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ActiveMail LiteJuly 14, 2016
ActiveMail Lite is a lite version of our component ActiveMail. ActiveMail Lite only includes SMTP features. Included features: All SMTP functionalities (sending emails), mail queuing support, mail merge, validation, MX &DNS management, parsing. Our component is all you need to send emails from a single one to hundreds of thousands! Please check our pricing page to see the financial advantage of this version.

UserGate Mail Server
UserGate Mail ServerJuly 14, 2016
Welcome to Amana App. The most sought after Islamic books about spirituality, family values, social ethics, Islamic law and interfaith understanding published by the reputed amana corp, can be yours in an instant! Choose from over 100 titles including the admired English translations of the Holy Quran by Abdulalh Yusuf Ali and Pickthall Fixed the Push notification functionality

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AVS Video Converter
AVS Video ConverterJuly 14, 2016
Implemented intelligent audio buffering which increases or decreases based on the quality of the data network speed. Display buffering percentage during stream start. Stream auto-recovery. Automatically restart audio stream during poor data network speeds. Minor bug fixes.

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OnlineMonitorJuly 14, 2016
OnlineMonitor is used to visualize and control the speed of internet connections. It displays the current download- and upload-speed graphically and/or numerically. It also logs the transfered amount of data for the connections.

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Wapr 24x7July 14, 2016
Wapr 24x7 is a live chat solution to your website and your products section of your company profile page on Wapr. Now every small medium business can provide excellent customer support to its online visitors for free. Features • Help your visitors with real time assistance. Explain your products and services, help them with discount and pricing information and close the sale while your customers are on your site.  • Visitors can chat with you whenever they need you, or you can...

Policy Patrol Disclaimers (64-bit)July 14, 2016
Professional email disclaimers and email signatures for Exchange Server 2007. Policy Patrol includes a powerful rules wizard that allows you to configure customized user-based disclaimers and signatures. With Policy Patrol’s advanced formatting and positioning options you can create the disclaimer and signature that is just right for your organization.

stopespamJuly 14, 2016
stopEspam. com Effectively Spam Detecting A complex Artificial Intelligence algorithm has been used in product to detecting legitimate mail messages and spam messages, the technique has more precision than other filter-based and keyword-based anti-spam technologies.

URL Generator
URL GeneratorJuly 14, 2016
The URL Generator will create a list of URLs based on the field values you enter. The list of URLs can then be saved from the program, and loaded into offline downloader program like RafaBot to download each and every file automatically, and saves you having to manually type in each file you want to download.

AFELOJuly 14, 2016
Open Menu+ is an open source alternative to the Windows Start Menu. It has a quick search feature like Vista and Mac Spotlight, which allows you to quickly find the application or file you need. Open Menu+ allows you to more easily access your programs with fewer clicks. It provides more options than the standard Start Menu and is configured more intuitively. If you have trouble transitioning to the new menu style, you can have Open Menu+ appear next to the Start Menu instead of replacing it. Instead of opening...

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MailTicker LiteJuly 14, 2016
MailTicker Lite is a FREE email notifier, wrapped up as a floating ticker bar. It can float or stay docked to either the top or bottom of your desktop. Not only will it notify you, you can also read the message, scroll messages automatically, delete messages from the server and perform actions on multiple email messages.

Time TrackingJuly 14, 2016
TimeTracking is a web based time tracking application. It allows you and your team to enter time spend on different task while working. Web based solution, PHP, mySQL, Apache. Manage users, clients and projects. Simple and advanced reports for timesheets worked.

Advanced Outlook Express Data Recovery
Advanced Outlook Express Data RecoveryJuly 14, 2016
Pragma Telnet Server is the Windows Telnet server that Fortune 500 companies use. It is industrial grade, reliable and high-performance. Connect from Unix/Linix//Mac/mobile devices. Supports session reconnects. Handhelds can be connected easily and reliably. Highly scalable and can run over a thousand simultaneous telnet sessions to a server. SAPConsole fully supporrted, Pragma's patent-pending technology allows running any programs and obtain command history even in console sessions. Easy to install and run....

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Gnome Runner
Gnome RunnerJuly 14, 2016
Hot Keyboard Pro Portable assigns to hot keys such repetitive tasks as frequently used text phrases or names, date and time stamps and email addressing, as well as application launches. It can quickly change sound volumes, and can open dial-up connections. User defined functions can be recorded and played back by Hot Keyboard Pro. It is a perfect solution for workgroups to synchronize and share macros over the network.

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ZoneAlarmJuly 14, 2016
ZoneAlarm is designed to protect your DSL or cable-connected PC from hackers. This program includes four interlocking security services: a firewall, an Application Control, an Internet Lock, and Zones. The firewall controls the door to your computer and allows only traffic that you understand and initiate. The Application Control allows you to decide which applications can and cannot use the Internet. The Internet Lock blocks Internet traffic while your computer is unattended or while you are not using the...

EABW - Equilibrios acido baseJuly 14, 2016
EABW - Equilibrios acido base para Windows - 26 tipos de graficas - Disolucion simple de acido o base - Hidrólisis de sales - Mezcla de acido + base - Disolucion reguladora /buffer - Valoracion acido base (incluye acidos poliproticos)

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TransformersJuly 14, 2016
If you are super fans of Transformers even movie or classic version, you should to own this apps Transformers Gallery. Here are many pictures and wallpapers are collected from all over the world about Transformers. Furthermore, the quantity will be increased by daily update. You can save and share the pictures easily by this Apps. Yes, you are an ultimate fans of Transformers, lets own it now!  • optimize source code- improve memory usage- add 'Reload' button which allow user to refresh the...

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Jabbi V1 Business Card DesignsJuly 14, 2016
DETAILS: • Files Formats: EPS, AI • 100% Printable Vector • CMYK • Editable Colours • Editable Fonts • Size: 3. 5 x 2. 5 • Font used: Sansation

IE New Window Maximizer
IE New Window MaximizerJuly 14, 2016
This program will automatically maximize new Internet Explorer and Outlook Express windows. Includes a function for hiding/closing all IE windows with a userdefined hotkey. It′s also possible to open new IE windows and automatically have them sent to the background. The program is also capable of closing popup windows.

The Trip LogJuly 14, 2016
The Trip Log is an easy to use program designed for travelers who want to maintain records of their trips be it a short one-day trip or an extended journey lasting many days. Miles, fuel costs, and other expenses incurred can be recorded with ease. If you're being paid a mileage rate for your travels you will find that the built-in expense report will come in handy saving a lot of extra time completing other forms.

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karicartJuly 14, 2016
Karicart is a free live help and free customer support chat application that runs on your website, enables you to monitor your visitors live and provide help instantly by using live chat. Works like a CRM. Features: instant visitor notification, ip address info, browser, os, current page, referrer, save chat trascripts, push url, invite to chat, and many more


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