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Avira Free AntivirusApril 20, 2016
BlazeVideo DVD Ripper, specially designed for Mac, is a remarkable DVD ripper and DVD converter tool that allows you to rip DVD movies into many video formats for popular portable entertainment devices. In addition, users can also cut video clips or crop videos from the DVD movies easily to form your own movies. Users also are allowed to add subtitle or watermark in text or picture onto DVD movies. Only a few clicks on mouse, any one can enjoy loved DVD movies on Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, Sony family, ...

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After Death
After DeathApril 20, 2016
Papers is your personal library of research. Find, read, organize and sync your research papers -- anytime, anywhere!Revolutionize how your collect, organize, and read documents. Search simultaneously from 20+ repositories, including PubMed and ArXiv. When you import papers into your library, Papers lets you organize them in collections and read, annotate and freehand draw them in glorious full screen. It even automatically finds and downloads the PDF for references you import from search engines, when the...

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OSHI Defender
OSHI DefenderApril 20, 2016
DataGrid Columns. NET assembly is DataGrid Columns Styles software package specifically designed for Windows Forms. NET developers. The software package answers on the question: How to add Combobox in to DataGrid. NET in Windows Forms? The assembly allows you to use all strengths of the. NET forms DataGrid control without waiving the user interface elements your customer needs. DataGridColumns. dll contains several additional DataGrid Columns.

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Kaspersky Security ScanApril 20, 2016
The Smart Address Bar suggests cool sites and related search terms while you type. Use your address bar like a search engine and get keyword recommendations as you type. Simply enter a few letters in your address bar, and the Smart Address Bar will do the rest of the work for you by predicting the keyword you are typing or the website you are trying to visit. This toolbar is intended for Spanish speakers.

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AutoRunExterminatorApril 20, 2016
AutorunExterminator is a software that protects your computer in real time against the feared "virus from pen drive". It protects your computer against those viruses that use the file "autorun. inf" in pen drives to infect. The software monitors all logical drives (from C: to Z:) looking for the file "autorun. inf" in the drive root (only in the root. ) If it finds a file with this name, delete it. Obviously, as it can not delete the "autorun. inf" from CDs and DVDs, will not...

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Time LockApril 20, 2016
Time Lock is a simple program, which allows to protect your computer against unwanted use. When the computer is locked by the Time Lock software, nobody can access documents on your computer, run programs, browse on the internet, etc. The program allows to lock the computer in the way, that it is not possible to use it. After the password is entered, the computer is unlocked for a desired time period. Than it is possible to work without limitations. After the period has elapsed, the computer is automatically...

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Notes Password RecoveryApril 20, 2016
GCalToolkit is a tool for Google Calendars. It removes duplicate events, delete all events within specified dates, select or delete events based on dates filters, select or delete events based on text filters, search or replace any text in the title, summary, or location fields, filter and edit events easily, preview changes before you synchronize to Google Calendars, undo any changes you make, save or continue an editing session, and synchronize nearly any calendar system with Google Calendars to use GCalToolkit...

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VIPRE EnterpriseApril 20, 2016
BatchUpdater for Palm Desktop lets you update Palm Desktop Contacts, Calendar and Tasks information in batch quickly and smartly. It provides a wizard user interface lets you update records step by step. BatchUpdater updates multiple records in one time.

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Power Spy
Power SpyApril 19, 2016
Power Spy secretly logs Facebook, keystrokes, chats &IMs, emails, web visits, video talk, logins, passwords, applications, searches and more. It also takes screenshots like a surveillance camera. Automatically sends log reports to your email.

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FreeOTFEApril 16, 2016
With this software, you can create one or more "virtual disks" on your PC/PDA. These disks operate exactly like a normal disk, with the exception that anything written to one of them is transparently, and securely, encrypted before being stored on your computer's hard drive. Features include:  • Highly portable - Not only does FreeOTFE offer "portable mode", eliminating the need for it to be installed before use, it also offers FreeOTFE Explorer - a system which...

Windows Password Recovery EnterpriseApril 12, 2016
Windows Password Recovery Enterprise is professional Windows password recovery tool to reset forgotten Windows login password and Domain administrator password. With this tool, you can instantly access to your locked computer by burning a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive on your own. No need to re-install Windows system or pay to PC experts when you forgot Windows password and Domain administrator password in all Windows system. 1. Recover Windows login password and Domain administrator password. 2. Easy and...

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Mgosoft PDF Password Remover Command Line
Mgosoft PDF Password Remover Command LineApril 12, 2016
Mgosoft PDF Password Remover is a simple, stand-alone application that can be used to decrypt password-protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files. It can help you generate PDF files with no password from the original PDF files which are not permitted to be edited, changed, printed, copied, added annotations, etc. Mgosoft PDF Encrypt does NOT require Adobe Acrobat, or any other Adobe products.

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Windows Mail Password Recovery
Windows Mail Password RecoveryApril 12, 2016
Windows Mail is an amazing mail-reading program, included exclusively in Windows Vista. If you happen to forget your Windows Mail mailbox password, don't worry. Windows Mail Password Recovery can help you to recover your lost personal data. It has three recovery modes, good for newbie and gurus alike.

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Hotspot ShieldApril 12, 2016
Version 11. 20 fixes display problems on 4k monitors.

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Word Password Recovery
Word Password RecoveryApril 12, 2016
Photo Uploader for Facebook helps you to upload photos to your Facebook and notifies you when friends like or comment your photos. Photo Uploader for Facebook is an add-on of UC Browser and can run independently on your phone.

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SSHProApril 12, 2016
SSHPro is an SSH client for Windows for logging onto and executing commands on a remote host. It replaces Telnet, Rlogin, and RSH, whilst providing a secure communication between hosts over an insecure network. SSH provides a secure encrypted communication channel between 2 untrusted hosts over an insecure network. SSHPro allows typical remote system administering, file transferring, and access to corporate resources over the Internet. SSHPro provides total security to your PC by encrypting your data within a...

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Mgosoft PDF Encrypt Command Line
Mgosoft PDF Encrypt Command LineApril 12, 2016
Mgosoft PDF Encrypt is a simple, stand-alone application that can help you encrypt your PDF files. It can help you set open passwords for your PDF files, preventing the PDF files from opening or reading. You can also use this tool to set owner passwords, preventing your PDF files from printing, editing, coping, and changing. Mgosoft PDF Encrypt does NOT require Adobe Acrobat, or any other Adobe products.

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PassfinderApril 10, 2016
Create and manage secure passwords. Enter your password into a login field by mouseclick (no typing). Recover your own forgotten password from an MD5 key. Calculate the estimated time to crack a given password. With Passfinder you can demonstrate a brute force attack e. g. for your members of staff to show that simple passwords do not really protect your accounts and data. Or calculate the time a given password will be cracked.

KISSKey Keylogger
KISSKey KeyloggerApril 10, 2016
"Keep It Simple, Stupid" philosophy applied to keylogging.

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Keystroke Logger Pro
Keystroke Logger ProApril 07, 2016
Keystroke Logger Pro is an invisible keylogger for Windows systems that runs hidden in the background. Keystroke Logger Pro secretly records keystrokes, passwords, websites visited and also takes screenshots! More details: www. keystroke-logger. com

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