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Zip Password RecoveryMay 28, 2016
ZIP Password recovery 5. 0 is an easy and effective utility, designed to recover lost or forgotten passwords for ZIP/PKZip/WinZip archives. The program supports the customizable brute-force attack, effectively optimized for speed dictionary-based attack, and very fast and effective known-plaintext attack. Supports strong WinZip encryption (AES). Multilangual user interface.

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Windows Password UnlockerMay 28, 2016
Vyapin NTFS Security Auditor is a reporting solution for auditing NTFS security across your entire Windows network. NTFS Security Auditor provides answers to important questions about the security and health of File systems in your servers and workstations. NTFS Security Auditor you can perform a complete security scan of Shares, Folders and Files present in your network. You can perform an automated inventory of permissions on Folders and Files at regular intervals and keep a constant watch on the health of your...

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360 Total SecurityMay 28, 2016
General Features for Admin:- 1. It can be set as an optional facility by the administrator. 2. Ability to create orders with partial payment from backend. 3. It can be used with single product, multiple product, all the products or out of stock products. 4. Admin can set minimum order amount necessary to use this facility. 5. Admin can set a surcharge amount to add to the installments. 6. Ability to create Catalog Price rules by using partial payment plans. 7. Ability to create...

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Easy File Locker
Easy File LockerMay 25, 2016
Easy File Locker is an easy-to-use security software product that can protect your private files and folders. With its great protection, users will not be able to open, read, modify, delete, move, copy the locked files/folders, or even not be able to see it. The hidden files/folders will be totally invisible to all users and to any program. Easy File Locker will keep protecting the files/folders even under Windows Safe Mode. It is designed for protecting files/folders on your local computer. It doesn't change the...

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ProDot Maximum Security
ProDot Maximum SecurityMay 15, 2016
Let your children browse online safely Safeguarding your children Controls and monitors websites Ultimate protection against duplicate files Detects duplicate files Optimize Hard Disk Space Secure delete mechanism for your PC Securely deletes files to an unrecoverable state Best safety tool for complete data protection

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Spyrix Employee Monitoring
Spyrix Employee MonitoringMay 12, 2016
Spyrix Employee Monitoring - tracking your employee computer activities

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Spyrix Personal Monitor
Spyrix Personal MonitorMay 12, 2016
Spyrix Personal Monitor is a powerful software for full and detailed REMOTE monitoring of user activity, including activity on social networks, IM chats and Web surfing. Features: Keylogger, Screenshots, Invisible, Undetectable, Apps monitoring etc.

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McAfee SiteAdvisorMay 07, 2016
We test websites for spyware, spam and scams so you can search, surf and shop more safely. With SiteAdvisor software installed, your browser will look a little different than before. We add small site rating icons to your search results as well as a browser button and optional search box. Together, these alert you to potentially risky sites and help you find safer alternatives. These site ratings are based on tests conducted by McAfee using an army of computers that look for all kinds of threats...

ChromePassApril 23, 2016
Password recovery tool for Google Chrome Web browser.

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AdFirewallApril 20, 2016
AdFirewall is a real time protection tool with malware removal service. It can protect your computer from being infected by malware. Once AdFirewall detects a suspicious malware infection behavior, it will give you a real time alert and remove the malware that is trying to infect your computer. AdFirewall is also a malware removal service platform. It has a built-in diagnostic scanner program. With this scanner program, we provide malware removal service to help our customer remove any malware that has infected...

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AeroTags HTML Password ProtectorApril 20, 2016
AeroTags HTML Password Protector (AHPP) is an HTM and TXT file locking utility. It changes HTML and text files into a new HTML file with a password verification form. The look of the starting page is fully customizable. You can even use your own web pages for templates. Password checking is done by JavaScript and is supported by all modern browsers. AHPP protected pages do not require CGI or PHP support on your server.

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Super Socks5Cap PortableApril 20, 2016
Super Socks5Cap = sockscap + socks finder + socks checker, is a program that allows network applications that do not support working through proxy servers to operate through a HTTPS or SOCKS4/SOCKS5/SSH proxy server and Super Network Tunnel Client/Server proxy and support NTLM identification, and can connect any destination port bypass firewall). With Super Socks5Cap you can work with any Internet client (browsers, ftp, P2P, ICQ, IRC, eMule, telnet, ssh, video/audio, games... ) through a network that is...

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Special Agent P. C. SecureApril 20, 2016
Fast The Total Internet Security System, Removes Spys and Trojans. Protects you with a firewall. Spots Phishing and Malware sites. Kills Spies as they appears. Encrypt and hide you presonal information, and much more

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ZoneAlarm Pro
ZoneAlarm ProApril 20, 2016
ZoneAlarm Pro is a popular anti-virus program that detects and removes viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, bots, and more. It comes with a firewall that monitors programs for suspicious behavior. The present version of this program uses a cloud-based virus database, which improves its performance.

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GateKeeperApril 20, 2016
Many online applications and sites require you to create an account. Before you know it, you can easily have 10, 20 or more accounts with login credentials. It is easy to forget your credentials, especially with various password strength constraints. Gatekeeper is the application where you can safely store all of this information. Store application names, user names, passwords and comments for each account. Gatekeeper offers 2 levels of protection. The first level is a password protected application. This password...

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Junkware Removal ToolApril 20, 2016
Oh My Gif is a great video gif viewer for iPhone and iPad that will make your free time even more enjoyable with the funniest video gifs available on the Internet:DDiscover its features: - Brand new gifs everyday, from many different online sources - *Rate, comment and share gifs with your friends on Facebook, Twitter. - Top Gallery: Don't miss the best rated gifs of the week, the month or ever! - *Prioritize not seen gifs over those already viewed. - Filter gifs by categories: kids, sports, animals. - *Manage...

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LoginCodeApril 20, 2016
LoginCode is a user friendly password management tool, which will allow you to log on to your favorite web sites automatically with just few clicks. With this tool you can eventually stop thieves of private information. Your private data is encrypted using one of the latest cryptography algorithms. By default LoginCode uses currently the strongest one - AES-256. The database structure allows you to hierarchically classify your information in a manner similar to what we know from disk file systems - you can create...

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Atomic IE Password RecoveryApril 20, 2016
DxRec2 is a tool that allows to record real time video and capture screen shots of games using DirectX/OpenGL. The captured images or video can be saved to many formats such as AVI. This is the ideal tool to record your favorite game actions.

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RegRun Security Suite StandardApril 20, 2016
RegRun Security Suite Standard is a tool kit for protecting your computer against viruses or Trojans or Spyware or Adware parasites. The RegRun Security Suite Pro uses the newest technology in the world. Fight with the bad guys by the most powerful weapon. It prevents viruses from auto-starting with Windows, so that your anti-virus program cannot be disabled. This allows you to clean your computer with your Antivirus program to remove the viruses and their associated files and registry records. Version...

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Clean Space
Clean SpaceApril 18, 2016
Clear history and evidences of your online activity

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