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License: Freeware
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Is your ISP Blocking you from using port 80 for your web server? Because of the recent outbreak of the Code-Red virus most ISP's such as AT&T, Verizon, COX@Home, and others are blocking port 80 as a publicly accessible web server port. We have a solution that will allow you to run a web server no matter what port your provider blocks. With MyServer.Org Dynamic DNS Services you can give your computer a friendly name on the InterNet such as BOB. MyServer.Org, instead of a hard to remember IP address like This enables you to run your own Web Server, Mail Server, FTP Server, Napster Server, or any other TCP/IP application from your own modem or broadband connection even if you have a dynamic IP address. Dynamic DNS updates are done almost instantly, which enables the internet to see the change as soon as you log in and post your updated DNS information. Dynamic DNS App
OSOperating Systems:
 • Windows NT 4
 • Windows 2000
 • Windows 98
 • Windows 95
connection, address, blocking, computer, internet, web server, friendly, updated, outbreak, solution, provider, accessible, updates, remember, instantly, application, broadband, dynamic

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