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Chat Watch for ParentsApril 18, 2014
Chat Watch for Parents is a parental control software to log instant messages on AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger. Chat Watch for Parents features stealth mode, automatic e-mailing of the chat logs, a content monitor, acronym translator, and more. Chat Watch for Parents is an effective solution for monitoring children's instant messaging.

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Secure Auditor
Secure AuditorApril 17, 2014
Secure Windows Auditor A must have windows security software for information security professionals to conduct in-depth security auditing and risk assessments of network-based windows systems. Regulatory compliance and the latest network auditing tools, all come as a package with this computer security software. Secure Windows Auditor is a windows security software solution which provides windows security auditing and assessment software which empower network administrators &IT security auditors to conduct...

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Login Sentinel FreeApril 17, 2014
Smoothly animated Apple style dock bar with complex gradients, reflection, animation and different docking modes. The AdvSmoothDock component allows you to display images or icons or files and navigate through these with a smooth wave effect.

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VShell Server
VShell ServerApril 16, 2014
VShell is a secure access server for Windows and UNIX supporting the Secure Shell protocol (SSH2). VShell can be used for secure file transfer, system administration, and network access. VShell supports the Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and the FTP/SSL (FTPS) protocol, which allow secure file transfer applications, such as SecureFX, to connect to VShell and perform secure file transfer operations. System administrators can use any SSH2 client, such as SecureCRT or *nix clients, to access the server...

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Bluetooth Passport Standard for VistaApril 15, 2014
Bluetooth Passport is designed to implement proximity login and steps away lock for Windows. Using a Bluetooth device, such as a cell phone or a PDA, you can login Windows without inputting user name and password manually. For Bluetooth Passport is based short-range wireless technique, it different from some other types of logon such as fingerprint, just turn your Bluetooth on, the works of logon and locking computer can be done automatically.

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SmartCode VNC Manager Standard Edition (32-bit)
SmartCode VNC Manager Standard Edition (32-bit)April 13, 2014
Connect, view, and control any computers running VNC or Terminal services on your network.

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Win NannyApril 11, 2014
CppDoc generates HTML documentation for your C++ classes, based on your source code and special comments embedded within it. It supports JavaDoc tags (@see, @return, etc. ) and can produce JavaDoc-style output, including class hierarchies, a master index, and a deprecations list. The documentation comments are optional; if you leave them out, CppDoc will still generate a full set of documentation based on class relationships and hierarchy.

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Portable Memory LockApril 10, 2014
Portable Memory Lock USB Protection Software, USB Encryption, Port Protection for laptops, PC, lock usb and other ports

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BlockAllowApril 10, 2014
You may use the trial version of BlockAllow for a maximum period of 30 days for evaluation purposes only. Once 30 day trial period is over you can either purchase the software, or to stop using it and uninstall it from your computer. After purchasing the software you will receive a license key via email unlocking the trial version into a fully functional version without a time trial limitation. We use secure online purchasing solution from Digital RIver.

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weNetOK HomeApril 10, 2014
weNetOK offers child-safe internet browsing for study and fun

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ListPermissionsUP for SharePointApril 10, 2014
ListPermissiomsUP for Sharepoint and SurveyUP for SharePoint

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BlockSmartApril 10, 2014
Our Mission is clear. To safeguard your children from the dangers of the Internet by giving you both simple, and powerful tools. Our children are our greatest assets, and of course we do all we can to see that they're kept safe. Of course we would never think of exposing them to things such as pornography, hate crimes, or sexual predator, but that's exactly the dangers they face without controlling the websites they can access. Awareness Technologies has been developing sophisticated, yet easy to use, security and...

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Time Monitor (64-bit)April 10, 2014
Time Monitor parental control software features help parents limit kids computer time. This document contains information about downloading the Time Monitor parental control software. The free download is a fully functional trial version

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Computer Time LimiterApril 10, 2014
Would you like your parents to know what you where talking about with your friends when you where young? We guess not... So, these privacy violating features will Computer Time Limiter never offer. At Suncross we believe that children deserve some extent of privacy. If you really want these features then you should look into Net Nanny, Safe Eyes or McAfee Parental Controls with their annual $30-$50 subscription fees. And for that fee you get a system hog that slows down your computer to an extent comparable of...

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FormasaAuditor SaaS Vulnerability ManagementApril 10, 2014
FormasaAuditor SaaS Vulnerability Management is a highly secure, centrally managed security vulnerability platform that scans networks and highlights security vulnerabilities. the functions include network scanning, vulnerabilities evaluation, centralized risk assessment, It analyzes and examines the latent vulnerabilities and examines network assets to spot potential vulnerabilities. Backed by the world leading critical infrastructure protection - CVE (Common Vulnerability and Exposure) criteria. whose severity...

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LockAnEXEApril 04, 2014
LockAnEXE is program lock or EXE lock utility

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Hide My Files
Hide My FilesApril 04, 2014
Hide files and folders with this folder security software

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TSAdminApril 02, 2014
Easy to use RemoteApp and Automatic login based on Intelligent Matching.

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5nine Security For Hyper-V FreeMarch 21, 2014
5nine Security for Hyper-V Free provides a comprehensive host-based / agentless security solution for virtual machines running on Hyper-V hosts including: Windows Server 2012/2012 R2, Windows 8. x Thanks to its innovative agentless design, which installs nothing on the virtual machine itself, the 5nine Security for Hyper-V Free makes virtualized environments work without causing performance bottlenecks or anti-virus storms. You get lightning-fast anti-virus and anti-malware scanning for hosts and virtual...

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L0phtCrack Password Auditing &RecoveryFebruary 27, 2014
L0phtCrack is the award-winning password audit and recovery tool for Windows and Unix passwords. Security experts from industry, government, and academia agree that weak passwords represent one of the ten most critical Internet security threats, and are receiving more attention as a source of vulnerability, both on client desktop computers and in networks. L0phtCrack identifies and assesses password vulnerability over local machines and networks in a streamlined application, with built-in reports and remediation...

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