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Sceneum Docu v1.0
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Sceneum Docu is not just a software, but moreover a carefully thought out “planning-tool” for documentary filmmaker.

From the initial idea via the expose and treatment up to the script, this software even includes the call-sheets for the crew. With Sceneum Docu you are now able to manage your entire workflow in just one single document.

Sceneum Docu is aiming towards a brand new approach when it comes to producing your films. Shooting news segments and reports or even complex documentaries, it is very difficult to plan precise scenes in advance. Nevertheless, the producer still has ideas and the responsibility to translate these ideas into the final film. The author might have exact pictures in mind regarding the location and how to set them into action, or directions for the camera crew and even particular instructions for the audio needs; every aspect is equally important for the final product. Sceneum Docu helps you to put it together!

Working with Sceneum Docu begins with the first baby-steps of your production.

You have an idea? Well, take only 5 min. to quickly sketch your ideas into the software. OK, done! Save the document and be assured when you come back with new ideas to improve your project, Sceneum Docu will automatically update your progress and facilitate your workflow.

Sometimes ideas manifest immediately into film projects, sometimes it takes a while to produce your film? that's part of film business. But hey, by using Sceneum Docu, nothing can stop you from keeping your projects ready and available when needed.

While feature films are meticulously planned in every detail, it seems that documentary films and TV-productions sometimes are produced 'on the move'. However, this impression is misleading. Perhaps because until now there has been no software program supporting the documentary filmmaker in his planning stage, and consequently everything was solely discussed verbally. For documentary producers usually have very specific image and sound concepts in mind: be it that they envision a dynamic adaptation of the film, or a substituted POV or sometimes an epic direction with lots of scenes shot on tripod.

The various photographic styles have a significant influence on the way the message of the film gets transmitted to the audience and are therefore not randomly exchangeable.

Many documentary producers plan and prepare their productions by themselves and therefore have to be on top of every little detail. This includes the development of image and sound concepts along with the instructions for the lighting technician, but also the contents such as the questions for the interview, the duration of the film for broadcasting and furthermore the shooting and editing schedules. And last but not least, addresses of the shooting locations and deviating meeting points for the crew have to be established as well.

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Sceneum Docu
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download Sceneum Docu, Sceneum Docu 1.0.0, free, download, downloads

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