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Yahoo Messenger Spy Monitor
Yahoo Messenger Spy MonitorJune 27, 2015
secretly lecords employees, children and spouse's Yahoo Messenger chats.

File size: 3.26MbLicense: SharewareDetails
BestKey Keylogger for Windows
BestKey Keylogger for WindowsJune 26, 2015
Your first choice for must-have keylogger features at a must-have price

File size: 2MbLicense: FreewareDetails
KISSKey Keylogger
KISSKey KeyloggerJune 26, 2015
"Keep It Simple, Stupid" philosophy applied to keylogging.

File size: 2MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Power Spy Keylogger
Power Spy KeyloggerJune 26, 2015
Keylogger, Facebook, chat, email monitoring software. Sends logs to your email.

File size: 3.72MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Power Spy 2015
Power Spy 2015June 25, 2015
Power Spy logs Facebook, keystrokes, chats, emails, web visits and more.

File size: 3.72MbLicense: SharewareDetails
SpyKing PC Spy 2015
SpyKing PC Spy 2015June 24, 2015
SpyKing PC Spy logs Facebook, keystrokes, chats, emails, web sites and more.

File size: 3.68MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Skype Spy Monitor
Skype Spy MonitorJune 24, 2015
Monitor employees, children and spouse's chat on Skype.

File size: 3.59MbLicense: SharewareDetails
SpyPalJune 23, 2015
Secretly logs keystrokes, Facebook, chats, emails and sends logs to your email.

File size: 3.69MbLicense: SharewareDetails
PCMate Free Keylogger
PCMate Free KeyloggerJune 23, 2015
Free keylogger software to monitor every single keystroke made on computer.

File size: 0.79MbLicense: FreewareDetails
PCMate Free Folder Monitor
PCMate Free Folder MonitorJune 23, 2015
Free folder monitor software to automatically record all activities of folders.

File size: 0.96MbLicense: FreewareDetails
PowerSpyJune 22, 2015
Invisible keylogger, Facebook, chat, email and system monitoring software.

File size: 3.72MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Skype Spy Monitor Pro
Skype Spy Monitor ProJune 21, 2015
The best Skype recording spy software. Records Skype IMs, calls, video chats.

File size: 4.26MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Power Spy Software
Power Spy SoftwareJune 20, 2015
Invisible keylogger, Facebook, email and online chat spy software.

File size: 3.72MbLicense: SharewareDetails
1AVMonitorJune 20, 2015
Remotely Monitor your Webcam, Desktop, Microphone, or Phone-Line!

File size: 5.65MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Power Spy x64
Power Spy x64June 12, 2015
Power Spy logs Facebook, keystrokes, chats, emails, websites, web cam, and more.

File size: 3.72MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Free Folder Monitor
Free Folder MonitorJune 10, 2015
Keep track of all changes in files, folders & applications in your system.

File size: 1.09MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Free Key Log
Free Key LogJune 10, 2015
Free keylogger to record all the actions performed by keyboard.

File size: 1.14MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Free File Monitor
Free File MonitorJune 10, 2015
Monitor an unlimited number of folders for files changed, renamed, removed, etc.

File size: 1.11MbLicense: FreewareDetails
iKeyMonitor Android Spy Free for AndroidJune 09, 2015
Fixed some bugs. Add keylogging without changing keyboard.

File size: 1.91MbLicense: FreeDetails
!Free KeyLogger for Windows
!Free KeyLogger for WindowsJune 09, 2015
Best free keylogger for Windows captures text in any application or web page.

File size: 5MbLicense: FreewareDetails

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