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MariaBasic Interpreter v3.4.0.7
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File size: 0.0771Mb
License: Shareware
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The Maria Basic Interpreter is a command-line programming tool - interpreter aimed to help PDA users code formula/calculations, string and file procedures that execute on their handhelds. The included source code may easily (re) compile for various OS/CPU architectures, since it was written in ISO/ANSI C and requires moderate machine resources. Interpreter design allows fast execution of basic syntax like procedures with calculations and file/string operations. Its simplified syntax allows basic programming skills and may be used for learning , but may expand to execution of rather complex routines. This interpreter allows basic like (simplified) syntax commands like nesting, statement loops, and conditional execution. The ZIP archive ready for download includes a few TXT files which are sample basic syntax supported nesting and file/string function example (s). Source procedures may execute with a command line stating: C:/mariabasic77 -e 'sample.txt'.
MariaBasic Interpreter
OSOperating Systems:
 • Windows Vista
 • Windows XP
 • Windows 2003
 • Windows 2000
 • Windows ME
 • Windows NT
 • Windows 98
includes, interpreter, programming, calculations, function, simplified, statement, learning, included, source code, procedures, download, command line, supported, execution, programming tool, commands

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