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Banner Rotator XML V6Banner Rotator XML V6
This is xml driven banner rotator.
Ex4 to Mq4.225 by Bionic ForexEx4 to Mq4.225 by Bionic Forex
Ex4 to Mq4. 225 - Decompile and protect MQL
Mouse TrapMouse Trap
Trap the prey before it escapes!
usbprns3 printer resetusbprns3 printer reset
Online generator tweak for firmware Samsung,
Intel Play QX3 MicroscopeIntel Play QX3 Microscope
Image driver
Mass Effect 3 Windows 7 ThemeMass Effect 3 Windows 7 Theme
Mass Effect 3 Windows 7 Theme
Desktop Alarm Clock WallpaperDesktop Alarm Clock Wallpaper
Digital Alarm Clock Wallpaper
Mr SoundmanMr Soundman
Ear training for sound engineers
Christmas SnowChristmas Snow
Christmas scenes with falling snow and music.
Texas Instruments PCI-8x12/7x12/6x12 CardBus ControllerTexas Instruments PCI-8x12/7x12/6x12 CardBus Controller
PCMCIA driver
VNC Server SDKVNC Server SDK
Accton EN1208 PCI Ethernet AdapterAccton EN1208 PCI Ethernet Adapter
Net driver
Artisans Landscape Design Symbols ColorArtisans Landscape Design Symbols Color
Set of 229 color landscape design symbols.
Freecell for Palm OSFreecell for Palm OS
One of the most popular solitaire game.
Bright Birds Free ScreensaverBright Birds Free Screensaver
Decorate your screen with this amazing saver.
BlackBerry Backup ExtractorBlackBerry Backup Extractor
Extracts files from . BBB or . IPD backups
Office 2007 Ribbon to Classic Toolbar and Menu of Microsoft Office 2003Office 2007 Ribbon to Classic Toolbar and Menu of Microsoft Office 2003
Show Classic Toolbars Again in MS Office 2007
SOCKS chain proxy
Realtek AC'97 Driver (Windows Vista / Windows 7)Realtek AC'97 Driver (Windows Vista / Windows 7)
Update your embedded sound from Realtek to the latest AC'97 codec.
Palm WargasmPalm Wargasm
Remake of classic tank game
Merry Christmas Animated DesktopMerry Christmas Animated Desktop
a greetings card for your desktop
Skrillex ScreensaverSkrillex Screensaver
Flash Slot MachineFlash Slot Machine
An all-vector, scaleable, slot machine game r
Ikariam HackIkariam Hack
This is an amazing Ikariam Resource Hack!
Bet 365 CasinoBet 365 Casino
bet365's 100 percent Initial Match Bonus
Classic SolitaireClassic Solitaire
Most popular solitiare game
App Bar Icons for Windows 8App Bar Icons for Windows 8
Colored metro icons for Windows 8 and WP8
OBD-2 Diagnostic Software für ELM327
ASP GuestBook GeneratorASP GuestBook Generator
Guestbook generate in ASP.
screensaver; physically simulated creature learns to walk
3D Digital Clock Wallpaper3D Digital Clock Wallpaper
3D Digital Clock Wallpaper
Animated Wallpaper: Snowy Desktop 3DAnimated Wallpaper: Snowy Desktop 3D
Let it snow on your desktop!
SmartSVN FoundationSmartSVN Foundation
Powerful graphical Subversion 1. 6 client
Logitech Gaming SoftwareLogitech Gaming Software
Customize your Logitech game controller behavior for a particular game.
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Who Is On My Wifi
Who Is On My WifiApril 15, 2014
Find any rogue laptops on your corporate network, and do something about it. Who Is On My Wifi will show you every computer on your network, notify you if it finds a computer that it does not recognize, and allow you to block them from accessing other parts of your network. Is someone using my wireless? Are employee's plugging in home laptops on the corporate lan? Find out now with Who Is On My Wifi. It is an ideal internal security network monitoring system for your small to medium sized business.

File size: 4.99MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
Page2pngApril 15, 2014
TickerType is a game that helps you practice your typing skills. Each game has five turns and each turn is 30, 60 or 90 seconds long, selectable by the user. Words are chosen at random from a built-in dictionary; the player can choose short (2 - 4 letters), medium (4 - 6 letters) or long (6 - 8 letters). With the start of each game or turn, the words start marching across the window in tickertape fashion; the player can choose slow, medium or fast speeds. The goal is to type as many of the words as possible before...

File size: 14.09MbLicense: FreeDetails
Advanced Instant Messengers Password RecoveryApril 15, 2014
Protection and safety are very important with sensitive information. That is why setting passwords for MS Word and MS Excel documents are so widespread both at home and in big companies. There is only one problem - passwords tend to be forgotten or lost. Then your sensitive information, although well-protected, becomes totally inaccessible and, as a result, useless. Office Multi-document Password Cracker offers its help in such no-way-out situations. Simply download and install Office Multi-document Password...

File size: 6.56MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
iPubsoft HTML to ePub Converter for Mac
iPubsoft HTML to ePub Converter for MacApril 15, 2014
Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is an immensely useful utility to recover every piece of lost data from any Mac OS X based media. With this advanced data recovery Mac utility, now you can recover all your lost documents, photos, music, videos, and other multimedia files. The software is extremely powerful and can help you in recovering your precious data, lost due to accidental deletion, formatting of the media, virus infection, file system corruption, operating system malfunction etc. This efficient utility is...

File size: 6.54MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
Prices Drop Monitor for AmazonApril 15, 2014
Amazon changes prices frequently. They go up and down constantly. Why not take advantage of this to make a deal? Know exactly when it is the right time to buy and when you should probably wait. It is quick and easy. Just add an item you are interested in: when its price drops, you will get a notification. Start saving money. It works on any Amazon of the world.

File size: 45.3017578125MbLicense: FreeDetails
SecurityKISS TunnelApril 14, 2014
Tabs get inefficient as soon as you have more than 10 tabs opened. The project manager is better, but it can take you some time to find your file when you have hundreds of them. And both methods make you use the mouse, which is good some times, but not so much others. The observation that 'inspired' this expert is that you are normally working on the 3-4 last files you accessed. So, this gives you a very fast way to switch between them. Just press Alt-Ctrl-Tab, keep pressing Tab without releasing...

File size: 2.59MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
SIP testerApril 14, 2014
We're using SIP Tester to load test Genesys and Avaya Communication Manager. SIP Tester is very intuitive and easy to use. I am impressed with how stable it is and the flexible CallXML functionality makes it possible for us to test a wide range of scenarios. The support we have received from Sergey is outstanding. I always get prompt replies on my emails and it is a pleasure to receive help and support directly from the guy who really knows about the inner workings of the software. I give Sergey...

File size: 3.77MbLicense: FreeDetails
JustCloud for MacApril 14, 2014
File and folder sharing with colleagues, family and friends is now so easy. Forget about using e-mail to send your large files with, this can all be done now by simply sending your link to it's recipient, giving them access to your shared folder containing your files. Backup your files safely on the internet easier than ever. Never again will you lose data from hard drive crashes, fire/theft or accidental deletion. You will never have to worry about carrying around USB hard drives as you can access your files...

File size: 2.08203125MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
Houdini AnonymizerApril 14, 2014
MergeXL merges entire Excel workbooks and places their data into any number of new, merged workbooks without linking formulas, macros, or a database. The Excel workbooks are organized using a simple Explorer-like tree structure, and are edited using the mouse. Multiple structures can add up the same workbooks differently. There is no code or any macros placed into the workbooks at all. Reporting across Excel workbooks, input-level and merged, can be done by clicking check boxes. MergeXL features the ability to...

File size: 4.63MbLicense: FreeDetails
NetRCM PortableApril 14, 2014
Mgosoft XPS To PDF SDK is a simple tool that supports converting your XPS documents effectively, into PDF format files. Mgosoft XPS To PDF facilitates the conversion of Microsoft XPS documents into well-known PDF format files without sacrificing content while giving quality output. It is capable of generating optimized, high quality, and vector-based PDF format files as output out without going over GDI, or going through PDF printer driver.

File size: 1.13MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
USVPNApril 14, 2014
USVPN provides fast and secure VPN services. We have now a FREE PPTP VPN for free. The free VPN service allows you to use one server from USVPN and the only protocol avaibale for free accounts is the: PPTP if you require any other protocol please consider upgrading your account. Your account needs to pass the fraud check to be activated, this is a security meassure to avoid abuse of our free VPN services. Free PPTP account

File size: 17.7275390625MbLicense: FreeDetails
mRemoteNG PortableApril 14, 2014
Use WebPlus Starter Edition to design great- looking websites for businesses, organizations, clubs, societies and individuals. Ever you've ever thought if designing a website but been put off by talk of HTML and other technical jargon, then WebPlus is the answer. With its innovative DTP style approach to Web publishing, you can create stunning websites, no programming knowledge required! With WebPlus Starter Edition creating and publishing a website couldn't be easier. Choose to design a site from scratch or use...

File size: 3.57MbLicense: FreeDetails
Jquery Slider ShockApril 14, 2014
LiveWeb can add web pages into a PowerPoint slide and refresh the pages real-time during slide show. It displays web pages without ever leaving the confines of your PowerPoint slide show. LiveWeb works with documents off your local drive too. You can specify relative paths. LiveWeb will also look for files in the presentation folder if the files have local drive information and cannot be located at the location specified by the user during slideshow. LiveWeb encapsulates the need to insert a web browser control...

File size: 1.2MbLicense: FreeDetails
ArpCacheWatchApril 14, 2014
ArpCacheWatch monitors Windows ARP cache and allows to send an ARP request.

File size: 0.67MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Facebook Friends for Windows 8April 14, 2014
With Antamedia Bandwidth Manager computers can be limited with specified time and quota per session, day time when access is allowed and set to logout after inactivity. Bandwidth software for download limiting is very suitable for Internet and game cafes as it tightly integrates with Antamedia Internet cafe software enabling automatic blocking of traffic when user logout. Every user and computer can have different download and upload rates. You can set different download and upload rates for your customers and...

 License: FreeDetails
ARPMinerApril 14, 2014
Have you ever tried to add interactive music on your website? If you did, you might already know that web browsers don't support low-level MIDI. Not even with HTML5. Jazz-Plugin enables low level MIDI functionality in web-browsers. It allows to play individual notes and control MIDI In/Out devices via Javascript. Jazz-Plugin supports all major browsers in Windows and Mac OS X. You should consider using Jazz-Plugin on your website if you like to publish music lessons, chords and lyrics, online games, ...

File size: 43.0712890625MbLicense: FreeDetails
SterJo NetStalker PortableApril 14, 2014
Built using GMP, MPIR ad MPFR libraries allowing millions of digits precision. Currently supported functions: abs, acos, acosh, asin, asinh, atan, atanh, cos, cosh, cot, cot, coth, csc, csch, exp, ln, log, log10, log2, pi, sec, sech, sin, sinh, sqrt, tan, tanh. Example: (4 * atan(x / 5) - atan(y / 239)) * 4 It has X, Y, Z input boxes in order to substitute all X, Y and Z's found, if needed. They accept both formulas and numbers. User can specify Calc precision and Print precision, nearly unlimited apart from...

File size: 74.8427734375MbLicense: FreeDetails
URL Verifier
URL VerifierApril 14, 2014
nnSync is a program for copy or move files from the devices connected to your computer via USB, onto the computer and for synchronizing files between your device and your computer. After nnSync's installation the list of devices will be empty, and the list of actions will be containing pre-defined actions that can be changed or deleted. By default during installation of nnSync creates a system task that will keep track of the connection of devices and will run nnSync on connection. Thus the program will run only...

File size: 4.39MbLicense: FreeDetails
IE Proxy ToggleApril 14, 2014
Intubus is the ultimate service for selling and publishing digital products: e-book, music, video, photos, software, docs, market research, scientific work, drawings or any other digital files. Intubus offers flexible and effective solutions for management, publishing and selling of personal digital content and products.

File size: 27.359375MbLicense: FreeDetails
ExploreMyNetworkApril 14, 2014
GVMateApp lets you use popular USB phones with Google Voice to start placing free US/Canada phone calls in 3 easy steps: 1. Plug any popular USB phone supported by the GVMateApp into the USB port of your computer. 2. Download and install the GVMateApp program on an Administrator account on your computer. 3. Sign in using any Gmail e-mail account and password. When you hear your phone ring it is ready for you to start placing free US/Canada phone calls.

File size: 30.064453125MbLicense: FreeDetails

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