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DU Meter
DU MeterJuly 08, 2016
Graphical display of network data transfer rates, reports, alerts and more

File size: 6MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Batch File FTP Sync Uploader
Batch File FTP Sync UploaderJuly 08, 2016
Upload file to FTP Incremental, Synchronize file via FTP Uploader/Synchronizer.

File size: 0.6MbLicense: SharewareDetails
PingInfoViewJuly 07, 2016
ping multiple host names and IP addresses.

File size: 0.06MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Houdini AnonymizerJuly 07, 2016
Houdini Anonymizer is a comprehensive VPN software designed to help you protect your identity while browsing the Internet and access blocked services such as Hulu, Netflix, Facebook or Skype. Houdini Anonymizer allows you to hide your IP address and any application behind a chain of two or more proxy servers. This way, your real location will never be revealed.

All-In-One WebSearch
All-In-One WebSearchJuly 06, 2016
All-In-One WebSearch brings a simple solution to most your daily search requirements. Whether you would like to search a term using Google, Yahoo, or MSN search engines, conduct image or news searches, look up a term in encyclopedia or dictionary, or search for a Bit Torrent file, you can do so with one click using All-In-One WebSearch. Using multiple search services has never been easier! And the best thing is that you can minimize All-In-One WebSearch to tray, such that it runs in the background, occupying no...

edtFTPj/FreeJuly 06, 2016
Open source Java FTP library widely used on thousands of projects. Supports active and passive modes, binary and ASCII modes, resuming of transfers, most FTP extensions.

File size: 1.38MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Soft4Boost Update Checker
Soft4Boost Update CheckerJuly 05, 2016
Update Checker allows to automatically check new version of installing programs

File size: 13.86MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Network Monitoring Tools PackageJuly 05, 2016
Package of network monitoring tools for Windows

File size: 2.38MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Active Directory ToolJuly 05, 2016
Features - Multiple search options for querying Active Directory objects - File System Browser - Directory Permissions Viewer - Includes a TreeView that allows viewing of all user object attributes, even customized attributes - Includes a TreeView that allows viewing of all computer object attributes, even customized attributes - WMI Query Browser - View all computer hardware/software information - Ability to open files through the directory browser - Copy and Paste file...

File size: 1.74MbLicense: FreeDetails
DEKSI Network Administrator
DEKSI Network AdministratorJuly 05, 2016
Network mapping, monitoring, management, and administration software

File size: 14.72MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Robo-FTPJuly 05, 2016
Secure script-driven FTP client with support for COM/OLE, SSH, SSL, and PGP

File size: 105.85MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Social Downloader
Social DownloaderJuly 05, 2016
An Instagram video downloader that provides a backup of all your social contents

File size: 0.93MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Full Screen Web Image Viewer
Full Screen Web Image ViewerJuly 05, 2016
Full Screen Web Image Viewer is an easy to use program which integrates itself to the Internet Explorer and Firefox context menu, the right click menu. After installing it, while surfing you can right click any image and choose full screen options.

File size: 0.59MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Terminal Service PlusJuly 04, 2016
TSplus is the affordable way to instantly deliver existing Windows applications

File size: 80.17MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Concrete5July 04, 2016
Many CMS's were designed by developers, for developers. Building and maintaining a site with them can be pretty complex and intimidating for someone who can't program computers. The end editing experience works, but to make even basic content changes you're typically working with long web forms in a "back-end. " Adding new functionality is something you'll need some technical know-how to pull off. Imagine having to call a consultant every time you wanted to write a new Word document. How useful is that to...

File size: 40.29MbLicense: FreeDetails
IP Via EmailJuly 04, 2016
Added text messaging functionality. Users can now send their review submission form and review portfolio to customers via text message.

File size: 2.23MbLicense: FreeDetails
Serva Community (64-bit)July 04, 2016
FEATURES :- Easy Customization Prevent delivery on selected days. Add extra cost based on days. Enable / Disable feature for non-logged in user. Enable / Disable delivery on weekends. Enable minimum delivery days. Enable / Disable delivery on future dates Enable / Disable delivery date feature on frontend. Enable / Disable gift message feature on front end. Enable / Disable shipping address feature on frontend. Gift message for every product can be set by...

File size: 2.3MbLicense: FreeDetails
Serva Community (32-bit)July 04, 2016
Version 3. 0. 38 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

File size: 2.12MbLicense: FreeDetails
Internet Connection Counter
Internet Connection CounterJuly 04, 2016
This program displays various statistics about your Dial-up, GPRS, ADSL, LAN and so forth (TCP/IP) connections to the Internet. It can process almost all variety of tariff schemes, which are used by ISPs of different countries (money expenses for 1 business hour and for 1 Mb of traffic). Management of several connections (providers), each having its own settings and connection report (log files) with recorded session details and diagrams showing money, time and traffic statistics. Export of connection report...

DHA DownloaderJuly 04, 2016
Your Speed and Efficiency decides how far you can Go. Survive longer and stay on the path in order to enjoy the endless run. Zig zag ball rush challenges you to play with your friends and compare your scores. Zigzag is the latest Casual game with simple but attractive graphics and endless runner gameplay. Challenge yourself on a zigzag platform with your Ball. Infinite running experience is waiting for you. No other rules to follow just stay on the line.

File size: 11.21MbLicense: Free to tryDetails

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