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TWSicherAugust 05, 2001
Password save

File size: 0.31MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 SR-1 Update: Extended Parsing Vulnerability PatchAugust 02, 2001
Patch a vulnerability in PowerPoint that could allow arbitrary code to be executed on your computer.

File size: 0.7705MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Microsoft Word 2002 Macro Vulnerability PatchJuly 25, 2001
Prevent Word from running macros without warning.

File size: 4MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Armor System5July 01, 2001
Professional, easy-to-use encryption program for serious users.

File size: 5.85MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Microsoft Word 2000 RTF Macro Vulnerability PatchJune 28, 2001
Patch a vulnerability in Word 2000 that could allow malicious code to run in a Rich Text Format (RTF) document without warning.

File size: 3.2MbLicense: FreewareDetails
AlphaPeeler Professional
AlphaPeeler ProfessionalJune 27, 2001
AlphaPeeler Professional 1. 0b is a security tool powered by crypto++ 4. 1

File size: 1.51MbLicense: FreewareDetails
ChildSafeJune 25, 2001
Computer monitoring utility that enables parents to watch as much or as little of their children's computer and Internet activity as they see fit. The unique "Block-On-Demand" function enables parents to block access to specific web sites, which they deem inappropriate, offensive, or dangerous. ChildSafe 3. 0 features support for the latest browsers and is simple to use. ChildSafe 3. 0 is designed to help parents keep their children safe from Internet predators by monitoring computer activity....

File size: 0.9355MbLicense: CommercialDetails
iPassJune 22, 2001
Welcome to iPass for the PC. This program is a small utility to keep track of your Passwords.

File size: 2.3MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Windows Password Recovery Software
Windows Password Recovery SoftwareJune 19, 2001
Reveal reset Windows forgotten administrative password recovery software utility

File size: 0.64MbLicense: FreewareDetails
DialLockJune 15, 2001
Protection for Windows Dial-Up Networking

File size: 2.3MbLicense: CommercialDetails
WeatherCenterJune 07, 2001
Monitor weather conditions &TV-style weather outlook

File size: 1.7MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Microsoft Windows 2000 Patch: Logon Malformation Causes Telnet Access ViolationJune 07, 2001
Patch: Logon malformation causes Telnet access violation

File size: 0.332MbLicense: UpdateDetails
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 High Encryption PackMay 24, 2001
The Internet Explorer High Encryption Pack gives you 128-bit encryption, the highest level of protection possible for all your Internet communications, including credit card use and financial transactions. Note High encryption is included in the latest versions of the Internet Explorer browser. If you are running an earlier version of Internet Explorer without 128-bit encryption, you can download the latest version of Internet Explorer from the Internet Explorer Download page.

File size: 0.208MbLicense: UpdateDetails
ICentralMay 23, 2001
Deploy apps to client computers with 1 click

File size: 5.6MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Paper ShredderMay 22, 2001
Clean up your cache and other areas that leave traces of your Internet activity.

File size: 0.8999MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Shredder95May 20, 2001
Securely Shreds Files! (Win3. 1/95/98/NT) adapts

File size: 1.2MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Agent99 32-bitMay 08, 2001
A software based burglar alarm which listens through the mic for loud noises and alerts you via the modem when there's been a break-in. All you need is a PC running Windows 95 or 98 with a sound card, microphone and modem (a voice modem is highly recommended). Agent99 can call up to 5 phone numbers. When it calls you, by pressing the buttons on your phone, you can choose to listen to the intruders (via a strategicly placed microphone) or de-activate the alarm. Agent99 has many features including: adding detection...

File size: 2.4MbLicense: CommercialDetails
ProtectZApril 20, 2001
Protect Z is an utility to protect your files and or folders and edit some system policies of Windows 95/98. Protecting of your folders can be done in various ways. You can hide them, make them undeleteable, unrenameable, unreadable, unwritable, just make them invisible, or just keep their attributes as is ( cannot be changed ). Both files and folders including the subdirectories inside them can be protected. Wild cards are allowed. With the wild cards feature, you can protect, for example all EXE, DLL and COM...

File size: 0.5605MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Windows 98 Security PatchesApril 19, 2001
Passwords for Compressed Folders are Recoverable

File size: 0.2002MbLicense: UpdateDetails
JLicenseApril 17, 2001
Solve your copy-protection problem with this licensing software for Java products

File size: 0.0654MbLicense: CommercialDetails

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