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Steve Pavlina Templates for The

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"The Steve Pavlina Templates for The Journal" are 20 custom journaling exercises based on material from, including exercises to help you:
 • Discover your life purpose.
 • Take the first step in creating a rewarding, fulfilling, meaningful life.
 • Evaluate your progress.
 • Get a check-up on how you're doing in 11 key areas of your life.
 • Identify your core values.
 • Learn what's most important to you in life.
 • Craft an intention.
 • Form an intention or set a new goal using powerful, positive language.
 • Live congruently.
 • Balance your life to create alignment between your needs, abilities, desires, and purpose.
 • Assess your relationships.
 • Which relationships are supporting you? Which are holding you back?
 • Kick off a 30-day challenge.
 • Install a positive new habit. Overcome a bad habit.
 • Develop your character.
 • Build your self-discipline, courage, and compassion.
 • Solve problems.
 • Apply different perspectives to zero in on a practical solution.
 • Gain clarity.
 • Discover valuable new insights about your life.
 • Cultivate a positive attitude.
 • Learn to see the good and uncover the hidden lessons in life's many challenges.
 • and much more...
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