tape solution is an excellent alternative to S-DLT, DLT, 1/4 inch, 4 mm or 8 mm tapes drives.

 License: UpdateDetails
DOME DX/PCIApril 27, 2004
Display driver

 License: UpdateDetails
IBM 3581 LTO AutoloaderApril 27, 2004
MediumChanger driver

 License: UpdateDetails
Dell TrueMobile Bluetooth Module in Firmware UpgradeApril 27, 2004
Dell TrueMobile Bluetooth Module in Firmware Upgrade: Bluetooth for Windows (BCM1000-BTW) is a Broadcom communications software solution for adding Bluetooth wireless technology to Windows operating system platforms. BCM1000-BTW enables PC OEMs and accessory manufacturers to quickly and easily add Bluetooth wireless technology to desktop and notebook PCs. This innovative solution is fully compliant with the Bluetooth 1. 2 protocol specification and leverages Bluetooth Qualification Body (BQB) conformance testing...

 License: UpdateDetails
BUFFALO WLI-CB-AG54L Wireless LAN AdapterApril 26, 2004
BUFFALO WLI-CB-AG54L Wireless LAN Adapter

 License: UpdateDetails
KV-S2026C USBApril 26, 2004
KV-S2026C USB: The Reliable choice for Desktop Workgroup and Departmental Document Management Solutions. The Scanner is revolutionary in design, with superb paper handling and a small footprint, making them an ideal desktop solution for file management and critical image processing applications.

 License: UpdateDetails

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