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SiteMonitor EnterpriseApril 21, 2015
j2mod is a fork of the jamod Modbus library released under the Apache 2 license as contained in the SVN repository for that project. The goal of the j2mod project is to produce a more fully functioning Modbus(tm) communication library based on the Java programming language. It is the intention that this be an actively developed project, accepting submissions from professional software engineers with experience in Modbus Master and Slave development. It features Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP, Modbus/ASCII, Modbus Master, ...

 License: Free to tryDetails
Wireless Snif
Wireless SnifApril 20, 2015
LAN/Wi-Fi/IM sniffer Captures ICQ, IRC, Email, HTTP and other messages

File size: 2.93MbLicense: SharewareDetails
SiteMonitor Lite
SiteMonitor LiteApril 20, 2015
A tool to monitor your website/host with ease, by pinging it at fixed time intervals.

File size: 0.08MbLicense: FreewareDetails
DomainScan Server Monitoring
DomainScan Server MonitoringApril 19, 2015
DomainScan is the perfect network monitoring solution for sysadmins.

File size: 5.63MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Internet Administrator for Microsoft ISA ServerApril 18, 2015
3DS Export for Solid Edge is a 3D Studio (. 3ds) file export add-in for Solid Edge. This add-in gives Solid Edge the ability to export 3D solid and surface data from a Solid Edge part or assembly document to 3D polygon meshes in a 3DS file. 3DS Export for Solid Edge tessellates solid bodies in a Solid Edge document into a set of triangular meshes. These meshes are then exported to a 3DS file as mesh objects.

 License: Free to tryDetails
Cisco CDP Monitor
Cisco CDP MonitorApril 15, 2015
Cisco CDP Client (the CDP Client of windows host) monitor the whole network .

File size: 1.33MbLicense: SharewareDetails
CDP Cisco Client
CDP Cisco ClientApril 15, 2015
CDP Cisco Client (the CDP Client of windows host) monitor the whole network .

File size: 1.38MbLicense: SharewareDetails
WifiInfoViewApril 14, 2015
Displays extensive information about wireless networks in your area.

File size: 0.27MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Virtual Modem
Virtual ModemApril 13, 2015
Virtual Modem program creates virtual modems that use your local network or the Internet instead of a physical phone line. The virtual modems are accessible to all the applications that work through a direct modem connection. Setup is no different from setting up a physical modem. You simply select a virtual COM port in your communication application settings. The application can control the virtual modem directly by sending AT commands or with TAPI (MS Windows Telephony API). Thus, Virtual Modem should work...

 License: Free to tryDetails
Free Monitoring Software
Free Monitoring SoftwareApril 10, 2015
Use Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool to track employees’ computer activities

File size: 10.7MbLicense: SharewareDetails
WFilter Enterprise
WFilter EnterpriseApril 10, 2015
Monitor, track, filter and block Internet activities of network computers

File size: 29.1MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Free WiFi Hotspot
Free WiFi HotspotApril 10, 2015
Super easy solution to turn laptop or notebook into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to wirelessly share internet with your friends, families, coworkers and more.

File size: 1.04MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Free WiFi Router
Free WiFi RouterApril 10, 2015
Create virtual WiFi router to share internet connections with others.

File size: 0.79MbLicense: FreewareDetails
PC Activity Monitoring
PC Activity MonitoringApril 09, 2015
Download Kernel Computer Activity Monitor software for PC activity monitoring

File size: 8.24MbLicense: SharewareDetails
PageRank Viewer for Mac
PageRank Viewer for MacApril 09, 2015
Allows you to view the pageranks of 30 websites a time

File size: 9.1MbLicense: FreewareDetails
DEKSI Network Administrator
DEKSI Network AdministratorApril 09, 2015
Network mapping, monitoring, management, and administration software

File size: 8.82MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Network Monitoring Tools PackageApril 07, 2015
Package of network monitoring tools for Windows

File size: 2.22MbLicense: FreewareDetails
VNC Scan Enterprise Console
VNC Scan Enterprise ConsoleApril 04, 2015
VNCScan allows you to remotely manage your workstations and servers

File size: 16.32MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Royal TS
Royal TSApril 03, 2015
Nomacs is a free image viewer for windows. It is able to handle the most common image formats including RAW images. Additionally it is possible to synchronize multiple viewers. A synchronization of viewers running on the same computer or via LAN is possible. It allows comparing images and spotting the differences.

 License: Free to tryDetails
PCMate Free WiFi Hotspot Creator
PCMate Free WiFi Hotspot CreatorApril 02, 2015
Turn your PC into a virtual Wi-Fi router for free to share internet connection.

File size: 0.57MbLicense: FreewareDetails

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