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Pwnboxer 3.0 v3.0
File size: 1.3Mb
Available in: English
License: Freeware
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Broadcast your keystrokes from one game window to another. For example, if you press the Numpad5 key in Game #1, it will automatically send Numpad5 key to Game #2, #3, etc.

Broadcast your mouse from one game window to another. Use Pwnboxer to broadcast your mouse click /click locations from one game to another!

Intelligently process games like World of Warcraft on your single PC, enabling less expensive systems the ability to run 3-5+ games at once! Pwnboxer has many built-in features that will take instances of games such as World of Warcraft and restrict the amount of processing power they use, enabling you to get much more performance out of your PC!

Move your games on-the-fly around your monitor(s). Pwnboxer supports many monitors on a single PC.tons-of-totems

Monitor your Internet connection. Pwnboxer has built-in network monitoring for you to know exactly what your network latency performance is at any time!

Record your gaming. Pwnboxer has built-in video recording, enabling you to use nearly any video codec available to record yourself playing your games!

Programmable virtual keyboard buttons in the form of Dockable Clickmapping. Click anywhere in your game window to activate keystroke broadcasting to all of your games!

In-game web browser. With Pwnboxer you can actually browse websites INSIDE THE GAME! Play your music or watch videos while you wait to raid!

Swap any small game window into a big game window with a single keystroke instantly!

Pwnboxer is constantly updated, simply check the Update Log to see a summary of some of the updates we have done!

Need help with game strategy?

Need help with macros, addons, and user interfaces?

Pwnboxer is partnered with the official multiboxing website, has an amazing amount of resources to help you with all of your multiboxing needs including full forums, video tutorials, strategy guides, and more! This information is sent out to every licensed user of Pwnboxer in seconds!
Pwnboxer 3.0
OSOperating Systems:
Win95, Win98, Windows2000, WinXP
Pwnboxer, game, players, game online, strategy, World of Warcraft, guide, PC

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