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After Work for U3 Flash drivesJuly 14, 2016
After your work on PC remain some items wich reduce your privacy level. Use U3 After Work and be sure in your privacy. After Work erase online and offline history Temporary Internet Files, IE history, typed urls, opened documents, started programs, temporary registry values.

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Marspc Remote Desktop ComputingJuly 14, 2016
RDC is a remote control program that lets you work on another computer remotely through your own. You see your remote computer's screen in a browser window from any PC that is connected to the Internet. Your mouse and keyboard control the remote computer so you can work on the remote computer just as if you were sitting right at it. The remote computer can be anywhere on the Internet or your local network.

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Lotus Domino to Exchange
Lotus Domino to ExchangeJuly 14, 2016
Nurse Report for Windows is a computer program designed to help the nurses, to create their progress notes, reducing time at their agencies. Nurse Report for Windows is a "big warehouse", which main function is to save the patient's information and the progress notes, created on the visit day. It is an organized schedule, you can write up to twelve reports per day and have access to modify it, consult it or re-print it, when you need to.

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IO Ninja Programmable Terminal/Sniffer
IO Ninja Programmable Terminal/SnifferJuly 14, 2016
IO Ninja is a universal all-in-one scriptable terminal/sniffer/monitor

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AbleFTPJuly 14, 2016
JaSFtp is designed with automation in mind, so you do not have to spend time interactively transferring files. Simple User Interface helps you transfer files interactively. The Goal is to get you to create advanced SFtp and Ftp tasks that can be scheduled automatically, or run manually. Automate SFtp to or from an intranet or internet server. Schedule ftp of files between your PC and the server, and automatically rename the files based on current month, day or time, if needed. SFtp supports wildcards and...

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RetrieverJuly 14, 2016
Retriever Monitor keeps you updated on the news scene at all times. This application allows you to monitor printed newspapers, online newspapers and broadcast media, both at home and abroad. A login is required. Share articles on Twitter Icon for updating the application with new articles Updated settings interface Click on the notification to read the specific article Select what profiles to receive notifications on Bux fixes

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Kwik BrowsaJuly 14, 2016
Story of counting. Counting in tens and hundreds with the help of sticks and stones. This demonstration illustrates concepts of tens and hundreds. Teachers can illustrate the process of counting in the first screen, students can practice the process in the next two screens.

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Nature Theme for Firefox
Nature Theme for FirefoxJuly 14, 2016
It is a fight to the death between Megaman X and Magma Dragoon - the powerful monster! A very fun turn based RPG Mega Man game similar to Final Fantasy series. Mega Man is back to save the world. Will you help Mega Man to destroy the virus? Use special moves and tricks to get trough.

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Groowe Search Toolbar
Groowe Search ToolbarJuly 14, 2016
Wave Wash &Polish is a batch filter designed to remove stationary and transient noise ('hiss' and 'pops') from music and other audio data stored in standard 16/8 bit sterero/mono wave files (sorry, no direct support for mp3 files). You can select a bunch of files, click on a button and go for a walk with your dog while WWP does the dirtywork. On a 2GHz computer, WWP will process approximately 3-4 minutes of CD-quality data per minute. New address to file.

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Easy Go Back
Easy Go BackJuly 14, 2016
Perhaps you're a grown-up who can recall the glory days of the arcades, when a quarter and a quick wrist were all you needed to save Earth from an alien attack. Or maybe you're a youngster who revels in the heroics of those who came before you. Either way, Alien Outbreak 2: Invasion takes you back to a classic time in gaming, when space invaders marched toward the bottom of the screen in malevolent rows, raining destruction from above as you returned as much devastation as your fingers could handle. Unlike the...

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refresherJuly 14, 2016
Mouse Explorer is your personal guide to Walt Disney World with your pocket PC or computer. The software features fully detailed, interactive maps of the four major Walt Disney World theme parks Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM Studios, and Animal Kingdom. It is navigation, with the information of a guidebook. Version 1. 2 may include optimized graphics and speed.

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AutoSurfJuly 14, 2016
There are many ways to drive traffic to your site. One of the best and fastest growing techniques is called Traffic Exchange. In this technique you generate hits for another web site, or sites, and your web site will receive hits from others. In order to build a solid-based traffic exchange, without going through all the technical difficulties and confusions, you need to have Auto Surf.

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Adguard ads blocker
Adguard ads blockerJuly 14, 2016
Adguard is a powerful ads and popup blocking utility. Adguard works with all installed browsers and protects you against advertisements, speeds up pages loading and reduces bandwidth usage. Key features of Adguard: 1. Saves time and nerves; 2. Works with all popular browsers; 3. Easy to use, works just out of the box, needs no tuning or customization; 4. Includes browser module; 5. Updated regularly; 6. Works on 32x and 64x OS versions.

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Diladele Web SafetyJuly 14, 2016
Diladele Web Safety is a personal ad blocker and privacy protection solution. It supports all existing browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari) running on Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows 8. The application is easily deployed and managed, requires minimal external dependencies, very robust and runs with excellent performance. Diladele Web Safety is implemented as a native operating system component and does not require installation of any third party browser...

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AdguardJuly 14, 2016
Whois Tool is a client utility that communicates with WHOIS servers located around the world to obtain domain registration information. Whois supports IP address queries and automatically selects the appropriate whois server for IP addresses. This tool will lookup information on a domain, IP address, or a domain registration information. See website information, search the whois database, look up domain and IP owner information.

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Blogspot Image Downloader Free
Blogspot Image Downloader FreeJuly 12, 2016
Save images and photos from Blogspot / Tumblr blogs with friendly names

File size: 2.00MbLicense: FreewareDetails
VENM Remote Desktop Manager
VENM Remote Desktop ManagerJuly 11, 2016
VNCScan allows you to remotely manage your workstations and servers

File size: 16.32MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Net Monitor for Employees Professional
Net Monitor for Employees ProfessionalJuly 11, 2016
Use this spy software to perform employee monitoring or classroom management

File size: 31.45MbLicense: SharewareDetails
edtFTPj/PROJuly 11, 2016
Secure FTP Java library supporting FTPS (FTP over SSL) and SFTP (FTP over SSH)

File size: 3.42MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Happytime Onvif Client
Happytime Onvif ClientJuly 08, 2016
Happytime Onvif Client used to manage Network Video Transmitters (NVT) devices

File size: 17.54MbLicense: FreewareDetails

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