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HW Virtual Serial PortApril 20, 2016
The virtual serial port driver for Windows is a software tool, which adds a virtual COM port to the system as for example COM5 and all the data from this port are re-directed over the Ethernet to defined IP device. HW VSP is a free unlimited driver, it works with any TCP/IP device, supports TCP server as well as TCP Client mode. Standard remote port control with using of NVT &RFC2217 is supported.

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AlphaApril 20, 2016
The Alpha app makes it easy to stay connected and share information with brothers and friends. Use your iPhone or iPod Touch to check for active brothers in any chapter, locate chapters via google maps, receive real-time event updates, research each respective chapters history (lineage, founding, etc... ), and contact chapters via email or phone. Who Runs The Yard? Find out who the current active brothers are in any chapter. Whether you are a college student or an alumni brother looking to reconnect with...

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SeerApril 20, 2016
Lets you create any circled number between zero and 99. Great for use in web graphics, CD labels, instructional material, documentation, maps, surveys, etc. Also included in the font are several useful symbols, arrows, hands, pointers, etc. Re-organized keyboard layout (for compatibility with CombiNumerals Pro) Cool new user's guide (PDF format) New characters

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VR BookmarksApril 20, 2016
GIS ObjectLand is a universal Geographic Information System for Windows. Creation of vector-raster maps with arbitrary structure of layers and feature types. Creation of themes. Theme is a user presentation of a map. Control of displaying features depending on the chosen scale. Spatial data input and editing by assigning feature coordinates and also by interactive drawing with mouse or digitizer. version 2. 7. 6 has a number of refinements and improvements in the subsystem of import/export.

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LiteManager Pro
LiteManager ProApril 20, 2016
LiteManager Pro allows you to control one computer from another. In the window you see the desktop of the remote computer and can manage them with the mouse and keyboard. The program consists of two parts: the client module LiteManager Viewer installed on the administrator's computer and the server module LiteManager Server installed on remote computers. To add a new connection in the list LiteManager Viewer only need to specify its IP address and can connect to the type specified when installing LiteManager...

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LCARS TerminalApril 20, 2016
Shopping cart generator. You give it the details for your shop and it will create a fully functional shopping cart which you can upload to your web site so people can order products online. All the JavaScript, forms, tables, and html code is done for you. All you will do is put your items into the database and create the site with the "Create" button. When you are pleased with it, you can upload it with the "Upload" button. Supports multi-language shops and templates. The developers web...

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AuditAxonApril 20, 2016
AuditAxon is software program developed in order to provide you with a quick and easy means of scanning all the computers in a SNMP network and discover the programs installed on each machine. This allow to set their 'License' status as one of the available options: 'To Be agreed', 'Purchased', 'Missing' or 'Free', each corresponding to a different situation. With this simple tool, you can easily determine the status of all the machines in your SNMP network and track their software license status, so you know how...

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IPSentry Network Monitoring SuiteApril 20, 2016
IPSentry Network Monitoring Software is a centralized Windows based network monitoring software package used by thousands of Information System specialists, system administrators, and IT solution providers around the world for over 10 years. IPSentry performs constant monitoring of many aspects of your network infrastructure and provides notification alerts should there be a detected failure, threshold exceeded, or other defined problem, ensuring that when a problem exists, you are made aware of the issue for...

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ASN Active Directory Manager
ASN Active Directory ManagerApril 20, 2016
ASN Active Directory Manager is a comprehensive tool for managing Windows Active Directory. The tool supports Reporting and Bulk Management for multiple domains in a single installation. Also this tool can be installed in a workgroup machine, the remote domains in the network can be managed from the workgroup machine. This tool provides 3 options to create bulk users and other objects in few simple clicks. Import CSV method creates thousands of users in a single click. All the domain users (needs to be created in...

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Net Control 2
Net Control 2April 20, 2016
Net Control 2 is a classroom management software, was specially designed for educational environment, k-12, schools, colleges, universities, libraries. Monitor student computers in real time, help students remotely, share teacher's screen, control access to Internet, applications and devices; prepare and send quizzes, make polls, chat, send messages, receive help requests, log events, these and more than 150 other monitoring and teaching commands and features are at your service. Net Control 2 supports all modern...

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LinkCheckerApril 20, 2016
A program who gets all the drivers installed in your computer, useful when you have to format and dont want to search the drivers. Execute it from your pen drive and save all there.

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InterMapperApril 20, 2016
InterMapper, network managers get complete visibility of their network, no matter how small and centralized or large and distributed. Live maps give a visual, real-time view of traffic flows through and between network elements and links. Status Windows and Strip Charts provide easy access to critical network data (traffic, errors, utilization and outage information) simplifying problem diagnosis and device maintenance. InterMapper shows you potential network problems often before users and customers suffer...

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Capsa Packet Sniffer
Capsa Packet SnifferApril 20, 2016
Malicious software called Bots can secretly take control of computers and make them participate in networks called "Botnets. " These networks can harness massive computing power and Internet bandwidth to relay spam, attack web servers, infect more computers, and perform other illicit activities. RUBotted monitors your computer for suspicious activities and regularly checks with an online service to identify behavior associated with Bots. Upon discovering a potential infection, RUBotted prompts you to...

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ASN AD Inactive Account Tracker
ASN AD Inactive Account TrackerApril 20, 2016
TSP Tips is the easiest way to safely grow your TSP account. We notify you when you should move your money between funds, and where to move it to; it's that simple. Market analysis performed daily, to maximize growth and minimize risk History of profit (positive gains during the 2008 financial crisis, and 25% gain in 2013) Backed by professional licensing and 20 years of PhD research, experience, and proven resultsThe full TSP Tips service is coming later this spring, for about the cost of a cup of coffee;...

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Moo0 ConnectionWatcherApril 20, 2016
Moo0 ConnectionWatcher lets you watch over any TCP or UDP connection from or to your PC. Using this software, you may discover which software sends or receives information with whom in detail such as the opponent address, port, total traffic, and duration of the connection.

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MidPointApril 20, 2016
MidPoint enables you to investigate more fully about midpoints in astrology. MidPoint calculates natal and transit charts and displays a lot of data regarding them and midpoints. The program can calculate the following: Natal Data and Aspects, Natal Midpoints and Midpoint Weighting Analysis, Natal Planet and Midpoint Sort, Natal Midpoint Sort by Degree, Natal Planet and Midpoint Aspects, and Natal Tree. Also can calculate Transit Data and Aspects, Transit Aspects to Natal, Transit Aspects to Natal...

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CeeFee FTPApril 20, 2016
CeeFee (originally CFE - Clean, Fast, and Efficient) FTP was designed with a novel approach. When you log into an ftp server, you usually know the files that you want to download; why browse through folder after folder when you can search? CeeFee integrates server searching capability (as well as old-fashioned server browsing capability) into a clean, fast, and efficient FTP program that also features a comprehensive FTP download manager.

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WinAgents TFTP Server
WinAgents TFTP ServerApril 20, 2016
WinAgents TFTP Server for Windows is a full-service TFTP server realized as a Windows service. WinAgents TFTP Server runs as a background task and doesn't require permanent attendance. It is originally designed load-resistant for the 24x7 mode of operation. Using WinAgents TFTP Server, you can make reserve copies of device settings, update flash images, store sound files for IVR systems and do many other things.

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CoffeeCup Direct FTPApril 20, 2016
Do not let the name fool you: Direct FTP is way more than just an FTP client. Sure, it transfers files at don't-blink-or-you will-miss-it speeds, but it is also a complete Web design toolbox. Use it to make last-?minute edits, preview and organize your files, and back everything up, just in case. It is the FTP client with a full-blown, built-in Web editor that lets you work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more. With other stellar features like bookmarks, easy archival, and a neatly ordered activity log, it...

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AutoFTPApril 20, 2016
BestSync 2013 (64-bit) is a professional utility for following solutions synchronize files between PCs by utilizing network storage, USB drive, synchronize files with FTP server, support FTP/FTPS/SFTP(SSH File Transfer Protocol, a folder with a ZIP file, support AES cryptographic algorithm to protect the zip file with password, Outlook (mail and contact) and Windows Mail between PCs by utilizing FTP server, USB drive, backup your critical files to the external hard disk, network storage, FTP server by scheduler, ...

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