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Super Hide IPApril 20, 2016
EverEdit is a fast, lightweight, extendable text, source and binary editor for Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003+). While it can serve as a good Notepad replacement, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers.

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PrivDogApril 20, 2016
PrivDog is a free browser application that protects your privacy while making your browser run faster, and more securely. Because PrivDog allows no flash, or pop-up ads, browser speeds increase by up to 50%. Unlike other advertising security applications we protect the advertising eco-system on the internet. PrivDog protects consumers as they can still access free content. We protect advertisers, as they can still get their same traffic levels, and publishers, who can receive the same revenue from website...

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History Viewer
History ViewerApril 20, 2016
A prequel to the earlier games in the series, Afterlife 3: Legends Of Rickard Bronson is a roguelike arcade platform-adventure game featuring the early tales of Rickard Bronson, dashing hero of Afterlife: Rickard's Quest and Afterlife 2: Rickard's Journey. Afterlife 3: Legends Of Rickard Bronson features a wealth of dangerous levels, deadly weapons, powerful magical artefacts and untold treasures, vicious hellion adversaries and ferocious bosses, all manner of superhuman upgrades and life-saving powerups, ...

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System PurifierApril 20, 2016
All-in-one file shredder, privacy eraser, disk cleaner, startup manager, free space wiper. File shredder securely deletes sensitive files (files can not be recovered). Disk cleaner scans for useless temporary junk files and frees space by deleting it. Privacy cleaner erases personal activity history, recent documents, browser cache, cookies, history, typed URLs etc. Startup manager allows reviewing and editing your startup-programs list. Improved performance.

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Password Partner
Password PartnerApril 20, 2016
DataPilot Cell Phone Data Transfer Suite allows you to back up your cell phone contact information in case you lose, break, or damage your cell phone. Stay in sync with your Outlook, Outlook Express, and Palm Desktop contacts. Dial up to the Internet and check emails or surf the web while away from the office. Create thousands of one-of-a-kind ring tones, wallpapers, and pictures and transfer them FREE via data cables. Download pictures from your camera enabled cell phone to your PC and email them to your friends...

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Quick Hide IP Platinum
Quick Hide IP PlatinumApril 20, 2016
Image Tuner is a free batch image resizing, renaming, conversion, and watermarking tool with a super-intuitive and straightforward interface. Based on an extremely fast image processing engine, this award-winning software has a bare minimum of controls and will help you with the most typical image-related tasks. You can work with individual files and entire folders to resize, convert, rename and watermark images with surprising ease.

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MCS FirewallApril 20, 2016
MCS Firewall helps block unauthorized communication from hackers, unknown computers, malicious code, denial-of-service attacks and remote-control Trojans left by viruses. Automatically denies outbound Internet access to malicious applications that might secretly transmit personal data to hackers, while allowing trusted programs to connect without unnecessary alerts or false alarms.

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AdFirewallApril 20, 2016
AdFirewall is a real time protection tool with malware removal service. It can protect your computer from being infected by malware. Once AdFirewall detects a suspicious malware infection behavior, it will give you a real time alert and remove the malware that is trying to infect your computer. AdFirewall is also a malware removal service platform. It has a built-in diagnostic scanner program. With this scanner program, we provide malware removal service to help our customer remove any malware that has infected...

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AeroTags HTML Password ProtectorApril 20, 2016
AeroTags HTML Password Protector (AHPP) is an HTM and TXT file locking utility. It changes HTML and text files into a new HTML file with a password verification form. The look of the starting page is fully customizable. You can even use your own web pages for templates. Password checking is done by JavaScript and is supported by all modern browsers. AHPP protected pages do not require CGI or PHP support on your server.

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Super Socks5Cap PortableApril 20, 2016
Super Socks5Cap = sockscap + socks finder + socks checker, is a program that allows network applications that do not support working through proxy servers to operate through a HTTPS or SOCKS4/SOCKS5/SSH proxy server and Super Network Tunnel Client/Server proxy and support NTLM identification, and can connect any destination port bypass firewall). With Super Socks5Cap you can work with any Internet client (browsers, ftp, P2P, ICQ, IRC, eMule, telnet, ssh, video/audio, games... ) through a network that is...

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Special Agent P. C. SecureApril 20, 2016
Fast The Total Internet Security System, Removes Spys and Trojans. Protects you with a firewall. Spots Phishing and Malware sites. Kills Spies as they appears. Encrypt and hide you presonal information, and much more

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ZoneAlarm Pro
ZoneAlarm ProApril 20, 2016
ZoneAlarm Pro is a popular anti-virus program that detects and removes viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, bots, and more. It comes with a firewall that monitors programs for suspicious behavior. The present version of this program uses a cloud-based virus database, which improves its performance.

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GateKeeperApril 20, 2016
Many online applications and sites require you to create an account. Before you know it, you can easily have 10, 20 or more accounts with login credentials. It is easy to forget your credentials, especially with various password strength constraints. Gatekeeper is the application where you can safely store all of this information. Store application names, user names, passwords and comments for each account. Gatekeeper offers 2 levels of protection. The first level is a password protected application. This password...

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LoginCodeApril 20, 2016
LoginCode is a user friendly password management tool, which will allow you to log on to your favorite web sites automatically with just few clicks. With this tool you can eventually stop thieves of private information. Your private data is encrypted using one of the latest cryptography algorithms. By default LoginCode uses currently the strongest one - AES-256. The database structure allows you to hierarchically classify your information in a manner similar to what we know from disk file systems - you can create...

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Atomic IE Password RecoveryApril 20, 2016
DxRec2 is a tool that allows to record real time video and capture screen shots of games using DirectX/OpenGL. The captured images or video can be saved to many formats such as AVI. This is the ideal tool to record your favorite game actions.

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RegRun Security Suite StandardApril 20, 2016
RegRun Security Suite Standard is a tool kit for protecting your computer against viruses or Trojans or Spyware or Adware parasites. The RegRun Security Suite Pro uses the newest technology in the world. Fight with the bad guys by the most powerful weapon. It prevents viruses from auto-starting with Windows, so that your anti-virus program cannot be disabled. This allows you to clean your computer with your Antivirus program to remove the viruses and their associated files and registry records. Version...

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Password Cracked proApril 20, 2016
The clothes Asha was designing have been enchanted and turned into mischievous imps. Help her get back her best outfits so that she can open her store at the market. Follow her across four beautiful realms as she runs into a cast of silly characters on her quest to find out who's behind her troubles. Fashion Fable is a match-3 game (match pieces of the same color in 3-in-a-row to eliminate them from the board) which offers varied gameplay thanks to the abilities of the imps you must collect. Some will make life...

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ePassBook Password RepositoryApril 20, 2016
NHL 2K7 brings better gameplay and faster on-ice action. Take command of tape-to-tape passing, behind-the-net plays and precision give-and-go attacks. Dominate the ice with NHL caliber goaltending, skating, checking and puck handling with the deeply enhanced animation system. Featuring all-new presentation elements, commentary and cut-scenes, NHL 2K7 brings the ice to you. This demo includes three teams and gameplay limited to five minutes. In addition, full commentary is available in English, Czech, and...

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Toolwiz BSafeApril 20, 2016
jPDFPrint is built on top of Qoppa Software's proprietary PDF technology so there is no need for any third party software or drivers. Simply call the library from your Java programs and documents can be sent to the printer. It can print any PDF documents, with or without user intervention (silent print, from files, URLs or Java input streams, and flexible printing options.

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Folder Password Expert USB
Folder Password Expert USBApril 20, 2016
Folder Password Expert USB is security software designed to protect your folders against unwanted access to their contents. You can install the program on your PC, laptop, flash drive, USB external or removable drives. You can also protect folders on your hard drive and then burn these protected folders to your CD or DVD.

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