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Exedb Anti Malware ScannerApril 28, 2014
DoorDash brings you food from your favorite local restaurants, hot and fresh, within 45 minutes. We have amazing restaurants and amazing people who will do anything to delight you. Well, almost anything. Your first delivery is free!What can our app do?* Choose from hundreds of restaurants* Order and pay straight from your iPhone* Customize your orders the way you want it* Real-time updates on the status of your order* Have it delivered on-demand or preschedule a time that fits your schedule* 24/7 customer support...

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Trend Micro Mobile SecurityApril 25, 2014
How to use Supercars Sound Effects Free:This app contains 18 different sound effect with high quality sound this app was made for those people who love supercars exhaust engine sound also the app has features settings you can loop the sound or icon effect vibration change the volume to your preference enjoy it Rate it Thank you  • Bug Fixes-New UI-New Features

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TownScape USB Anti-Virus 2014
TownScape USB Anti-Virus 2014April 22, 2014
TownScape USB Anti-Virus protects from viruses on USBs/Memory Devices.

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360 Total Security
360 Total SecurityApril 21, 2014
360 Total Security offers you complete protection against viruses and other new type of threats.

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NetQin Mobile SecurityApril 20, 2014
The objective of TrafficJam for Android is to get the yellow car out of the traffic jam. Sound simple, but incredible challenging at the difficult level. The game contains 5000 levels, and three themes including car park, ice block, plain block.

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MailScan for Mail ServerApril 19, 2014
MailScan 5 is the advanced real-time antivirus and antispam solution for Mail Servers. The software safeguards organizations against virus, worm, trojan and many other malware breeds with futuristic and proactive technologies. Employing an array of intelligent filters, MailScan offers powerful protection against Spam and Phishing mails, while providing comprehensive Content Security too.

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Maftoox AntiVirusApril 18, 2014
Maftoox AntiVirus, a free anti-spyware program. Unlike many free security applications, Maftoox AntiVirus can be used for free in any environment, whether it be at home or at work. Maftoox AntiVirus works alongside your existing security software to enhance your level of protection. If your anti-virus program fails to detect a threat, Maftoox AntiVirus can help fill the gap. Maftoox AntiVirus includes a fast, accurate scanning engine and automatic incremental updates. Maftoox AntiVirus also includes powerful...

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WebPost ToolsApril 18, 2014
This patch includes a fix for homeworlds that had fewer hit points than normal for planets, game additions, and more. Read the readme for details. Star Ruler has players take command of an interstellar empire as they must safeguard their species from total extinction.

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Tracks FreeApril 18, 2014
When you work on your computer and browse the Internet, you leave behind traces of your activity. In addition, Windows and the programs you use store many files in many places that aren't obvious. These unnecessary files occupy space on your hard drive and can injure your privacy. The Tracks Free program helps you to solve this problem!

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AppGuardApril 18, 2014
Safely use Facebook, open documents and media files from friends (or hackers), insert any USB thumbdrive, click on Email attachments, or visit any website. If anything should be malicious, AppGuard blocks it, without relying on virus definitions, error prone heuristics, or confusing user-prompts. Install AppGuard on a PC with or without Anti-Virus/spyware. AppGuard can triple your protection from your anti-virus/spyware alone, which only blocks about 20% of malware code less than a week old. Botnets alter their...

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AntivolApril 18, 2014
Web Server Notifier is an extension for Google Chrome. Web Server Notifier displays the Web server that generated the current page. Many server software can be identified through an icon, such as Apache, IIS, Nginx, GWS, Lighttpd.

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TrustPort Antivirus for Small Business Server 2013April 17, 2014
TrustPort Antivirus for Small Business Server 2013 protect from all types of spyware and viruses for your personal computer. It is tailored for the needs of the file server. It is designed to use the capacity of the server and to work simultaneously with multiple files. Protects the key element of the network, where the most valuable corporate data is usually stored.

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Norton Internet Security 2013April 17, 2014
On-screen Ruler Portable is a semi-transparent on-screen ruler to help you lay out GUIs and Web pages or measure anything on your screen in five units. It has an intuitive keyboard shortcuts allow you to precisely position the ruler anywhere on the screen. Both fine and gross positioning shortcuts are available. The ruler may be pinned to any edge of the screen or moved one pixel at a time using the keyboard shortcuts. Measuring is simple - just drag the ruler to the item you wish to measure and move the cursor to...

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VikingPCHealthApril 17, 2014
Over 900 Paintings and Frescoes by more than 100 Renaissance artists spanning over than 400 years in one slideshow screensaver. The Italian Renaissance, from the end of the 1200s through the early 1500s, was a spark of brilliant creativity, ingenuity, and excellence in the Sciences and Arts including painting and sculpture, which grew to inspire the globe, marking the transition between Medieval to Early Modern Europe. Examples from the preceding Gothic, Carolingian, and Romanesque periods are also included in...

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TrustPort Antivirus for Servers 2013April 17, 2014
TrustPort Tools 2013 is a standalone solution for the protection of sensitive documents. Ideal for businesses and individuals who are not looking for a full security suite. It consists of modules for both offline and online data encryption and also from the Portunes module which allows you to safely store sensitive user data to the cloud. Your data is also synchronized between your computer and mobile devices, making them available to the user anytime, and anywhere. TrustPort Tools also offers effective data...

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USB-AV AntivirusApril 16, 2014
ezBates is the easy-to-use, inexpensive computer program that replaces your Bates Stamp automatic page numbering machine. ezBates numbers your exhibits and documents more quickly and easily than a Bates Stamp with more professional-looking results. Text that you input and/or leading zeros can be printed in front of the page number, at your option. The text and page numbers can be positioned anywhere on a page and printed in any font that is installed on your computer. You can also print the text and page...

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VoodooShieldApril 16, 2014
Unlike traditional antivirus software, VoodooShield is not a filter, it is a computer lock. Basically, instead of updating and maintaining a huge blacklist of viruses and malware, we simply create a much smaller and efficient white list, and block everything that is not on the white list. VoodooShield does not require daily updates or scans, and the white list is automatically created through our proprietary, patent-pending snapshot method. VoodooShield learns the software you use while you are not at risk, and...

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Defender Pro UltimateApril 15, 2014
4Videosoft iPhone Contacts Backup can help you backup iPhone contacts to computer or iTunes directly. It is highly compatible with Windows 8. You can also use the iPhone Contacts Backup to backup iPhone SMS and MMS for safety. It highly supports all iPhone versions: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and etc.

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Best Antivirus Software
Best Antivirus SoftwareApril 12, 2014
USB Blocking, Crash Proof are features incorporated in Protegent Anti-Virus

File size: 160MbLicense: DemoDetails
E-Magic AntivirusApril 10, 2014
Our E-Magic Antivirus goes above and beyond your typical virus removal software and actively monitors which programs are running on your computer. If it sees a virus, spyware or adware program trying to start, it will stop it dead in it's tracks! If not then you can reach our technical experts 24X7 on our helpline to get your PC functional again.

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