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Audio Sampler v1
Nathaniel Meyer / Audio SamplerAdded:
License: Free
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In some ways it aims to become a sound synthesizer; however it lacks many filters and tools used in professional packages. As such, it's mostly for experimentation and personal entertainment.

In time, I hope to add more filters and tools to generate a robust set of sounds.

The GUI is pretty limited right now, so I'll explain here how to use it.

The top menu bar (from left to right)
1) New: Create a new project
2) Open: Open an existing project.
3) Save Project: Saves a project (in XML format).
4) Save Wav: Saves a 16bit wav file to disk.
5) Add Oscillator. Creates a new oscillator to generate a tone.
6) Loop: Enable or disable audio playback looping.
7) Play: Play / Loop the current project.
8) Stop: Stop the playback.
9) Project Name: Specify the name of the project.
 • Note: Since I don't have access to a File Dialog in Linux, the Project Name is used to directly open or save files.

The Oscillator (Wave &Carrier):
 • The top tracer represents the current sound wave. It's resolution isn't the greatest, so it will look improper from time to time.
 • The icons on the top represent the wave generator type: sin, triangle, sawtooth, and square.
 • From top to bottom, the scroll bars are as follows:
1) Amplitude (A)
2) Amplitude Offset (O)
3) Frequency (f)
4) Period (T)
5) Phase (P)

ADSHR envelope.
 • From top to bottom, the scroll bars are as follows:
6) Attack (A)
7) Decay (D)
8) Sustain (S)
9) Hold (H)
10) Release (R)

You must check the "Envelope" button to enable ADSHR.
You must check the "Carrier" button to enable modulation over AM, FM, or PM.

Icons were borrowed from LMMS and various crystal project icons.

 • Create as many oscillators as your want
 • Create Sin, Triangle, Sawtooth, or Square waves
 • Adjust frequency, amplitude, phase, and more
 • Apply enveloping with Attack, Decay, Sustain, Hold, and Release settings
 • Apply carrier wave adjustments such as AM, FM, or PM
 • Output sound files in high quality 16-bit WAV format.


Windows PC with OpenGL support
Linux PC with OpenGL and OpenAL (ALSA) support
Audio Sampler
OSOperating Systems:
Windows All
warningMinimum system requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Google desktop 4 or higher
Audio Sampler 0.2a, free, download, downloads

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