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OperaMay 04, 2016
The next version of Opera focuses on powerful features with a minimalist design. New features include the fastest JavaScript engine currently on the market, a new search field, new Opera widgets, better standards compliance including HTML 5 and CSS 3, a "smart" address field, better graphics rendering, private browsing, and improved dialogue boxes.

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QuestApril 20, 2016
*Free offer expiring soon*Works with both iPhone and iPod Touch*Requirement*-Sender and receiver must have assigned Push Alias by us with the exception of sending to email address (you can send messages to any email address)*Description*PSMS is peer to peer *secured* short messaging application for iPhone andiPod touch users. With PSMS you will never have to worry about your SMS overage orInternational roaming charges. PSMS is completely free to use and comes withthe following cool features:*1. Send/Reply/Forward...

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RoosterApril 20, 2016
Rooster is a powerful and flexible RSS/ATOM feeds reader for Windows. It allows us to:? Simultaneously download articles for multiple feeds. ? Schedule general checks and/or checks per feed basis. ? Edit and store variety of download conditionals. ? Manage (display/move/delete/flag) articles in the extreme flexible way. ? Perform action on articles (Save them as files, print, transfer, e-mail, flag, set status and much more).

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QuitomzillaApril 20, 2016
Captures and displays all socket calls that an application makes and the data that is sent and received on the application's sockets. It will work with any type of application. It can be used by a developer to debug socket communication problems with an application or by anyone who is curious about what socket calls an application is making, including what it is communicating with and the data it is passing.

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ReminderFoxApril 20, 2016
R is an integrated suite of software facilities for data manipulation, calculation and graphical display. It includes an effective data handling and storage facility, a suite of operators for calculations on arrays, in particular matrices, a large, coherent, integrated collection of intermediate tools for data analysis, graphical facilities for data analysis and display either on-screen or on hardcopy, and a well-developed, simple and effective programming language which includes conditionals, loops, user-defined...

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SmartFoxApril 20, 2016
Rule in Hell is an online massively multiplayer role playing game (MMORPG). In the game you can drive various vehicles, kill enemies, complete missions, and advance your characters attributes and skill sets. Additionally, a real-time, in-game statistics engine keeps track of various statistics pertaining to the actions you perform in the game (total shots fired, total kills scored, etc). This is the beta client for Rule in Hell, a massively multiplayer online driving combat game. This is a full install of...

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Election HelperApril 20, 2016
Catch the roach, and eat it! 1)add func:You can choose any pics you like from "photo album" to play. 2)change name 3)support iOS4

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WinWAP Smartphone Browser EmulatorApril 20, 2016
WinWAP Smartphone Browser Emulator let's you use WAP services on your Windows PC. The browser is a mobile Internet browser that emulates the way you would use the mobile Internet services on built-in browser of a smartphone. It looks like a smartphone on the desktop of your PC. Click with the mouse on the buttons of the phone to scroll the screen and select links, and use the keyboard of your PC to enter text.

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Netscape NavigatorApril 20, 2016
ACT Password Recovery Key recovers passwords for Symantec ACT! (. BLB) files. Forgot a password for an important database? Whenever your password is lost ACT Password Recovery Key saves your time. This software is easy to install and easy to use. All you need to do to recover a password is just to drag and drop your file to the program window. ACT Password Recovery Key processes the file and shows you the user name and the password. The program features state of the art password recovery engine - all passwords are...

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RSS News Streamer
RSS News StreamerApril 20, 2016
RSS is a standardized format for publishing news, blogs, audio and video podcasts and more. Our RSS feed reader allows you to subscribe to any Web site which has an RSS feed, view and automatically update from their feed, play video and audio podcasts, and even e-mail feeds to your friends with one click. The simple drag and drop scheduler lets you decide which feeds to automatically update, and the taskbar notification window tells you whenever there are new feeds available to read.

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eSobi Mobile (Android)
eSobi Mobile (Android)April 20, 2016
eSobi Mobile for Android integrates handy Internet information management features to let everyone enjoy, manage, and share their favorite news, podcast, and personal contents via mobile device. Whether you are on the way to work, school, or simply during leisure time, eSobi Mobile gives you the freedom to benefit from the essence of the entire Internet ambiance. News Reader: Portable newsstand gives you real-time news straight to your smartphone. Podcast Reader: Enjoy favorite multimedia entertainments whenever...

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ArcadiaApril 20, 2016
Strategically place Christmas towers and use Santa Powers to prevent the rebellious toys from destroying Christmas in this crazy tower defense game. One morning in December Santa found an unusual letter in the mail:"This year you shall not succeed. We, the Rebel Toys, will stop at nothing to free our brothers and sisters from their gift wrapped prisons. Nothing will stop the Toy Rebellion!"Santa quickly understood that he had to dig down and defend Christmas against the rebellious toys - the battle would...

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IEManagerApril 20, 2016
Enhance Internet Explorer with number of tricks: quick links in tray, quick start new URL or email from clipboard, customized Web search in Google and Yahoo--just type to search, unwanted windows, and popup killer, automatic proxy management system, quick IE properties manager, IE toolbar skins and other internal IE customization options. Limit number of IE at desktop, protection exit and settings with password, language support.

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GTK+April 20, 2016
Language Bindings GTK+ is available in many other programming languages thanks to the language bindings available. This makes GTK+ quite an attractive toolkit for application development. Interfaces GTK+ has a comprehensive collection of core widgets and interfaces for use in your application.  • Windows (normal window or dialog, about and assistant dialogs)  • Displays (label, image, progress bar, status bar)  • Buttons and...

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FoCuSApril 20, 2016
Live Radio Streaming of Voix Du Liban / Sawt Loubnan (VDL on 100. 3 &100. 5 FM)  • Background changed

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Anchor To OneNote
Anchor To OneNoteApril 20, 2016
Repair corrupt Docm files of MS Word with the help of SysInfoTools MS Word Docm Repair tool. This is one of the best data recovery tools designed for MS Word files recovery. It effectively repairs the corrupt. docm files and restores maximum possible data from them. By using this powerful utility corrupt. docm files which are unable to be opened or contain unreadable data can be easily repaired. It helps users to conduct a successful and complete recovery in just no more time. Though it takes less time to fix the...

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Mozilla Thunderbird
Mozilla ThunderbirdApril 04, 2016
E-mail and news feed reader with intelligent spam controls and UI themes.

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Active Whois plugin for FirefoxMarch 23, 2016
Get details about any Web site and its host server.

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UnChromeMarch 17, 2016
Regarding to Google, "Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier". Unfortunately, each Google Chrome installation contains a unique ID that allowing identifying its user. Google doesn't make it an easy job to remove this ID. UnChrome helps you with this task. It replaces your unique ID with Null values so that your browser cannot be identified any longer.

Maxthon PortableMarch 16, 2016
Jabut or just another Backup Tool is a powerful and easy to use backup program. With Jabut, you can configure your backups easy. It is run automatically in the background and keeps your data up-to-date. It features are custom settings for each profile, individual profiles or profile groups can be easily started by passing parameters, include or exclude specific data, sorted into profile groups for a better view, and manual or scheduled execution of the profiles. Once the configuration is complete, you can simply...

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